The yearbook: it's kind of totally in my wheelhouse

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My daughter decided to volunteer for yearbook editor this year.

My daughter likes to take on as many things as possible. It's kind of her deal. She's what they call a real go-getter.

Last year, I served a very minor advisory role for her high school's year book.

This year, not so minor.

That said, Aidan and her staff have worked really hard this year to collate all the material for the book. The only thing they didn't know how to do? Design it or produce it using a magical program called Adobe InDesign.

Enter Mom.

I worked with Aidan to create a series of templates (there was no way in Hell we were using the Yearbook Company's schlocky templates) and now she's up to her eyeballs with pages to fill, copy to flow (or still write) and deadlines to be met.

After all is said and done, I get to step in and bat clean up.

And I have to admit: I kind of love it.

Even though the yearbook company's list of approved fonts was enough to make me utter a few unsavory comments in the early days of the design—Cooper? Really Yearbook Company? Really?—I've really had fun working on this project with my daughter.

True, I've needed to step back and not just take the dang thing over. I mean, let's face it: I could design and produce this with one hand tied behind my back. That ain't braggin' people. Making publications is kind of my sweet spot. It is nothing, if not fully in my wheelhouse.

Still, I'm not as green as I once was.

That's where my Yearbook Editor comes in.

She's doing a bang up job, y'all.



This project, plus other projects, also partially explain the lighter posting this week. Hoping to actually do my Project Life for last week. Stay tuned…

Cathy ZielskeThe yearbook: it's kind of totally in my wheelhouse

25 Comments on “The yearbook: it's kind of totally in my wheelhouse”

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    Barbara Eads

    I think it’s just great that you have a teenage daughter that wants to spend time with you!! That in itself is a great accomplishment. Luckily, for me, my 3 daughters still want to spend time with me too—and they’re adults. Of course, it helps that I—PAY!!!

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    you rock. can I be you when I grow up! I work with inDesign for work and I love it…I want to know how to make templates though, I’m just using the templates that were designed for me and I’d love to take a class or something on how to make them….fun!

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    Nothing like getting into Indesign. I love the software. I miss print, too bad everything designed now is online.

    Yes, when my daughter produces something for a project, aka, powerpoint, I can only sit back and watch, lol.

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    So, happy for you. I agree with Brenda, the year book will be really cool. Hey – the school may want to hire you. Also, taking your workshop from you is stellar! I’ve wanted to learn Photo Shop for many, many years. I’ve attempted using your templates, going slowly, step by step, to finish a page. I am now really understanding the commands so much better. I am in heaven! Thank you so much!You’re a great teacher, Cathy.

  5. #10

    This gets me daydreaming about a bunch of scrapbooky ladies with publishing experience that decide to launch a yearbook company of their own, squashing schlockiness school by school across the country. You know you’re intrigued.

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    I am living proof that those that grow up with yearbook in the blood turn out well. Your daughter’s in good company.

    Dude. I remember counting picas at my first yearbook camp (yes, yearbook camp). My dad was the yearbook advisor at his high school for 30+ years, and then my sister was her book’s editor and I was my book’s editor, and the first to be done on the computer. PageMaker, how I loved thee.

    Cooper be damned.

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    I so LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! GO ADIAN!!! And it’s so nice to know who you have batting clean-up!!
    Knock it out of the park girl!!

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    Wow! I am sure you make a great team. How I’d love to have a CZ designed Yearbook for our school! Can’t wait to get a peek at the final product. Go Aidan Go!

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    I love that you and Aiden get to work on this together! It would be so much fun! I did a little bit of work on my high school year book all those years ago, but the teachers mostly did our yearbook, rather than letting us students do it, so this would be such an awesome experience for her!

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    Kary in Colorado

    Okay, will you please take over those schlocky yearbook companies! And then you could move on to whoever makes those dreadful graduation announcements! Honestly!

    What a great thing to do with your daughter. I too was on the yearbook committee, as the staff artist. They didn’t let me do any design work (they liked those schlocky templates I guess). It was very fun–and it’s something I still have on my shelf for my teenagers to look (and laugh) at!

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    Barb in AK

    LOL, Cathy! I knew you’d be in seventh heaven overseeing that project 😀 Good for you knowing when to step back! YAY for Aidan!!

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    Anne Marie

    Hahahaha, you make me laugh! You introduced me to InDesign in your first book, so I can imagine you are the queen bee of InDesign. How fun to be able to do this together with your daughter and also to experience the “stepping back” part of it.

    I love the big picture class by the way!

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    Ya know, Cathy, every time you post pics or stories about this wonderful young woman I just want to know her. She exudes happy, healthy and well balanced and it’s so obvious that she loves life. That didn’t happen by accident mama! You done good!

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