They swear it's coming…Spring!

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I didn't grow up in Minnesota and I've always thought that the snow they get around these parts is magical.

Even after 23 years of it, I still kind of feel that way.

A few years back, I would grumble along with the rest of the state. You know—piss and moan about how awful this weather was and when was it ever going to end and I am SO done with winter.

Then I started therapy.

Now I just wake and say, "So… this is what we have today? Okay. Whatever."

I'm not saying the state of Minnesota needs professional help, but this is where we live. I could come up with all sorts of valid reasons to complain if I wanted do.

It doesn't mean I always like it. I don't love shoveling. I have sucky designer wrists that get tweaked all sorts of wrong from shoveling. Driving in it is not very much fun at all. 

But it sure feels fantastic when a hot flash hits to just step outside into the snow.

I rest my case.


Cathy ZielskeThey swear it's coming…Spring!

28 Comments on “They swear it's coming…Spring!”

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    Kendra B

    I need to keep this in mind … Now I just wake and say, “So… this is what we have today? Okay. Whatever.” … for this summer in Arizona. I’m working on having a better attitude and maybe this could help when eventually it will be in the 90s when I’m leaving my house at 6 in the morning 🙂

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    Sara Mangan

    I feel the same way, Cathy. I woke up this morning, looked out the window, took a picture to document the day and then smiled. It is just crazy we have this much snow in April. It’s crazy my kids have a two hour late start. I just keep telling myself how awesome spring will finally feel when it comes. Enjoy the snow. 🙂

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    I’ve been enjoying the #BlameJerrid tweets (Jerrid Sebesta w/ KARE11 news) about the weather, yesterday’s comment about ‘knee high by the 4th of July – did they mean snow?’ that had me laughing. My dog loves the weather, my farmer husband is kind of in a panic, my kids cheer with the late starts and cancellations at school, they wont love the couple of days tacked on at the end of the school year, but they’ll survive. This is MN and I’m happy here.

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    Love your attitude, Kelly! Although I do feel for the farmers who depend on weather for their livelihood. They say almost 70 this weekend!

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    Are you further North or are you in the cities? My kids were totally bummed there was no snow day, but the road are pretty clear in St. Paul.

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    The scene outside my window is so beautiful, but it could be this beautiful in January…not April! Oh well, warmth is coming!

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    Sara Mangan

    We are about 10 miles south of Red Wing in a small town. I bet your kids would have loved to be able to sleep in. Two of mine were up before 7:00. So much for sleeping in. 🙂

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    I’m sure there’s some deeper psychology behind complaining about the weather – perhaps because we’re all in the same boat, or because it’s a “safe” topic to talk to strangers about. But I try to remind myself that it’s so totally out of my control that it’s really not worth getting bothered about. I try. (But I love the sun!) I’m over in Kitsap Co, WA, and you know what that means – a lot of grey days and rain. And a lot of complaining about grey days and rain! Even when it doesn’t rain, people complain about how much it rained last winter or how much it might rain this summer (or that it’s not hot enough or it’s too hot or too dry…!) I have been enjoying your snow on instagram – it’s such a contrast to my pictures, which are full of cherry blossoms and magnolias and spring growth. Yesterday I spotted my first swallow! I hope your spring is lovely when it arrives.

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    Kathleen S.

    Ah yes, snow – friend to the menopausal. I hardly need a coat for anything lower than 32. I actually like all the seasons, although (see above) hot and humid take on a different dimension now. Is it menopause or the wisdom of age that mellows us out? Or therapy!

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    Heather B

    Isn’t therapy divine. Especially when it leads you to a more positive, happy and content outlook. Complaining is really a waste of good time.

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    Right there with you girl. I’m over in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We’ve had the snowiest April on record, just shy of 5′. FEET! Not inches, FEET! Yesterday was our 4th snow day in the last two weeks. I tell myself two things: 1) April snow showers bring June campfires. (We’ve had a horrible drought the last few years with fire bans ruining the fun.) 2) At least we’re not flooded like my friends and family in IL and MO. Snow provides fun for sledding and snowmen and hot chocolate (with schnapps for some of us). I’d rather that than bailing out my basement worrying over what was ruined.

    That said: I’m gladly anticipating the 60’s/70’s this weekend!

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    Kary in Colorado

    Well, it looks like you’ve got our storm! Here in Colorado we had 22″ last week and woke to another 5″ this morning–but I love it! Hey, we live in the desert out here west of the Mississippi, no complaining allowed about water it whatever form it chooses to arrive! The week before the big storm I heard an official water person bemoaning the low snowpack in our Rockies–he said that there was no way to make up the deficit this late in the season. Ha. Seems he must not have lived here long–with one storm we went from 62% snowpack to 95%! And more today–bring it on! Springtime in the Rockies!

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    This is kind of crazy, but we were just complaining about the weather here in California yesterday – about the heat! I “celebrated” Earth Day by turning my A/C on! I like your perspective, though, and it reminds me to look for the bright side of what the day brings.

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    Leanne in CA

    You are too funny. Just roll with it–I love it! Great attitude. Whatever! Have a fun week and enjoy the white stuff.

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    I just wanted to saw that when I read your post this morning I it was an eye opener for me. I have always thought I was a positive person, but I like much of MN have been grumbling about the LACK of spring. I never even tried to see a positive. But they way you looked at is so positive. I think that if snows again I shall try you take on it. As much as I don’t like the cold and snow I have to admit that it sure was pretty and peaceful out side this morning. Thank you for changing my outlook. And thank you for making me think a second time about a lot of things.

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    chris s

    yeah i feel the same way, cuz i live in maine and grew up in colorado. the natives get pretty damn cranky when snow comes here late, hell they hate it in january. but i just smile and know that i have been stuck in a snow drift in I-25 in may coming out of denver. get over it ppl!!

    p.s i am also preimenopausal or whatever they call it, i call it damn ridiculous, plus i have ms, so that has made me heat intolerant. i’ll take the cold weather!! >”<

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    Peggy M

    having been up in Blaine this past weekend, where I’d been told last Thursday 18″ was dumped (and according to same person is STILL there & am having some argument that my pictures are not proving to my husband that 18″ is NOT there), it seemed like everything pretty much melted already except on the grass & such. But that is some of the most beautiful snow ever then. Then again, I’ve already flown into Minneapolis in May in a snowstorm and had to be de-iced before leaving…

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    Love it Cathy….you’re right it’s all just about your perspective….
    I remember at work stating that the people who complained most about how cold it was in winter (and being in the sub-tropics of Australia – that’s not really cold) were the same ones who complained about how hot it was in summer… can imagine how well that went down!

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    stacie d

    Love your thoughts on the snow. I took time this morning during my early commute in southern MN to snap more pictures of the beauty of the moment- no other cars out, ducks on the lake-yet there’s still thick ice surrounding them, and snow drenched trees. Guess it’s our version of Spring bliss! 😉

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    Love your attitude, so funny! I still can’t believe all the snow though. Hang in there and enjoy the magic and beauty snow brings.

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    Christine K

    I have lived in Oklahoma, Hawaii, Georgia, and Washington. I love the weather here in Western Washington. Not too hot and not too cold. We escaped with almost no snow this year.

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    Cathy, I laughed out loud when I read the last couple of sentences in your post. I so get that.

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    Barb in AK

    I suspect we are going from Winter straight into Summer! Everything is finally going to POP! and then the heat wave begins. 🙁 I might as well move back to AK, if MN keeps this up :-

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