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My baby girl went to the prom just over a week ago. Sigh. Talk about making you feel like life is flying by. (And for the record, it actually is flying by.) Why, just last week, she looked like this:


While it was very well documented in my Project Life album, I decided it was time to add another page to the All About Aidan album. Initially, I'd planned to build an entire page around one of the cards in my Hello Girlie J-Card Set. I was going to print out the card onto white cardstock and build from there.

Then I started playing around with the whole idea digitally. Then I figured, "Oh, what the heck! Let's make a digital page."

Here is the final result:


Here's my thing with digital pages: I want them to look like they would if I were printing it all out, cutting and pasting everything together. Digital, hybrid or traditional, I have a very simple style. I try to layer stuff in. I try to think of more products I could use. But I always end up opting for the simplest approach and it usually makes me pretty happy.

This layout features a J-Card, some digital paper, a template and a font called Thirsty Script, which I discovered via Jessica Sprague on Instagram. The J-Card set was created using the font, but I added the monogram and the little label text to the template. It's the first font I've shelled out the coin for in a while. I just think it's charming and versatile. (Note, this template is designed with a free font, Lobster, which has a similar vintage script feel, and will be the store next weekend.)

Digital, or hybrid, or traditional… in the end, it's just about saving the stories that matter to us so we can remember. 

Because life really is flying by.

Note: I've long been a fan of Totally Rad Actions and Rad Lab, but I've recently started using Pro Retouch on photos (like the main one of Aidan above) that I want to smooth out a bit. Click on this image below to learn more about Pro Retouch.


I know so many of us are sending our thoughts and prayers out to Moore, Oklahoma today. To donate via the Red Cross, click here. Or, you can text a donation to 90999. Text REDCROSS to receive a confirmation message and donate $10.

Cathy ZielskeDigital Layout: Aidan at Prom

8 Comments on “Digital Layout: Aidan at Prom”

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    Beautiful pages. I’m almost 100% digital these days and I go for the same approach/style as you (thanks to learning from you!) but I find I love the flexibility of the digital pages better than the traditional – I tend to be more “clean” in my design when doing digital.

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    Hi Cathy – I picked up your 12×12 digital templates. I absolutely love them. I decided to make family Year Books for Xmas presents. (Yes, I am very clever about creating reasons to be crafty things.) I looked over my PL weeks and created pages for January, Feb & March. But now I have a problem … I don’t want to go back to my paper weekly layouts. 🙂

    Thank you for another wonderful product.


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    Hi Cathy, my daughter is a little bit older that thé little Aidan. Reading your post, I realized that i didn’t scrap for a long time (more than a year!). I have to make a little page about her and her little brother too. I’m more focused on photos now. I think journaling is my thing… I just don’t want to take time for creating design and choosing digital papers…

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    This is an awesome layout! I think Aiden looks stunning in her prom pics! I’m hooked on digital pages at the moment, and this one is right up my ally… I love your simple pages! 🙂

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    Ann Kearns

    Aidan is so beautiful and pages like this KILL me. What a little cutie she was and why, why?!, do they grow up so fast?

    My girls were 6, 4, and newborn yesterday. Today they are 10, 8, and about to leave for school full-time this fall.

    I need a drink.

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    Irene Budiman

    Love your layout! Its clean and simple.

    Cathy. Can I ask how do you make a picture with two corners rounded and the other two square?
    It will be great if you can make a tutorial on this.


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