It's not G-rated. It is, however, free. And who doesn't like free?

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The Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale kicks off tomorrow and runs through May 15th. As I was working on some new products for the store, I was typing remember this but transposed the letters in this, resulting in the image you see above.

It just made me smile.

As a committed and passionate keeper of memories, this is exactly what I set out to do every time I scrapbook.

Remember sh#t.

I don't swear much on this blog. Sure, a few words will seep in from time to time (see previous paragraph). If I were being truly authentic, I would swear a great deal more. It's just part of how I choose to talk in my personal life. I have zero issues with swears as long as they aren't used to denigrate or hurt people. I do not believe I denigrate myself by using them, either. Maybe it's because I grew up in a house where for a long time, I thought "Jesus Christ" was my part of my full name. Maybe it's because I hung out with kids who talked that way. Whatever the case, it's a choice I made and continue to make for myself.

And sometimes, swearing is funny. In fact, every time my husband swears, hilarity ensues.

But I digress…

I shared this image on my Facebook page, and many of you said, "I'd buy that!" 

But to kick off the quarterly sale, the least I can do is give you the PNG for free.

So please, by all means, enjoy.

Download CZ_remembersh

Note: PNGs can be used in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and even placed into Word. To learn more about working with PNG files, I have a host of videos you can look through to learn more.


Cathy ZielskeIt's not G-rated. It is, however, free. And who doesn't like free?

49 Comments on “It's not G-rated. It is, however, free. And who doesn't like free?”

  1. #1
    Lynn M

    Plain and simple, thank you. My mother had a favorite necklace that said, “Oh, $hit.” Now there’s a conversation starter.

  2. #4

    Cathy, in the sea of scrapbooking/memory keeping community, you make me feel completely normal. Thanks.
    PS – You would fit right in down here in Australia…every second word is bloody.. 

  3. #5

    Ha! Love it! I’ll be downloading that one as soon as I get home!

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before: “I have zero issues with swears as long as they aren’t used to denigrate or hurt people.” (Probably when someone heard one of my girls say a bad word and then looked at me waiting for me to get mad. AS IF)

    Thanks for keeping it real!!

  4. #6
    Trophy Wife

    Totally agree with Theresa when she said “Thanks for keeping it real!!”
    That was going to be my line!
    And we live those lines of swear words…sometimes there just is no other word that can be used in certain situations!!!!
    Thanks for the freebie!!!


  5. #9
    Paul B

    Thank you!!!!! I love it!!! Glad you shared it. So refreshing to have a download with a sense of naughtiness and humour. Cathy I lurve you!!!! 🙂 Long may you continue to inspire. mwah. Pxx

  6. #10

    Hard to believe, but every day I love you more. 🙂 Always puttin’ a smile on this face. This is so funny, and so me. I never remember ANYTHING…hence WHY I take so many pictures.

  7. #11
    Michelle Mounts

    LOL!! I am cracking up and SO needed to this am! Last week in my PL, I used that same word but put astericks in the middle just in case my unborn grandchildren read it some day. Of course, I say it all the time so I am sure they will hear it first hand. Thanks for keeping things real!

  8. #13
    Juli P

    peri menopausal brain??? I swear I can’t remember anything since having kids, period! I love that.

  9. #20
    kim smart

    and this is one of the many, many reasons i love reading your blog!! thanks for the download. it will definitely be making an appearance or two (or three) in my PL!!

  10. #21

    Thanks for the free download and for keep it real, you made me smile. Life sometimes it´s hard,everyone have problems to solve and sometimes the only word we can use is that.I have no issues with people that swears if nobody is hurt´s when the words are spoken. love your sense of humour 🙂

  11. #22

    I personally don’t swear but my husband says that sh(t isn’t a swear word so I had to download this. Thank you!

  12. #25

    When I was teaching 2nd grade, I gave my students a scrambled word assignment to help them practice their spelling words. The theme of the words that week was “th” words. One of the words was “this”. Oh, I should mention this was a bilingual 2nd grade class so the students were fairly new to English. I’m sure you can see where this is going. One girl turned in her paper, all words unscrambled, all words spelled correctly except that “this” was misspelled as “sh$t”. I’m sure the word looked right to her; we’d probably done “it” words at some point. Of course, I couldn’t have her take that paper home without a correction being done!

  13. #26

    Thank you Cathy, I absolutely love everything you do. I can’t wait for your new products, I think I bought everything you have at DD 🙂

  14. #27

    thank you…this is totally perfect for my PL at present! lol. Do you have a TV show called Mrs Brown’s Boys over there….funniest thing I have ever seen!

  15. #28

    Thank you! It’s certainly more authentic for me to have this in my scrapbooks than some of the overly sugary stuff out there. This is more me!! I’d have bought, but free is good too! And I’m sure I will buy whatever you put out tomorrow because I always do. lol

  16. #31

    Thanks Cathy! Now we just need a big red stamp to go over the whole phrase that says “CAN’T!” For those of us who periodically suffer from CRS!

  17. #34
    Abby P.

    My dad said SO OFTEN: Jesus Christ, Lenore!!! that when our mom passed away, we contemplated putting JCL somewhere on her stone. I come from a family of comedians. Respect and decency won out, of course.

  18. #37

    This is great Cathy. My husband always says that a lot of scrapbooking is all “rainbows & butterflies” and it’s a running joke in our house when something is overly soppy. This will definitely not fall into that category.

  19. #43
    Stacey K

    I cracked up! I bet my girls think that all their names are “For F*cks sake!” So needed that laugh, glad I stopped by!
    I was contemplating putting an email from my husband in my PL album whre he declares how f*ckin sexy I look in a photo I sent him (totally G rated photo, not so G rated response) this just decided me to include it. Keeping it real.

  20. #44

    I subscribe to the George Carlin theory of language with the belief that words only have power if you give them power. It’s refreshing to see in the scrapbooking world, honestly.

    On a very related note, my sister-in-law is a designer and stylist in NYC who also creates awesome custom letter-press stationary. She was trying to come up with her personal card for 2009, the same year my mother died and my brother lost his job. All the normal gooey sentiments just didn’t seem right, and she finally wrote “2009 Sucked Ass”…then got them printed up and sent them out. They were such a huge hit, she ended up selling them.

  21. #49

    That is awesome…thanks so much. May have to cut it with my Silhouette, and post it in my room!! You are great. Happy New Year.

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