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Please tell me you've seen this video:


Aidan asked me if I'd ever played this game called Say the Same Thing, developed by the band OK Go.

She and her friends have started doing this game in person, not using the app itself, and they love it.

I adored the video, so I had to download the app. After a few bugs were worked out, I played my first game with Aidan and it went like this:


We were playing in different rooms, and when we both said "Jodie Foster", we screamed in joy. And then we wanted to hug. Just like in the video.

It feels good to say the same thing.


Next up: A Beautiful Mess, designed by Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess

When I first heard Elsie was designing an app, I'll be honest: I couldn't imagine how learning to turn an old breadbox into a charming crib for a baby, or how to make muffins that looked like hot air balloons would help me. (Of course, I jest, because she is on another planet of hipness compared to me…)

But her app is seriously addicting and fun. I've had it one day and I fear it will overtake my Instagram shares:


The app also comes with in-app purchases to expand the goodies you can add to your photos. 

It amazes me how apps can be so affordable sometimes, you know? I mean, this app is really solid, no bugs at all, and yet it costs .99 cents. 

Technology. I tell you. 

Note: A Beautiful Mess is presently only available on iPhone. They say they hope to make it available for Android in the future.


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Cathy ZielskeNew Favorite Apps

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    Love this—and my favorite line in your post (as a non-iphone owner, woe is me) is “they say they hope to make it for Android in the future.”

    They say…

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    For another great app by Ellen Degenerous that makes me giggle is Heads Up, it’s kind of like chardes and the whole time you are guessing you have the phone above your head and its videoing the person trying to get you to guess the word. It’s hard to explain but you will love it and your kids will too!

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    I shared with my family your suggestions. My teenage boys introduced their classmates to it today and they all have the app now.
    Thanks for this and your awesome blog!

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    Michelle Mounts

    I don’t have the right phone to get this app but I played this game with my girls at dinner tonight and had so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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