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Have you listened to Ed Sheeran?

I know. He's not all that new. But considering he's 22 years old, he still qualifies as fresh in my book.

I was familiar with his song "The a Team"—it's been heavy in radio play for the past year—and I finally decided to check out the rest of his album.

I kind of love it. Like, love it.

Then I saw this clip of him performing live. It's this kind of thing that just makes me marvel. When someone has such a pure and effortless voice. This kid can sing and play. Like, for reals. In fact, I would go as far as saying if there has been a better song written in the past year, I haven't heard it. Haunting. Gorgeous. Insanely good.


Plus, he looks a bit like a muppet. What's not to love about that?

And I love his video featuring Rupert Grint as an Ed Sheeran wanna be. It makes me wonder if Ed is not a fan of lip syncing to his own videos. 


If you haven't checked him out, it's worth it. Plus, he sings with a slight accent at times. You know how we Americans love that. At least this one does.

And if you like that song, check out his acoustic version. Simple and stripped down. So good.


This will be in heavy rotation on my summer play list.

I love talented people. This guy? He's the real deal.

Cathy ZielskeNew Music Monday

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    So happy to see this post!! I did get to see him in concert, he was the opener for Taylor Swift a few weeks ago. My girls and I really enjoyed him and couldn’t get enough of his music at the concert. We keep listening to his music too, makes us happy!!

    WOW, these new cards and papers you have ROCK!! LOVE THEM!! Wish I had Photoshop to enjoy your templates with. I do have the 81/2x 11 size this year and this would be so cool to play with. Thanks for thinking of everyone and creating more goodies for us!

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    Francisca, from the Netherlands

    Hi Cathy,

    I just found this book ‘Music Listography Journal’, by Lisa Nola, on Amazon. It is about making lists with the subject ‘music’. It made me immediately think about you because you loves music so much! And some of these lists would make great layouts!

    Just wanted to share!

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    I literally heard Lego house for the first time this morning on the radio and thought….um YUM I want that guy! LOL on my shazam wish list (everytime I like a song, I shazam it, then one day I hope to make a random beautiful playlist of shazam randoms)

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    Kary in Colorado

    My 16yo daughter was SO excited to go to his concert here in Colorado last February–her first concert ever. I’d never heard of him before that, but she is a huge fan!

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    Louise B

    I can’t listen to “Small Bump” without crying, it stabs me right in the heart……but I could listen to all his other songs all day long, love him.

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    I love him! I wish he wasn’t on tour with Taylor Swift because I’d love to see him live. Did you catch him on the Billboard awards last night?

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    I am loving Ed Sheeran right now too. It was on pretty steady rotation for several weeks. Another artist that I am loving again because of her new album is Serena Ryder. Not the same sound, but I think you might like it – her new album is called Harmony. The first single was Stompa, but I like some of the other songs on the album better (like Circle of the Sun). I listened to her “Is It Ok?” album A LOT when it came out.

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    Martha Moring

    Love him! Have seen him 3 times AND have met him TWICE! (It’s great to have connections at the local radio station!)
    I will say he is amazing live, he is incredibly sweet and personable and smells pretty nice when you get a hug!

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    Lorrie Greenway McCullers

    I can’t tell you how much I love him. I “discovered” him almost 2 years ago (I listen to London radio via the internet… the music over there is so much better). I bought his CD when I went to Ireland because I couldn’t get it here yet! So glad to see that he is finally capturing an audience here in the States.

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    LOL, I found him last week via one of my really cool younger neighbors! She is really cool and has her own style like your daughter Aidan.

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    Sarah Utting

    As a Brit, we have known about Ed for a couple of years now, and I love his music! Funny story, last summer we were at a local water park, and the resident DJ played A-Team as his opening song. I was walking back from the rest rooms, past him, singing along (as I know all the words 😉 ) and this guy is like “how do you know all the words?” and I smiled and said, because I am from the UK and this guy is pretty big over there. I was never sure whether he was shocked because 1) I am a 40 yr old mother of two, or 2) that the song was not popular at that time 🙂 I have always had a soft spot for Ed, but then again I am a sucker for a cute guy with ginger hair – I married one 18 years ago 😉

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    Saw him in concert with Taylor Swift in March. He really blew me away. He is so talented. He makes all of these sounds with his voice or his guitar, puts them in a beat box kind of contraption and then loops that track as the percussion portion of a song that he sings over. It was amazing what he could do with his voice and a guitar. That muppet reference wasn’t far off, either.

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    Stacy A.

    I was going to say the same thing! I listen to the radio in England over the internet for the same reason, but I get very impatient with how long it takes for the music to become available here!

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    Hi,Cathy! love him and his music I found is music last year and since them I listen it, my favourite is Wayfaring Stranger he rocks in this song. love is muppet apperance to, give him a cool and funny real vibe. you must check Ben Howard to, love is music is similar to Ed my favorite is Call Me Maybe.Wish you a great week 🙂

    P.s:your last works rocks specially the 8.5 x 11 that so few people use and I love to bitts.

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    I’m catching up on posts and I LOVE….the quote below. That sucker is going in MY PL!

    “I think many of us agree that this is the stuff we want to remember. Not the fence posts of life, but the slats that make up what contains our everyday existence.” Cathy Z.

    Totally not the fence posts…..very poetic.

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    I couldn’t have said it any better. My daughter introduced me to him (or I should say his music). I got sick of the A-team because our radio station over played it. However I love Lego House. I saw the video and I have to laugh as Rupert does an awesome job pretending to be an Ed-want-to-be! Ed’s beauty is definitely more than skin deep!

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    I have purchased your new project life templates, and have already printed some of the pages. Thank you so much. I actually like your project life templates the best. I am now finding that I am documenting my families memories a lot quicker this way, instead of the previous paper method. I tend to slot in the pictures as I go and when the week is over just print. So much quicker
    Thank you

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    Emma Togwell

    My 16 year old daughter is a huge Ed Sheeran fan, she managed to meet him and get him to sign a copy of his CD for her, and my husband took her to see him in concert last year – so talented!

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