New product releases + a Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale

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This weekend, the 2nd Quarter Sale is on at Designer Digitals. Everything is marked down 30% storewide. I've taken a hiatus from product design, but am back into the groove this week. Here's a look at what's new:


Life Basics No. 01 and Life Basics No. 02. Both can be used for digital Project Life. They feature soft drop shadows, subtle rounded corners and a nice framing margin of space on the edges.


To say I'm digging the digital Project Life would be an understatement.


Next up, Daily Cards No. 01, a simple set of 6×4 layered photo templates with a see through journaling block that you can customize to your liking simply by playing with the layer's opacity.


Geo Tag Alphabets No. 01 (including numbers & symbols). I really love those little upside down tear drops on Google maps and the like, so I made a set of alphas, numbers and symbols.


I can see myself using these a ton in the coming weeks, just as little extras to drop into any photo.


Finally, a new set in my J-Card series, Hello Girlie (the boy set is coming next weekend!) This set includes printable PDFs. No Photoshop needed to print these cards and use in your Project Life albums or on other scrapbook page projects.


Also in development: a Life Basics set for 8.5 x 11 pages and 6 x 12 pages. Those will be available next weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Cathy ZielskeNew product releases + a Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale

8 Comments on “New product releases + a Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale”

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    ahh… you’re killing me Cathy! I have been WAITING for a great 8.5 x 11 ‘project life’ design. I know yours will be awesome. Already purchased the 12×12 but I’m I will use them as well. šŸ™‚

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    Ami E Pilon

    I’m with Rita. I too have been hoping for a great 8.5×11 PL page design or two. I can’t wait until next weekend. Will get the 12×12 and print them 8×8 for now.

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    word of warning if you make 12×12 PL pgs & print 8×8… journaling will be small, might need to keep font size to 14pt (depending on font used)

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    Melissa Crosby

    I bought the 12 X 12 PL layouts yesterday, and am just dipping my toes into digital scrapping. I’m wondering if I buy the digital version of BH’s Cinnamon Edition, will the cards fit and work right with your template? I love her stuff, and yours, and Ali Edwards, and…….. Wanting to make sure it will all work together before I spend the $$ for the digital kit from BH!

    Thanks so much for blogging, and creating for all of us! You are one of my first reads every day!

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    to use a tiny templates template (or any other 4X6 template)in the new 12 x 12 template, you would just create separately and then drag into the new template, correct? Also, aren’t the pictures pretty small when you reduce a 12×12 to 8×8? Thanks!

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