Project Life, Week Nineteen—still riding the digital train

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OBSERVATIONS: Another week of digital Project Life is completed, and I'm still really loving this process. A lot of you have said to me, "I don't understand why you haven't always done it this way, considering how much you love to use your computer to scrapbook." 

I guess part of the answer is that because of my work as a designer, I really wanted to take the creative process off of my computer, and finish in with paper and glue. Ergo, hybrid scrapbooking. 

I don't plan to throw away all my phyisical scrapbook supplies. At least not yet. 

One really cool thing about doing it digitally is being able to mix up the page designs with ease. I like the idea of switching up the page protectors, but sometimes don't like having to follow through with the following week. When you're designing digitally, well, that problem is eliminated. So this week, I changed up the design.

Here are my pages from Week 19:



I felt like I had too much stuff this week to fit in. I kept deleting things, rearranging things and making edits. Part of why I had so many images was that Aidan went to prom last week, and you know how parents are when there's a prom involved.

In fact, I decided to design a 6 x 12 template set (coming this weekend to Designer Digitals) to house more photos. Here are the two inserts. I put them both on a 12 x 12 canvas to be printed.This is what the file I will be printing looks like:


I'll just slice it down the middle, and voila—they'll be ready to pop into the 6 x 12 page protectors

Yes, prom was rich mine of material.


The shot above is dropped into a new 6×4 layered template set that comes with a see through journaling block that you can adjust the opacity, depending on the photo. 

My favorite story of the week is this one:


Believe me you. I'm grateful for the relationship we have with our 17-year-old daughter. Every single lucky day.

Note: 8.5 x 11 digital Life Basics templates are coming to the store this weekend. They'll be on sale for 20% off through the weekend.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Nineteen—still riding the digital train

26 Comments on “Project Life, Week Nineteen—still riding the digital train”

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    I am loving the chance to see your Project Life work translate into a more digital sense, it’s very inspiring!

    Also, I’m very excited about the 8.5×11 templates being released soon! Finding a printing service to print the 12×12 in Ireland is a bit difficult. I know international shipping exists, but my dreams is for some day to find European A4 size PL templates!

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    Cathy you have totally rocked me my world this week. I have taken a photo every day since 2009 and I do not like 12×12 size so the photos have never made it off my computer. This week I have been making 8.5×11 project life digital pages using digital files and I have been a woman obsessed making pages. I am so looking forward to your new designs this weekend 🙂

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    I do adore your pages (makes me realize it’s great to do PL in a simpler way), but I had to comment about your “favorite story”. I remember the exact same “IB extended essay” conversation with our then-seventeen daughter! Only she was geekily talking a mile a minute about the Tudors and comparing their marriage traditions with current day? Haha! I feel the same way about both of our kids (now 20 and 21)…they are the coolest, and I’d rather hang with them than with anyone else in the world! Congrats on raising two awesome people!

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    I always enjoy your PL layouts Cathy.

    Love the personality and humour you sprinkle throughout them.

    PS Aidan looked gorgeous – you’ve every right to be a proud Mumma.

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    WOW, love love the way you changed it up and fit all these stories into the week.

    That extra insert for prom, is PERFECT!! LOVE seeing the group of them together!!


    How lucky you are to have a daughter like Aidan, such a sweetie she is. I would have cried like a baby, haha!

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    Jenny B.

    I love how you get so much into your pages but still keep the clean look. Mine are always a jumbled mess. I have a very hard time editing stuff out (both words and photos). I kinda like it that way, but I sure do enjoy looking at yours! 🙂

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    LOVE! LOVE! Your digital pages are perfect,I have no words to describe the joy this pages makes me feel. you always rock with your humor and you raise two beautiful and awesome should be proud and your husband to. Aidan is beautiful in her prom dress and the prom group rocks with is polish style.Cole is a cool and relax boy. Have a great day Cathy! 🙂

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    jen s

    Totally loving the new 6×4 overlays – waited to do my PL weekly work until I had purchased & unzipped! I use your tiny templates at least twice on every weekly spread – this will be a nice mix-up to the look of my pages. You are a design GENIUS (jeez, talk about geek!)

    Please keep up the amazing work with PL items!!

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    dawny dee

    so so so happy to know you’re doing 8.5 x 11!!! (even tho i just bought your 12×12 last weekend). i am so excited!!!!!

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    Ami E Pilon

    I have been saving my pictures and words for the digital 8.5×11 PL pages coming this weekend. Haven’t been this excited about my Project Life in quite some time.

  11. #14

    me too Amy, I have been waiting 4 years for this 🙂 So excited 🙂 Cathy I love all of your PL stuff, keep ’em coming

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    Love that story at the end about Aiden. So sweet! And your templates for the inserts are pretty awesome too 🙂 She looks so beautiful for prom, as well

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    Catching up on the last 3 posts of yours that I haven’t read and now I’m crying. Thanks for that = )

    There is not one of your templates that I don’t love. You will be the one that turns me completely to a digital girl!

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    Vicki A

    Hi Cathy! Question for you…do you know of any app or website that I can do project life on my ipad and send it to print. I would love to be able to do it from that, since all my pics are on it. 🙂

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    It is soooo awesome cuz, don’t know about you; but I for sure did NOT have that kind of relationship w/my mom when I was 17. Lucky for me, my dh and I are diff parents than ours, and both our kids think we are fun to hang out with. “We like us!” is our family credo.

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    I’m loving your digital PL, and appreciate all your great ideas. Would you add a paper pack to your DD portfolio? I need the large dot (like Simple Patterns 03 paper) in the same hot pink and green you used in your new PL 12×12 template sets.

  17. #23

    I would love to see colour coded paper packs for each kit, or more .psd files for your journaling cards 🙂

  18. #24

    I LOVE your response! My instinct would have been to get sappy. But a little sarcasm is so much more effective to convey the love. Note to self.

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    rebecca f.

    I have a 17 year old daughter too. I get all those emotions. Time is going much too quickly! Both daughters are in high school now – how did that happen?!

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