Project Life, Week Seventeen—Dipping my toe into the digital pool?

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OBSERVATIONS: It was bound to happen eventually. At least that's the rumor that's been floating around the Internet.

Earlier this week, I asked you, my blog readers, to weigh in on doing Project Life digitally. And weigh in, you did. 

And one comment from Ayesha got me thinking:

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 1.27.42 PM

Why AM I having doubts?

It's true. I love hybrid scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking partly to tell stories, partly to play with photos and partly to make stuff with my hands.

But as I look at my giant Project Life albums (and don't get me wrong, I love the contents of them) I can't help but think: where am I going to put all of them?

Maybe being able to fit it all into one album is better (printing out my pages digitally).

Maybe making printed books at year's end is better (making photo books).

I guess my point is, I really have nothing to lose by trying a few pages out, right?

So I did. 

Oh. My. Photoshop.

I'm not sure why I never thought I would enjoy the process as much by going on full-on digital. I always operated under the guise of "Never go full digital!" 

So this week, I gave it a try and now I share it with you. Ready? OK!



I designed a template based on the classic Project Life digital design. But, I increased the outer margins, I put the photos/cards closer together, created a slightly less rounded corner and put a very soft shadow on the layer masks.

I chose to leave the background totally white (no digital cardstock) and just approach it as I would my usual Project Life pages.

And I kind of love 'em.

Part of me felt behind this week from the get go, and as I read through the comments I just thought: I'm just going to try this.

I'm really glad that I did. I'm going to send these out to an online printer (recommendations anyone? I've heard Persnickity is good for this kind of thing), and then see how they look.

So that is my story for Week Seventeen of Project Life.

Digital? Kind of cool.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Seventeen—Dipping my toe into the digital pool?

99 Comments on “Project Life, Week Seventeen—Dipping my toe into the digital pool?”

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    I did a Blurb book for the first time last summer and absolutely loved it. I can recommend their plug in for InDesign as incredibly helpful!

  2. #2
    Kelly Adams

    Cathy, would you consider releasing/selling your PL digital template? I really like your version! 🙂

  3. #3
    Maria V.

    That’s what pushed me over the edge. The thought of years of HUGE binders lining the shelves vs. thin, bound books. Unless one has a HUGE house (I do not), where does one put them all?

    I have the BH templates, but I’m kind of loving yours… any thoughts on making it available? 😀

  4. #4
    Anne-Marie Cox

    I think they look more than fabulous and I am doing a few of my own this year! I LOVE my paper and can’t give it up… BUT I am doing that with my family albums while trying to get some other books done for each child (I have 5 so its taking a LOT of time).

    Now a question for you… so see how you have increased your outer margins…. I want to know do I need to make the inner margin (as in the one that is going to be bound by the spine of the book)wider again so that nothing gets lost by the binding process… down the guttter? is that the right term??? gutter???

  5. #5
    Rebecca J.

    I just have to recommend for printing Scrapping Simply ( I LOVE how everything I’ve had printed with them turns out. I tried a few other places, including Persnickety, and just felt like Scrapping Simply matched my screen perfectly. I knew what I’d be getting when they printed! Anyway, your pages are awesome. Love seeing your digital version!

  6. #6

    Good job Cathy, they look just as fantastic :] Would also be interested in your template. Another advocate for Blurb books, I got a 7×7 and it’s adorable. :]

  7. #7

    I love Persnickety Prints. I stated doing digital pages this year and printed them. Love how they printed out. Now I can’t say I have printed from any other place but I was happy with what I got. Have fun with digital project life. ~Ann

  8. #8

    Welcome to the Digi Side!!! Persnickety *IS* awesome, and occasionally have promotions where you can bulk purchase 12×12 prints for a lower cost.

    If you do think you will want to print out a photo book at the end of the year, it’s worthwhile to check your template against their trim guidelines early. My 2012 book has edges cut off, which isn’t a huge deal, but I’ve learned for this year. And no one wants to go back through their album in December to resize everything! 🙂

  9. #9

    Welcome to the darkside. I am sad I didn’t make it over to chime in on your original post because I am in my 3rd year of doing PL fully digital. 100%. And I love that each year has its own little 8×8 album.

    I print with Persnickety and LOVE their product and quality. They have never, ever done me wrong (and I heard a rumor that they are having a BIG NSD sale this weekend (buy credits you can use later)!

    Anyway, I am a big fan of your work, so all that to say, your pages look fantastic!

  10. #10

    I did a PL album last year. Worked on in week by week and had the entire album printed by Blurb in January. It looks great. I printed 2 for both of my children. I won”t go back to paper and glue.

  11. #11
    Margy Eastman

    I wasn’t sure I’d manage Project Life, so I started doing mine digitally to avoid springing for the supplies and not using them. And of course, the space concern. I’m using the BH templates and each week upload them to Shutterfly where, if I’m good and finish the book, I’ll treat myself to the best belated Christmas gift ever. And I have a lot of digital supplies from you and Ali Edwards. It’s all good!

  12. #13

    I add the outer margin too. I’m not sure why the digi version seems to need it, but the paper version doesn’t? I go a little further and add the background paper and a super thin mat around the photo/journaling card group. It gives me a pop of color that I just love.

  13. #17
    Anne Marie

    Love how that turned out! I can’t imagine doing project life, week by week. But I might consider PL, month by month and then print it into a book after a few years… You just gave me an idea! Thank you!

  14. #18
    Rebecca J.

    Also, I have used Blurb for my family albums. They are another great option. Scrapping Simply is what I use if I want instant gratification of seeing my 12×12 print right away. Blurb is what I use when I’m being patient and waiting to get a whole book done all at once. I don’t think you can go wrong with either!

  15. #19

    Awesome, yes?! Persnickety Prints does a fantastic job and I believe they are having their semi-annual print sale this weekend.

  16. #20
    Mona S

    I would love to go digital! But besides the fact that I don’t have Photoshop or PSE, there is the cost factor and the learning curve factor! Maybe next year – just proud that so far I am keeping up with PL in paper form this year!

  17. #21

    I’ve been doing some form of Project Life digitally now for 4 years. I still love traditional scrapbooking but going digi for a project like this is amazing. I always wondered why you print everything and cut it out and figured I was missing out on something. I actually was thinking I would do it that way next year because if Cathy does, there must be a reason!!

  18. #22

    Wow. Your page is gorgeous. I’m another person who would buy your digi template. I’m on my third year of PL. I’m very frustrated trying to find storage room. Two reasons I’ve never gone 100% digi: my handwriting & kids’ art work. I really enjoy adding both. Printed images of their art work just doesn’t have the same appeal to me as the actual art work.

  19. #23

    You can also print 8X8 (or 10X10) and see if you like that size better. Another beauty of all digital. I don’t care for 12X12 -too big for me! So I print my 12X12 PL pages at 8×8 and LOVE them.

  20. #24
    Abby P.

    Your week looks awesome, as usual! Makes me wonder why I don’t go full-digi. I have to admit, though, that I like the “touchy-feely” of cardstock/photo paper, and being able to move things around after the fact…

  21. #25

    Welcome home, Cathy 🙂
    Love the clean, simple, fabulous look of this. I’m copying. Or maybe waiting until you release the template in the store (because I’m lazy and have a lot of work hanging over me. Oh, and how about some 8.5×11 PL alternatives too? 😉

    You are the best.

  22. #26

    I want to go all digital SO BAD. We move quite a bit being a military family and the thought of light, smaller photobooks sounds o much better (plus no storage of supplies, mess, etc). BUT, while I don’t embellish my regular PL albums and just use the kit contents, I do like to add “life stuff” once in awhile: ticket stubs, movie tickets, cards, notes, just little stuff here and there. That’s what trips me up every time and prevents me from going all digital – what to do with those little extras.

  23. #28

    Ok, I might be missing something, so excuse me in advance! 😉 Are you thinking printed books with take up less space than the project life scrapbooks?

  24. #31
    Melissa Whittaker

    I love your digital pages! I love how you added the drop shadow, too, I’m going to have to remember that.

    I was thinking about my physical albums, which I totally love, but I was worrying, what if something ever happened to them. I’m toying with the idea of going back and “recreating” my physical albums into digital photo books so that I can print a copy, but also maintain one online should something ever happen (fire, damage).

    Love these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. #33
    Donna M

    I can’t wait to follow your progress on digital because for the same reasons I’ve been thinking of going that way too.
    Yes Julie, thinner photo books than one or two albums per year.

  26. #34

    How exciting! Glad you figured out to increase your margins from the get go. I figured that out the hard way when I went to print my book at the end of the year. The crop margins killed my pages & I had to resize everything. Total nightmare. I have a revised 2 page layout that I use each week with a similar format each time. Makes it even easier. Glad you had fun with your first PL page. It looks terrific.

  27. #35
    Janet White

    Since you asked that question, I’ve been mulling it over and may try a photo book for this year. I’ve got enough notes on what’s happened to pull it all together – I think.

  28. #36

    LOL. Almost fell off my chair here. 😛
    Never knew my Dutch bluntness would actually get someone thinking… 😉

    Glad to see you tried it digitally. No, correction: succeeded in doing it digi!
    Absolutely LOVE how you tweaked the template; it looks so much better this way. More ‘complete’, more ‘as a whole’. Brilliant!
    (If you start stelling these you might even suck me right back into the darksideofdigi ;))

    I really hope you’ll keep doing your pages digi!

  29. #37

    I love your pages!
    If you do make your template available, can I request that you offer it with square edges also? 🙂

  30. #38
    Vicki A

    I would love it if there was an app available for ipad, where I could do all the editing and put together a bound book! Know of anything like that? 🙂

  31. #39
    Shirlee Keddington

    I have tried both Persnickety Prints and Scrapping Simply. I have to say I prefer Scrapping Simply. Their software is easier to navigate and I love the color (seems most accurate to my upload) the print. Though Persnickety wasn’t bad either.

    I too love both digi and hybrid. I’ve done both over the years. My approach? Do my family album digi, and do my kids school years hybrid.

    I am also not a project lifer! Gasp! But I do incorporate a lot of her products into my pages because I love them. I scrap my families pages bi-monthly. The idea of taking a photo a day makes me crazy.

    For an example see: Ciao!

  32. #41

    Great post Cathy. Love seeing different approaches and reading other people are tackling their memory keeping.
    I’ve done both now, digital and otherwise.
    For the past two years l have done a month by month yearbook and had the whole thing printed digitally.
    This year l’m trying week by week Project Life non-digital.
    Both have the pluses and minuses.
    I think the best thing about a digital monthly yearbook is how quick and easy they are……and how small the book ends up being.
    But, the best thing about a non-digital PL album, is all the extra things you can include in it….like children’s pictures, receipts, newspaper articles, ticket stubs…. I’m a sucker for those things 🙂

  33. #46
    Cindy H.

    Melissa, I had the same thought. I move a lot and am worried that something might happen to my physical albums. I was just going to scan the physical albums to keep a digital backup online just in case. I don’t know if I would go so far as to “recreate” my physical albums.

  34. #47

    Well, I love that you’ve tried digital. I scrap very much like you — because you are my scrapbooking goddess — and I’ve been doing digital since Jan 1. Last year I did it hybrid (designed on computer, printed and stuck in plastics). This year I thought I’d stick with it better and not get so far behind if I did it all digital… and I was right. I am current and even just slid my printed 12x12s into my album (that’s where we differ… I still print my 12x12s and stick them in a regular album because I want to see the progress as my album grows). I thought I’d be a hybrid forever gal, but I’m convinced I’m a digital girl at heart.

  35. #48

    Hi Cathy!

    I went to digital PL this year, and because i’m a designer i decided to make it in InDesign. I am planning on printing it with blurb, and they provide free templates through an InDesign plug in. I have used it before for some other photo books and I am in love, seriously it is so easy and looks great! So if you have indesign, I would highly recommend trying them out!


  36. #49

    Hi Cathy.
    First year for doing PL and I am doing it digitally. I am in Canada but thought I would send to Persnickity and absolutely love the quality of the print job.


  37. #50

    Woohoo, looks awesome! I’m doing digital this year, but I think I’m going to tweak my backgrounds to white like you’ve used, because it looks so nice! I still plan on printing mine our and sliding in page protectors, though, since I already have the page protectors and albums

  38. #52

    Persnickety. Their service, color, options and overall attention to detail is AWESOME. I once had a picture with a mark on it that I was printing as an 12×12. The mark was from the camera I was using at the time. They noticed the mark and contacted me because they wanted to make sure each detail was right for me. I don’t often print my photos outside the home now… But if I do- I always use persnickety.

  39. #53

    Cathy, welcome to the other side! LOL

    I too, always wondered why you didn’t do everything completely digital 🙂 Trust me, now that you’ve done one layout, you’ll want to do every layout this way! I personally print all my layouts as a bound book through I think it’s cheaper than printing individual layouts, but that’s just me. I also like that it’s small and I can print multiple copies, if I wanted 🙂

    As always, love your style! Can’t wait to see more 100% digital layouts!

  40. #56

    I was interested by your question last week too. I want to go digital for space and convenience sake but I love to add in real pieces of our week – notes/kids art/tickets/my handwriting/etc. Not sure I’m quite at all digital just yet, but I kinda wish it would hurry up.

  41. #57

    I do like the idea of digital for sure, but the only thing is I can’t save all the extras….unless of course I take a photo of it, and it’s harder to have more photos in my opinion because I like the idea of having shorter pages in between weeks so to speak….but I think if you realize it works for you and the way you create and the way you want to tell your family story and then by all means…

  42. #58

    I have only started doing PL this year and chose to go digital and have used many of your videos to learn the process of scrapping digitally via PSE11. I never thought I would enjoy digital as have always done traditional style and liked the tactile experience of creating the pages. But I am loving digital PL so much that I find myself contemplating making some of my traditional pages digital – with the only thing stopping me being the printing costs. I have been printing out my PL pages at home by printing them 8×8 so as to use A4 paper, and quite like the format. I don’t resize anything in terms of the actual pages, rather I simply print them as 8×8 and everything is readable. I hope you enjoy DPL as much as I am…. And of course your pages are simply lovely as always 🙂

  43. #59

    Why haven’t I thought of that? That way I could easily multiply the family album if my daughters would want one if they moved out… And I could still add all this fun stuff and artwork to the hybrid albums of my girls… You’re brilliant; thanks!

  44. #60

    That is the same reason I started doing PL physically this year. But I am still having doubts… Since my profession is being an archivist, I know how quickly those memorabilia tends to fade away, rust, etc. I even ended up not including traintickets, knowing that those specicific tickets will have fade away after only two (!) years… I guess you could say that my profession is making me extra criticl / holding me back from including everything… Do you have any tips/suggestions?

  45. #61
    Rene TE

    I’m making my 12 x 12 pages in Photoshop and saving them as a jpg file. The using the iPad app Book Creator I insert the jpg files onto the pages and then turn it into an iBook. You can even
    add audio and video clips. That is going totally digital.
    Really enjoying your Clean & Simple class. Learning so much. Thank you!

  46. #62

    If I go digital, what do I do with all my scrap crap ;)?!?

    I’m like you though, if I continue the way I am I will have a warehouse full of albums in the next 10 years!

  47. #63

    WOW!! It’s gorgeous and still Cathy style, LOVE IT!! Good for you making a change, so happy it will work for you. AWESOME photos this week, hope that will be the last of snow for you. Looks so pretty though in your photos. Great job as always!

  48. #64

    These look awesome Cathy and I love how subtle the shadow is. Just the right amount! I am another one who loves Scrapping Simply for printing my digi scrap pages. They have sales a couple times a year where you can purchase print credits. I usually wait until I have 50 or so pages done and print all at once because the shipping is the same whether you are printing 5 or 50.

  49. #66

    These are great! Please make them available for purchase. Next year, I would also like to make my Project Life digital.

  50. #67

    Never heard of them before. Will defintely take a look. I’m already verry happy with Persnickety, and if they are even BETTER…? Off I go.

  51. #68

    Persnickety is a wonderful company to work with- I have used them for many projects. Maybe seeing your digital Project Life, I may try it. Every year I think of it- but don’t start- I guess I should jump in- middle of the year or not. I am always afraid I won’t have anything interesting to say!

  52. #69
    Janet Kemper

    Seeing this, makes me want to do PL digitally. I am just learning how to do all this digital stuff…I knnow, I am way behind the game. This, I love though. Thankyou..

  53. #70
    Lori Ande

    So Cute Cathy – this begs the question… will you be selling the template you designed. I like it better than the version at AC Digitals. Also, do you know who prints 12×12 books?

    LOVE your stuff. My daughter was on Yearbook at a school that has won several national awards. I know that what Aidan is doing is NO small job. Such a great thing you are doing that with her.

  54. #71

    When I first started scrapbooking two years ago, you inspired me to do hybrid scrapbooking. I learned indesign because of you and it became my favorite adobe program, even more than photoshop. I never understood why I did paper and hybrid, since I’m good with computer. I think probably because I’m always doing things on my computer, I crave playing with physical things.

    Well, this year I was forced to do all digital because of the arrival of the second baby. Two young kids and a full time job, I simply have no time and space for paper. It was a hard choice for me and took me months to finally decide. Like you, I don’t understand why it was so hard for me.

    After a few weeks into it, I love love love it! I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner! I’m actually doing pl365 on indesign. I used blurb’s 12×12 indesign template, and did my own PL layouts. I copied five of the pocket page layouts as the master pages. With the help of guides it’s so easy to adjust the layout to fit my needs on the fly, like changing design A’s 2 3x4s into one 4×6 or vice versa. I plan to print the book at the end of the year. It’s so great to do it in indesign as its easy to flip pages. I enjoy looking at precious pages and make changes to them if I like.

    I love digital scrapbooking so much I’m now incorporating it into video editing. You know those iPhone portrait videos? I always hated the black sides and now I design my own iPhone video frames with digital scrapbook supplies and make it look like video clips on a scrapbook page!

    Have fun!

  55. #73

    Bonnie, would you care to share a view of yours? I love this idea and I’d like to see it in action. Do you have it in an online gallery somewhere?

  56. #74

    I’ve often wondered about that, Ayesha. Why don’t you just scan the extras so you have them digitally to include at will – and keep forever? Why should they be the actual physical original that will disappear instead of a scan that’ll last longer than you will? You can print life-size – or alter to fit as needed.

  57. #75

    Is the frist time I comment on your blog. I don´t know why I didn´t make it earlier, maybe was destiny. I totally agree wiht Ayesha. I love your scrapbook style and the way you mix it up with hibrid scrapbooking.I see your site everyday for inspiracion you are my kind of girl because I love clean and simple design.The templates are divine and I hope you put them on designer digitals for the way you write your blog and share with us your life and adventures from your heart and your family rocks.

  58. #76

    Personally, I don’t like the look of my children’s art once it’s been scanned & reprinted. But it sounds like that may be a matter of using the wrong printing service?

  59. #79
    Lori - near Seattle

    I love doing it digitally – mainly for the cute little THIN bound book that shows the WHOLE YEAR in about a quarter of the shelf space of one of my traditional albums. Try out a layflat book like AdoramaPix, Shutterfly, or Picaboo offer. Love them, but they are a bit pricier.

    I do my annual Project Life book in 12×12, but do everything else in 8×8. I always design in 12×12 though (it’s easy to downsize, but not so easy to go bigger). If I have a question about print size, I’ll print one layout somewhere locally (usually Costco, but sometimes at home) to see if the fonts are too small, or the pictures look too tiny.

    I love that if I want to do it, I can reprint all of my books at smaller size to give to my kids when they grow up, or for family gifts, or whatever.

  60. #80
    Heather Crawford

    I’m just wondering if you print it in a book at the end of the year, you don’t have anything to look at through the year? My kids like flipping through my book? Just wondering how this works with digital?

  61. #81

    Now you have me thinking about doing this digi!

    Anyhow, you could try Archiver’s new Memory Lab for printing the pages. I am not sure on the price.

    Persnickety is always a good choice, too. I love their processing.

  62. #82

    Cathy…I love the non-digital scrap booking. It’s a gift at the end of a busy week to go and play in my craft area. I like digital too and realize there is a need for balance in creating our albums because as you said, “where am I going to put all of them?” But…your books on keeping it simple are amazing and beautiful. They have inspired me to focus on the moment with creative simplicity. Kindest regards, ~Robin

  63. #83

    Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top! I would love to do a project life book, but have always been overwhelmed at the thought of more binders. I’d love to do digital version like yours so I could put them into a book. You inspire me, endlessly.

  64. #84
    Donna G.

    You said you’re wondering where you’re going to put all your ginormous (i.e., 12×12) scrapbooks. That is exactly why I started printing my pages at 8×8, although I scrap at 12×12. I started scrapbooking doing physical 12×12 pages, but switched to digital when the scrapbook supplies started taking over my house. Digital supplies are cheaper, take less storage space, and are easier to purchase.

  65. #85

    I started the year digitally, but stopped because I just didn’t like the template. I couldn’t get past it. And I do not have the skills to make it the way I see it in my head. Yours is right on the money! Super excited that you will sell a template pack for this.

  66. #87

    And somehow… my daughters drawings, or the real birthdaycard they received… it kinda feels like it’s lost when it’s scanned. I know it sounds silly… I can’t really explain it…
    Can you tell I’m still having doubts? 😉

  67. #88

    Glad you took the plunge! I will put a strong vote in for Scrapping Simply also. They have been amazing. Any chance you would share your shadow settings?

  68. #89


    The blend mode is Multiply.
    The opacity is 50%
    The angle is 135
    The distance is 5
    The spread is 0
    The size is 12.

    thats how I set it up in CS5.

  69. #90

    Oh no! There is no way I’m not going back and redoing weeks 1-8 on your templates. Good thing I’m so far behind 🙂 Would opyou consider also releasing templates for InDesign to use in conjunction with the Blurb plug-in?

  70. #91

    Oh my goodness, do you really read all 90 comments! Thumbs up for creating your PL page all digitally finally! Isn’t it fun? Every one to two weeks I upload my pages to Shutterfly folder, then right away into the book. That way I don’t have to add them all at a later date which takes waaaay to long.

    Thank you Cathy for everything you do to encourage us as we scrap away!

  71. #92

    Katie, probably not, because I didnt make them in Indesign and Designer Digitals doesnt sell ID products. But… now you got me thinking…

  72. #93

    I really do. : ) And I have to say, Ive already started dropping things into this weeks template for PL. Kind of loving it!

  73. #94
    Kirsten W.

    I tried the paper version of PL in 2011 and puttered out halfway through the year. Last year I did PL digitally – I still have maybe 5 weeks left to complete, and I am current with this years’ digital PL pages.

    In the Pros column for me is the space saving issue and the fact that I can work on it on the couch while I’m watching t.v. with my hubby, ha!

    In the Cons is the fact that we can’t flip through the books yet (I’m going to print through Blurb) and I’m itching to use some of the fun paper PL cards and embellishments that are out there. But I am still occasionally paper scraping traditional layouts, so I get to play on those.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress! I love your digital products!

  74. #95

    Oh my goodness…it was like this post was meant for me. I have been behind in project life this year and the end of last year. This is my fifth year doing project life and I DO NOT want to give it up. But the process has gotten overwhelming especially with have a new baby in the house and two other little guys running around…oh and that pesky full time job. So just this morning I was thinking of going digital with project life and all of a sudden I happened upon this post. Now I am ready to take the leap. I am thinking of doing some paper inserts so I can also dabble a little with paper and add ephemera. I am so super excited that you will be selling your templates because I LOVE them. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

  75. #96

    Thanks for posting this!I’m SO on the fence about doing PL traditionally or digitally. I really want to go digital, but I’m still debating what to do with the memorabilia and those sorts of things. I don’t want to have to scan. Right now, I’m thinking printing individual pages and using pocket pages in between for that stuff. Would love to hear some more thoughts about that!

  76. #97

    Trudie, you can always have pages printed, and use envelope pages from the system. This is why Im not sure if Ill do photo books. I may do them so the kids can take some with them when they grow up, but still do a 12 x 12 album, with envelope pages for extras!

  77. #98
    Melissa Klein Coffey

    Alright this is an older post, but I’m doing some internet digging on the PL stuff. I need to know…if you were talking to a person who had never, ever, ever done digital scrapbooking, where would you point them to learn the nuts and bolts. I am talking like the WHOLE digi thing is GREEK to me (In case you were curious, no I don’t speak Greek…GEEK, yes, Greek? Not so much.) I am a true minimalist (Okay, I have 7 kids, shut up.) and I love the idea of scrapping (hahaha…that’s funny) my HOARD of supplies that are shoved in a closet. I WANT to tell stories and I WANT to capture memories, I just don’t want to be a heavy lifter (them storage boxes are like…wow…heavy…I have a LOT of stuff) every time I want to scrap. I have NO clue where to start. Like at all. Best resource for the absolute beginner? (Okay, picture the movie Where the Heart Is. How she was reading a photography book, had to look the words up in the dictionary and then had to look THOSE words up in the children’s dictionary….that’s me and digital scrapbooking.) Help!

  78. #99

    Hey Melissa, I think I would try taking a class with Jessica Sprague or Renee Pearson. Jessica has a series called Up and Running with Photoshop on her site and she is a very very good instructor. Then, you could take her digital Project Life class as well. Dont freak out over what you havent done, or think you have to document everything in your life. Digital project life is VERY do-able. And its actually fun. : )

    Check out Jessica today! Worth the money spent, for sure!

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