Project Life, Week Twenty-One

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OBSERVATONS: I love it when there's a week with one even that can essentially fill up your album with photos. We headed up to our family's place over Memorial Day weekend, and I took a ton of shots, as usual. I decided to just make one big photo collage for the right hand page. 

Last week also saw the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. I used a simple card in a 4 x 6 slot to remember this horrible event. (You can download the free card set here.)

Here are my pages for Week 21:


I've started adding a slightly offwhite color to the background of some of my cards that are meant to be white, just to add a bit of differentiation from the pure white backgrounds. (The RGB value is 247/246/246, for anyone who is wondering.) It adds just a bit of color into the white.


I also used a multi-square grid page (part of this template set) to display a series of Instgrams I shot over the weekend. Again, I love that I can mix up the pages and not worry about using the same design for the start of the following week, as I would have to do with actual page protectors. Note: I made the multi image "better at the lake" image using Diptic.


I'll be sending an order over to Persnickety Prints next week, printing out the last three weeks worth of my Project Life pages.

I'm still really enjoying the digital process, but I'm also missing the cut and paste aspect of how I've been doing Project Life all along.

Right now, digital is fitting. We'll have to see how it all shakes out. Now if you'll excuse me, I seem to have caught what Aidan had last week, and a bed and some aspirin are calling…

And that's all I wrote for Week Twenty-One.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-One

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    Kary in Colorado

    Have you noticed that Coleman has suddenly lost that kid look and now has a definite Young Man look? I remember when that happened with each of my four and it was always something of a shock, and I usually noticed it in a photograph. Great pages as usual, and I hope you are feeling better!

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    I have the PL “schtuff”, I also know how to do digital. My big problem is getting started. I agonize over the perfect photo, the just right layout, the fonts…so nothing gets done. This is one area of my life that I want to work on.

    Can you give me a push?

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    Not sure if this has been asked a million times. How do you decide when to use drop shadow? I keep going back and forth and can’t decide between a very thin border or a subtle drop shadow (only on journaling cards that are white without border).

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    wonderful as always…and I too was struck at the change in Cole. SO grown up! The “cousin time” photo especially. Feel better Cathy! 🙂

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    Love the you are all digital at the moment. Can I just ask what size font you use to write your stories in This week? Thanks

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