The change is upon me

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Spring arrived last week and things are finally starting to come alive again in St. Paul.

I am not complaining. I am a fan of chilly nights, soul-warming soups and big, puffy slippers.

I actually live in dread of the heat.

Maybe it's not so much of a dread. Weather is part of life. Temperatures rise, temperatures fall. I understand this.

But my own internal thermostat is so wacked out these days that I do not look to the forthcoming hazy days of summer with glee and anticipation.

Instead, I'm desperately trying to figure out how to replace the crank out windows in my sauna office so I can purchase a small window unit this year to provide a bit of respite from the notoriously nasty days of Minnesota summer. 

My office gets hot first. Southern exposed windows. Zero cross breezes. Computer equipment buzzing. Sure, it's great in the winter. It probably even saves on our heating bill overall. But even on a glorious spring day, 75 outside can quickly mean 85 inside. 85 leads to 90 and 90 leads to a fussy, sweaty designer in perimenopause.

True, we have central air, but in a house built in 1918, let's just say the circulation to the upper floor is less than optimal. It doesn't work at all in the office.

But maybe it's not just the change of life that is to blame.

Maybe it's the dyed-in-the-wool Washingtonian in me. I was bred for the damp and the cool. I was designed for that Pacific Northwest climate. I was supposed to love smoked salmon, Starbucks and Nirvana, things that undeniably go better with 55 or fewer degrees.


When I started this blog, originally in 2005, I never envisioned that one day I'd be trying to figure out what to write about that didn't involve weather, hot flashes, therapy and weight loss.

I remember just writing about aliens and Johnny Depp or whatever else tickled my fancy.

When no one reads you, there's definitely a sense of freedom.

It's different now. I have readers. I have sponsors. I need to keep the content a comin'.

Maybe it's that change of season, change of life thing at work. When things are physically in flux, adjustments are needed. Figuring out the best response takes thought and energy.

I just wanted to let you know that if I'm not posting a ton right now, save for my Project Life stuff, it's not for lack of trying.

It's for lack of knowing what it is that I really want to say.

Sometimes, working on getting your ducks in a row doesn't always translate to the best blogging.

Or, maybe it translates to the best blogging ever.

I'll keep you posted on what I find out.



Cathy ZielskeThe change is upon me

27 Comments on “The change is upon me”

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    Heather D

    Write for yourself Cathy! We’re just along for the ride. I’m game for a Johnny Depp post. Did you see that he’s going to be playing Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie? Crazy.

    But seriously, this blog has always been about whatever silly thing strikes your fancy, and keeping it real. Keep on doing that, and you’ll be awesome.

    Wait! You already are awesome.

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    Cindy Howard

    Hi Cathy. Hot flashes suck! And enduring them without a well air conditioned room to work in would be impossible, for me, anyway. If your windows won’t accommodate a window air conditioner, there are portable ones that just sit on the floor. They do have to be vented, though, so something will still need to go out the window. I’ve seen them on QVC or HSN. But I’m sure they are also available at the big box stores.

    Good luck.

    And as far as your writing, I agree with the previous poster. Just write what you want to write about. Including Johnny Depp!

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    Sandra Fletcher

    Your video refresher for the “love this story” page was so helpful. Never had hot flashes, too old to appreciate Nirvana, but stuff about Johhny Depp is always welcome. Stay cool, temperature wise–you’re way cool everyotherwise.

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    Peggy M

    I’m familiar with this AC issue. My DH sleeps days upstairs in our 70+ year old house where the air doesn’t go up so my office is about 62 while upstairs it’s still 85. We finally did a window unit so I can work in 72 temps downstairs – or turn it off. My internal thermostat finally is no longer whacked out. So hang in there! it does get better. Eventually…

    and yes, write whatever pleases your fancy.

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    It’s all the crazy whacked out stuff you write about – including hot flashes, Johnny Depp, the kids, scrapbooking, weight loss, weather, favorite products (eCloths ROCK!) etc. – that keep me coming back. I don’t care what you write about. Just continue with your delightfully irreverent style and I’ll keep coming back!

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    This has been the craziest year of my life, thanks to THE CHANGE. I actually thought I was doing well, with very few physical symptoms, thanks to a paleo diet, which I really believe helps to align the hormones. But I do admit that I am usually hotter than the rest of the fam, which makes for interesting negotiations on the temperature of the house. The worst part is the emotional side, I have been so wacky that I’m driving myself crazy, not to mention my husband and kids. Good grief, I hope this passes soon.

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    I HATE hot flashes. I deal with them better during the day though. At the school where I work, my office is really hot (old building-a/c system that can’t be fixed). So, I have a fan propped up right next to me that helps. What I have a harder time with is the night time hot flashes. I am just miserable. Nothing natural has worked for me and even the prescription medicine is only somewhat effective. Whine, whine, whine. I feel better now!

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    Hi Cathy,
    If you already have central air, try a Vornado fan–we use a couple to move the air around when needed. We have a medium size black one and a smaller tan one. Portable, not crazy noisy, and a strong motor that moves air. The black one has a button that you can step on to get it started–or stopped–you know, in case you don’t want to bend over to do it. Our house is about have your home’s age but the AC was a retrofit so not perfect.

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    Tasia M

    Question: Do you ever get hot flashes that are CAUSED by Johnny Depp? Because I get those too, and it’s totally normal.

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    I must be one of those rare birds – my menopause has me living the cold chills, so cold I physically shake. I am looking forward to the warmer weather to warm up. Come Cathy, sit beside me and we will balance this change.

    Always enjoy your blogging.

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    You’re not the only one having a bit of blog-pause. I don’t have sponsors, and heaven knows I have only a teeny weeny percentage of the followers you have, but I’m still feeling a little gun-shy when it comes to posting on my blog. Could it be that after 8 years of blogging, maybe I (we?) care a little more what people think of the inner workings of my brain? Of course, if they’re still reading after the stuff I’ve already posted, it’s a sure fact they’ll read just about anything. That said, I do think blogland is undergoing a change, and it’s not just us.

  12. #17

    I think it comes and goes, just like any other creative inspiration, and it becomes tedious if you start feeling like you MUST do it.

    I’m a fairly new reader, but I do love that you post about personal things and not just post after post of layouts. It makes it more interesting, IMO.

    Good luck finding your path!

  13. #18

    I’ll join you in the “I was made for 55” category. I love the activity and long days and cooking outside part of summer. I HATE the temperatures. Anything over 75 and I start sweating. Blech!

    Post whatever the hell you want. That’s why we love you. Please, don’t feel the need to always be “on” or performing. Just a slice of life is fun. As for Johnny Depp – bring it sister. We’ll all get het up together. : )

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    Muerinda Herrera

    Cathy, I adore your everyday blog posts instead of other blogs which have come to be about “my new product and it’s taken over my blog post every day for the past two years”. I don’t read a ton of blogs but I visit yours a few times a week. Please don’t change and share about the weather, recipes and anything else your heart to fingers desire. Love you!!!!

  15. #22

    Cathy, I love everything and anything you write about! You always keep it real and interesting, NEVER boring. Your blog is the only one that makes me cry or laugh or laugh until I cry actually which happens more often. Actually Stephanie Howell can do that to, I cry like a big baby reading her blog, those sweet girls will get you every time!
    Blog whatever makes you happy and whenever it’s good for you, we will always be here and LOVING IT!!

    Sorry for the hot flashes, I’m sure mine will be kicking in anytime now. Good luck with the new window purchase!
    p.s. I don’t use spellchecks or grammer when commenting, please excuse any mistakes here. I only have an allotted time on the computer and type as fast as I can without looking/thinking.

  16. #23

    Now that’s funny….

    You know the saying, dance like no-one is watching?

    Write like no-one is reading!

    Cos the stuff you wrote, the un-contrived, not-over-thought stuff? That’s what got us here in the first place. And we like hearing about Johnny Depp. And Starbucks. And the heat. Or not as the case may be (heat I mean).

    Don’t worry, just go for it…….

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    I heart whatever you write, and I am so with you on the only being able to listen to Nirvana in temperatures averaging 55 degrees…I was wondering why I didn’t enjoy Nirvana as much in the summer months πŸ˜‰

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    Kirsten J

    Silly girl. Don’t get all up in your head. You could always throw out that “ask me a question” post. Didn’t Megan Duerksen say “if we were having coffee…what would you ask me?” And 175 questions and topics ensued. Here’s one: my husband loves the AZ heat. 100 degrees is not too hot for him. Our daughter had a softball tournament in Sacrameno last summer and it was over 100 almost every day. And I just about died I was so miserable. We live in Seattle and I’m fine with the weather, feel much the same as you. But. He really wants to move south in our 10 year plan, as soon as the youngest is out of school. The thought petrifies me, but he says we’d keep a small place up here. ugh. I feel for you in those Minnesota summers. Do you and Dan have a 10 year plan to get outta Dodge? Where would you go?

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    This is why I love to read your blog. Because you’re honest. Because you share real life. You make me think about my own life, and my business, and my scrapbooking. So thanks! I’m eager to hear (or experience) what you find out!

  20. #27

    Ah, yes… summer in the Midwest! Similar here in Dubuque, IA (minus the menopausal hotflashes) where we live in a house built in 1896. Realtor details DO INCLUDE central air, but we (sadly) found ourselves running not one, but TWO central air conditioners in the upstairs because… well, hot air rises and we have mostly ceilings (with little-to-no-insulation) in our 1/2 story house and it gets SO DARNED HOT it isn’t funny. (Not to mention the one bathroom is upstairs so, whenever we shower – it really DOES feel like a sauna.) I hear ya sister!

    Hoping you figure out a way to cool it down in your office to keep yourself and your Mac happy. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to be enlightened (more) by your upcoming posts. You’ve never ceased to amaze me!!! πŸ™‚

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