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It’s official: school is out and summer is at hand.

Granted, we’ve had freakishly cool, gray, Seattle-like weather here in the Upper Midwest so it doesn’t really feel like summer. You will get zero complaints from this Pacific Northwestern bred, perimenopausal girl. I say temps in the sixties are sexy.

This marks the first summer that Coleman has off in full. Both kids attended year-round school programs from Pre-K to 6th Grade, and this is a summer I’ve been anticipating for a few years now.

I don’t have to wake anyone up today.

Okay, that’s not completely true. Aidan starts her summer nanny job today (her second year with the same family), and she will have to arrive there at 8:30 a.m. sharp. No worries. Her job site? Right next door. How’s that for ease of commute?

Cole, on any given day, will likely sleep until Noon, which means my work mornings will not seem all that different from those during the school year. I am worried, however, that the wake up time will creep and that soon enough, my son will be living like a Lost Boy, rising only at dusk. As long as he doesn’t start to feast on human blood, I figure it’s all part of being a male teen, right? Right.

That said, I designed a simple 3 x 4 card to celebrate the end of school. In the package, you’ll find a layered PSD (so you can change out all of the colors), a PNG (to print as is, and these colors match the Seafoam Edition of Project Life), or a printable PDF.


Download CZ_SchoolsOut

Here’s to summer!


Speaking of summer…

The Phone Photography Project kicks off in about three weeks at Big Picture Classes. Register for the introductory price of $39 until June 12th, when the price goes up to $49. This class offers 32 days of photo challenges, inspiration and app reviews. I contributed a fun digital template designed to take six of your favorite phone photos and feature them in a framed project. Click on the image below for more information and to register.


Cathy ZielskeFree School’s Out Card Download for Project Life

20 Comments on “Free School’s Out Card Download for Project Life”

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    This freebie is so COOL!! Thanks so much, love it and the colors! I am excited to be back with the regular PL size and can now use all your amazing goodies you make. Thanks for always keeping it fresh and exciting for us. Have you decided what you will do with your kit now that you are digital?

    I remember Aidan having that job last summer because my daughter started her babysitting job too. They have asked her to come back again this summer too, yay!!
    As for the sleeping in part, I’m waking my kids up at 7:00 3x a week to hit the track with me. Got to get there early before the sun comes out and gets it hot. Although today it’s cool and rained overnight. Will let them sleep in a bit but will make it to the track early still. We will be making smoothies for breakfast this summer too and hope it continues when school starts. For the first time in 4 years they will leave together and come together due to the school changing the times. So happy about this.
    HAPPY SUMMER CATHY, enjoy having your son home for the first time.

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    Thanks for the cute card – planning to use on my grandson’s school pg/album.

    Question?? Have been sitting on the fence about phone photography class. I use my iPhone a lot for photos but don’t any editing on phone – I just can’t see the details well enough. And I don’t use any social media nor plan to, so what would someone like me get out of the phone class (besides a cool cz template!)? Planning to take Ali’s Story class, which I know will be intensive.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    I’m anti sleeping in, but VERY pro Lost Boys so sleep Cole sleep! Thanks for the freebie & a flood of sweet vampire memories!

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    I have a son close in age to yours, and I fear the same thing. My only hope is soccer conditioning, which he has to attend if he wants to make the high school team. 9-11 every day. I forsee a great struggle in my near future.
    Thanks for the card. Love it!

  5. #11
    Amy Wathen

    Awesome Cathy! i can always count on you for these fun little freebies for my holidays. Thanks.

  6. #16
    Liz, Melb, Australia

    Thanks for the freebie Cathy. I reckon it will be used often. I still remember screaming that song out loud when I finished school FOREVER! Love it.

  7. #17

    Such a cute little journalling card! Love the colours! And I wouldn’t stress over Cole sleeping late… I did as a teen and all through uni, and I’m still ok getting up in time to start work at 8.30am each day now. I still sleep that late on some weekends 🙂

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