Hybrid Scrapbook Layout: Father's Day 2013

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Two things happened last week (okay, that's not a literal statement, of course… more than two things happened, but…). I had an idea for a digital product and that turned into a totally different idea for a layout.

The final page? It looks like this:


JOURNALING READS: SAY CHEESE, ZIELSKES! I probably could have made them hold still for just a few more shots, you know, to get that perfect shot. But these two kind of sum of the way things roll these days. Aidan is perenially cool and collected. Cole will do something decidedly less cool and collected, thereby eliciting more than a few disapproving looks from his loving sister. And Dan, well, he’s just keeping the peace, loving his children equally. I am so grateful that these two get him for a father. That isn’t just idle talk. That isn’t just saying something because you’re supposed to say it. He is an amazing man and father. I am so glad I procreated with Dan Zielske. So very glad indeed. JUNE 2013

The page began with me wanting to do something with my new J-Card Icons series of stamps & brushes. Yes, these would work in any Project Life album (I used one last week in mine), but I wanted to play with them as simple embellishments.

First, I found some photos I wanted to scrapbook. Then I grabbed three icon cards and brought them into a Photoshop document, selected them all together and sized them down. I built the rest of the layout around the three cards. I chose the colors by just using the Eye Dropper tool and sampling colors from the photos. The digital file looked like this:


I'll often design a digital page with a digital white cardstock in the background to see what it will look like printed on my much beloved Bazzill OP White cardstock. This paper in the background is new from Katie Pertiet, who created a whole new set of awesome whites.

Once the design is complete, I start turning off layers to print the photos and elements. I printed the photos first onto photo paper. Next, I printed the printable elements onto cardstock. My file looked like this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 3.46.49 PM

I usually make a few copies of anything I'm trimming, just in case I screw up with either the paper trimmer or the X-acto blade. 

Then everything is ready to assemble.

My finishing touch was to mount my little icon cards onto some pop dots. Just the right amount of depth for my taste.


The end result is a page I really love. Maybe it's all the digital I've been doing lately, but I feel very inspired to make hybrid pages right now. 

Keep in mind: all those digital card files that you might have in your stashes? They can be put to work as embellishments on any digital, traditional or hybrid page you can dream up. Just size them down and print them out, and play.


Cathy ZielskeHybrid Scrapbook Layout: Father's Day 2013

14 Comments on “Hybrid Scrapbook Layout: Father's Day 2013”

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    Cathy, I LOVE LOVE this layout!! These pictures are far better then a perfectly smiled posted one would be, these show real life and more fun!! What you wrote is sweet and filled with love and sounds like my hubby. He is the peacemaker and hates when the kids bicker or bother one another. I am LUCKY everyday for this man who is a great father and wonderful husband. So glad you found one who is amazing too.

    How fun you had with this layout, love seeing how your mind is constantly thinking of new things to create. Keep them coming!

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    My comment is short and sweet. I have that shirt that Cole is wearing. I wear it probably once a week during the summer. If that comment causes him to never want to wear his again, please don’t tell him.

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    Aw man. Simplicity reigns supreme! I love it. The icon cards are so versatile and, well, really cute! I hear ya about teenage boys and pics. Mine has a perpetually “doofus” face that he pulls out every time. Then picks on his brother, so I have a pic of one slapping the other. And their dad is really handsome, but you have to get the right shot in a pic. Ugh. I love how you used what they gave you. It is life.

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    Cathy, I loved the products. And really appreciate seeing a fun layout with just 2 pictures. Great page.

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    Texas Susan

    Love these natural photos! The other day I was trying to take a good photo of my two sons getting into my older son’s car before they went to work together for a blog post. I was going to write, “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work they go.” They both turned to stare at me—my older son looked grumpy, while my younger son looked sleepy. Just like two of the dwarfs! So I snapped . . . and it went perfectly with the seven dwarfs’ signature song!

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