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Just a few new products this weekend at Designer Digitals. First up, Text Ribbons No. 01. This set of 8 PNG files would work great over any photo for digital or hybrid projects.

You can drop them in and just change the color of the PNG (the text shows through to the photo).


Or you can drop in backgrounds behind the text to create areas that pop.


(My cutie, super fashion-hip neice, Erin. Hi Erin!)


Next are my new Text Talk No. 01 Brushes & Stamps. I was in the mood for some simple talk bubbles with a simple, sleek, bold sans serif font, so I made this set. You could layer them into any design, or even just create your own 3 x 4 cards with them. Something like this:


You simply create a 3 x 4 blank canvas in Photoshop, 300 resolution, open a PNG, copy and paste it into your new doc, size it down, then change the color or clip a paper into the PNG shape (which essentially becomes a layer mask) In this way, one set of PNG stamps can be customized so many ways. You can then add in a text box for journaling, or print it out and handwrite onto the card. 

You can build your own collection of customized card to use again and again.

Have a great weekend. These products are on sale this weekend.


Cathy ZielskeNew product releases

4 Comments on “New product releases”

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    you done it again, excellent work! Your nice is so cute, love her smile. Great tips, thank you! Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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    jen s

    LOVE! I bought both and another set of brushes yesterday – can’t wait to do my PL work tonight when I get home from work!

    thanks so much CZ!!

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