Project Life, Week Twenty-Five

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OBSERVATIONS: This week's pages happened with some help from Cole and Aidan, who supplied me with a handful of great photos taken on their respective phones. Dan drove Aidan to Chicago to drop her off at an event, Cole tagged along, and turned it into a little road trip. I relied on them for some shots and stories to fill the album this week.


This week also saw the addition of a drum kit to the Zielske household. This week also saw me Googling 'noise cancelling headphones.' Oh, I jest. Well, actually, I did Google them. Let's just say this: Dave Grohl had to start somewhere, right? I kind of love hearing those drums blasting from the basement.


I loved seeing Cole's photos from the road trip. Very cool to see how he frames the world.


One thing I love about my Mini Minimals templates is that they are perfect to hold multiple phone photos. Even those that might be a bit blurry look great at smaller sizes.

In addition to the storms that tore through the Twin Cities last week, my little family had their own minor incident, arriving a day too early to the conference. I told a very distraught Aidan, "This will be one of those stories you look back on say say, 'Remember that time we arrived a day too soon for that conference?' and laugh." 


Rolling with things is just what you have to do, right? The report from Chicago is that she is having a totally awesome time, living in the dorms and experiencing life as a future medical school student. (For those who are wondering what she's doing, it's this. Hard to fathom how two liberal arts majors produced a math and science loving girl, but we did, and we are so proud of her.)


And yes, my cholesterol is elevated. If that doesn't 'scream middle aged Project Lifer,' I don't know what does! 


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Five

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    I know what you mean – DRUMS ! My 14 yr old just passed his grade 1 drum exam so we invested in a set, as we don’t have a dedicated space ( a suitable distance from the house – ha ha ) we opted for an electronic set, we bought some that have the same set up as a standard drum kit and they also have the benefit of being able to plug in the ipod so he can play to music he knows and a set of headphones so that all you hear is the soft thud of the sticks on padded rubber, win win in my book. Good Luck Cathy x

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    Gotta ask – the lion looks like the one outside the Chicago Art Museum; what is on its head? Or maybe I should ask “what programme is the lion assisting in promoting”? πŸ™‚

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    Love these pages, but still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that the little toddler I remember seeing documented in Simple Scrapbooks is now attending medical conferences at my old college. Whoa. Time flies. πŸ™‚

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    Oh Cathy, you delight me! Your project life layouts are seriously the highlight of my Thursday morning.

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    Awesome spread! Go Aidan going to medical conferences! That stuff would be way over my head, and I lived with a med student for 4 years! I love the photo Cole took of Dan and Aidan with his reflection in the background, too πŸ™‚

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    In Chicago. When the Blackhawks win the cup. Whew! Great photos. As a fellow mom of a percussionist, I will say I totally dig when the drums are being played in the basement. Congrats to Cole!

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    I love how your husband will take pictures with you. Mine gives me a look like I am out of my mind and then goes stiff as a board. I keep telling him to quit posing like American Gothic.

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