Project Life, Week Twenty-Four

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OBSERVATIONS: For those of us who've been doing Project Life for any length of time, something will invariably happen in certain weeks and that something is: you like one side of the spread better than the other. Am I the only one this happens to?

This week is a prime example. I like the right side better than the left side. And I have reasons. Oh yes, I surely do. Let's take a look:


I'll admit, there is nothing overtly wrong with the left page, but it's a color harmony thing. I love the shot of the flowers from my mother-in-law's garden, but that, and the awesome shot of Cole and his new bear head hat are clashing. And yes, it bugs me. I realize that I could have make them black and white (okay, maybe not the flower photo), and that could have helped, but sometimes the color is part of what makes the shot. Still, I just didn't love it.


But this page? This page I love. Part of it is color harmony and repetition. Part of it is the mix of photos. Detail shots, wide shots, people shots. (And no, I don't have permission to run the hilariously over the top retouched photo of my neighbor, Tim. I hope he forgives me but it made me laugh so hard while I was editing it.)

(The Happy Place card is part of a new 3 x 4 icon based stamp & brush set series coming this weekend to Designer Digitals.)

I love the randomness of Project Life, but I also love design unity and themes. Some weeks I feel I have it, and others, not so much. Just an observation.


I'm sorry. I cannot not laugh at this shot. I erased every line on that man's face and gave this to him as bonus shot. Side note: I used RadLab's ProRetouch, which I would imagine, in the right hands, is freaking amazing. It can be used to make some really lovely subtle enhancements. Do not let my example be your guide. For the love of Photoshop.


This photo also makes me happy. Simple digital elements combined with a white line and some text. And the hole in Cole's sock. Love that.


And that is all I wrote for Week Twenty Four.

Okay Project Lifers, do you ever prefer one side to the other? If so, you can admit it to me. 


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Four

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    Hi Cathy! I have felt this way before on my pages plenty of times. Having them all look perfect and pretty in the pockets but not all weeks can go as planned so I try to just move along and turn the page.
    I love the whole week again, really loving the variety in pictures and stories you share. LOVE LOVE that even your kids have holes in their socks. My daughter won’t let me throw away this one pair with a hole, they are her favorite colors, lol. I didn’t think to record that but thanks to you I will.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

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    Debby Hughes

    Been lurking for years Cathy but so totally sympathise with Aidan that had to pop by and recommend that she gets one of the awesome new screen covers for her new phone. I got my upgrade this week and first thing I did was get a cover on it. The guy at the shop took his phone out of his pocket and smashed the screen against a metal hook. Screen cover scuffed up, screen fine! I bought that one. I’m totally with you geeking out on all the Apple stuff – keep it up. Oh and love Cole’s photo πŸ™‚

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    Margy Eastman

    I feel your pain. I don’t always love my PL pages, but no one’s gonna see them. That’s the deal I made with little Jack. If he lets me take photos of him for Project Life, they’ll never see the light of day. Your neighbor looks like he stepped out of a Pixar movie! That is funny.

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    I do prefer the right side but only because I’ve been taught well by the design expert – YOU!

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    The side you like less is still way more coordinated and put-together than most people’s pages!! I don’t even think you will notice when you look back in the years to come. I’m not always happy with the color harmony or the design across my spread, but in the end the memories are the most important thing. I especially feel that way after listening to the latest paperclipping roundtable about losing your memory here:

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    It happens to me often – loving one side over the other. But your pages look good together. Can I ask what is your flooring in the ‘relax’ photo? Did you get it at a local or national store? I’m looking for laminate flooring and yours is gorgeous.

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    Yes. I often prefer one side more but then I often prefer one day to another. It’s fine with me but then I’m not being paid for design.

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    The retouched photo…..
    My friend was dead-set to get grad photos of her daughter taken at the local “photography legend” over-priced shooter of head shots in her area. She gushed about how amazing the photos are and sold her other kid’s soul to the devil to pay for the photography shoot and two prints. She then gushed to me about how AMAZING the photo turned out and how the photographer makes all her subjects BEAUTIFUL. The photo pretty much looked exactly like above. I shake my head in wonder sometimes…

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    Im all for removing a zit or two on a teen, but that super smoothing? Its not real at all. But you gotta admit: funny stuff.

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    giraffemom :)

    Just a thought……I’d like your unloved page a bit more by switching the two photos on the bottom with each other. Having them both face “out” of the page feels weird to me. Maybe that will help?

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    Totally love your right side πŸ™‚ I will have to do some shopping this weekend. Are you loving Illustrator? I so want to have a go at it after you posted what you did taking that online class… So I was wondering how you feel about it now. πŸ™‚

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    I did the same thing with ProRetouch when I got it! We had just done photos of the entire extended family and I went nuts retouching photos of my older brother and his wife. Hey, you only know where the line is after you cross it, right?

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    What an awesome spread for the week! I love love love the house on the happy place journalling card… Did you download that from somewhere? I’ve only found the default quick shape in photoshop for a house, which I use a lot since I’m building a place, but I love that one more!

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    I feel SO much better about it now, but I have to tell you: there were some key things that I didnt even know. Basic things. VERY basic. And once I realized them, I was all, DOH!

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