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America's birthday has come and gone (I feel terrible, because I didn't get her anything!) and now we are left with memories, mosquito bites and a slew of iPhone photos. What to do? Scrapbook them, of course.

We have a neighborhood party tradition, hosted by our friends the Smiths, and it makes for a fun, safe (no driving to get there, just a stumble down the street!) and memorable Fourth every year. Even on holidays when we go up to our family's lake house, we still manage to be here on the Fourth for this party.

Maybe I'm being sentimental lately, but it's suddenly so clear to me how life is speeding by. My kids used to be the little kids at the party. Now they've been replaced with a whole new crew of youngin's. My boy used to be the one in the wagon. Now he's the one pulling it. Yes, that noise you hear is the clock ticking.

Here's the page:


I don't usually scrapbook major holidays. I've done a few over the years, certainly, but I usually tend not to. It seems like lately, this sentimental streak is making me want to document things more and more. 

This page was perfect to do digitally. I just popped in papers and photos and I'll include it in my next order at Persnickety Prints. It would make a really easy hybrid project too. You could add everything digitally, then break it apart, printing some on cardstock (titles, journaling) and the rest on photo paper. We went in-depth for this process in my Clean&Simple workshop. I hope to cover more of the digital to hybrid process here on my blog this summer.

NEW TO DIGITAL? I have a free template + a video tutorial that will walk you through the basics of creating a digital scrapbook page. Click here for the video and links to the free template. 

Hope you had a memorable holiday weekend!


Cathy ZielskeDigital Layout: Red, White & True

6 Comments on “Digital Layout: Red, White & True”

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    I love this, 4th of July is my second favorite holiday. What a nice tradition for your family and neighbors, would love if we did that each year. Great pictures and design!

    This holiday made me feel like it was passing by fast too, just like you said my kids are the big kids now. There was a new park put in the year my oldest was born and this year she was home and got to go. Now 24 years later, we talked about all the past times of being there and all the changes in the park. Now my kids are going up to the pool on their own, my hubby and I don’t have to monitor them and bring our swimsuits, thank goodness. I love having these memories and it NEVER gets old, growing older has made me appreciate each year we can all be together at this awesome park.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Jone Hallmark

    hi…… I was just looking at your book, “clean & simple scrapbooking” from years ago and started thinking about being in the twin cities with you – going to Paper Source… wondering how the heck you are?!!?!
    So, I googled you and ta da! HERE YOU ARE!
    …. and how old are the kids now? I am truly afraid to ask. My Grayson just graduated from high school and that is a tough one to believe! But, life goes on and they keep growing up (and we don’t) Just was missing you, thinking about you, hoping life is still incredibly great for you.
    BIG hugs, dear Cathy!

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    Oh my God, Jone! I was thinking about you the last time I was in Uptown, because we went and had mexican food and I was sneak smoking like a fiend! Remember that? Side note: I quit, finally, 7 years ago. Oh man! Im going to email you now!

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