Digital Scrapbook Page: For the Love of the Game

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I love the look of screened back image areas + text. While it has been a bit overdone in the print design world, it’s still a fun technique to play with, especially in digital scrapbooking. So I essentially lifted this design and started to build a page to see if I could make it work.

There is so much design inspiration in any magazine you can page through—from National Geographic to Sports Illustrated to Real Simple—there are so many creative and inspiring page layouts that scrapbookers can adapt to their craft.

I found some recent baseball shots to drop in, and figured I’d just write about the season thus far but instead, I recalled a recent conversation I’d had with Cole about his feelings for baseball in general. The journaling turned into something a bit more meaningful and bittersweet than I’d expected.

I’m not trying to be sentimental for the sake of it. Every phase of life is turning out to be an entirely new landscape that seems to require quick, on-your-feet thinking in order to survive and possibly thrive. That clock is ticking, but it’s a whole different clock now. Like realizing your teen ager is connecting to real life and that his future as a pro ball player may be part of a childhood he’s steadily moving away from. As I said, it’s bittersweet.

Here’s the layout.


JOURNALING READS: We weren’t 100 percent sure he was into the game this year. The reason we weren’t? He more or less said, “I’m not loving it this year.” Part of his rational was making the connection that it was possible he wasn’t going to have a career as a major league ball player. I realize this sounds a bit defeatist. I mean, how can you know at 13 that one career option is completely off the table? Maybe it’s a sign of a loss of innocence; that total invincibility and limitless thinking of childhood begins to make a notable shift at some point. Who among us can’t relate to thinking, “Hmmm… maybe I’m not destined to be a [blank]?” And yet, he’s made some real changes to his game. He’s bigger, stronger and playing both first base and catcher with skill and of course, style. That, and he’s finding a groove here in late June, enjoying the games again and having some fun. Don’t give up on dreams just yet, Cole. You never know what the future holds. None of us do. Just enjoy the ride as you go. 

Enjoy the ride, Coley. Indeed.

To learn about working with transparency and text boxes, watch this video.

To puchase this template, click here.



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Cathy ZielskeDigital Scrapbook Page: For the Love of the Game

14 Comments on “Digital Scrapbook Page: For the Love of the Game”

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    Helena C

    so that’s a fun technique for week one of a Clean and Simple continuation workshop for later in the year – big hint, pleading look !!!

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    I love the look of this page! But I really love the feeling of your journaling. I’m glad that Cole is enjoying the game again and that he shared his feelings with you.

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    Thanks for the video. I learn a ton through your videos. Love this layout. I have a son who was a pitcher through college and his dream ended when he just didn’t come back after Tommy John surgery. I absolutely agree that the end of a little boys baseball dream brings about very bittersweet feelings. It all ended for him four years ago – he has moved to Seattle to work for Boeing and will marry a sweetheart of a girl this Labor Day. I STILL feel he is both grateful and broken hearted when it comes to baseball. (I hope he has a little guy one day and that kid is a baseball nut.) I am going to do a layout just like this with a few of his photos. You are the best, Cathy.

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    I learn so much from you Cathy! I’ve had PS for a long time but I only used it for photos. Now, thanks to diligent tutorials from you I have discovered so much more! I’ve been loving the transparency look!

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    I’m personally into words lately. Love the feelings here. Of course the crafting is beautiful too, but can’t match the feelings expressed.

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    My son has seen many a minor league player not make it to “the show.” [One favourite player is currently playing for your St. Paul Saints, in fact.] One of his coaches my son saw play seven years ago in a minor league game. I think because my son’s seen so many not “make it” he knows intellectually that the odds aren’t in his favour but he has this hope that even if playing baseball is off the table, that maybe doing something related to baseball might be on the table.

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    I love that you are encouraging him to hold on to his dreams, even in the face of the possibility that they aren’t realistic. I have very practical parents, and I think unrealistic dreams were always kind of squashed for their impracticality. I believe, as a result, I don’t dream big dreams. At 43, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life or how to find/follow my bliss. I have a 6 y.o. who wants to be an Egyptologist, and I hope no one (least of all me) ever makes her feel that it is a silly or unrealistic dream. I guess I better find someone who can teach her Arabic, since she wants to learn! Good for you for enabling your kids dreams!

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    Thank you for using a free font. Your title work adds to the look/feel of the lay out. Very considerate of you!!

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    I love the layout and the story Cathy!! My son has always played basketball, just for the fun of it not thinking of going pro. This year he is already asking me not to sign him up. I always dreamed he’d be playing all thru 12th grade. Not sure yet what to do but never thought we’d be having this discussion.
    I’m glad Cole is getting back into the game and enjoying it. You are awesome to encourage him never to give up his dreams. He does look right at home when he’s on the field, even in those younger days.

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