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Here are a few new things you'll find this weekend on sale at Designer Digitals.


I thought these cards would be a fun addition to my Project Life album. You can use them for both 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 pockets. Here I dropped in some photos and printed this file on a piece of 4 x 6 photos paper with the crop marks option selected. 


They have a thick outline that you can color, or clip papers into, as I did on the right hand circle.


This template is designed to let your share specific facts about your child at any age. You simply create the appropriate headline title (shoot for alliteration if you can), add one photo and the facts. A simple and easy way to document them right now.

This design harkens back to a page I love about Cole.

Feisty four

Really. Where does the time go? What would it be called if I did the page today? Thirteen and Temperamental? Hmmm. Not much has changed on that front.

Cathy ZielskeNew product releases

7 Comments on “New product releases”

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    Nicole H

    I just love those circles. And the two together look like peering through glasses or binoculars. I just have to get these!

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    Angie Martin Hall

    Cathy, I love your Four and Fiesty layout! Reminds me of my now 10-year-old Malcolm at that age.

    And enjoy your date vacay! Bill and I have got to do that before summer ends as well. Just found out, though, that our dollar theatre raised the price to 1.75! ‘sup with that?

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    Love that layout! Now that I’m brave enough to start making my own (other than Project Life), I’m re-reading your books, and scraplifted one of your layouts. Thanks for all the inspiration (and the courage to get started!)

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