Project Life, Week Twenty-Eight

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OBSERVATIONS: This is my first week of Project Life where I've fallen off the pace, but with good reason. I was no where near my beloved computer for 10 days and you know what? It was a much needed break!

Week 28 was all about getting everything in order so we could leave. Work stuff. Blog stuff. Child care stuff. (My inlaws and relatives helped us out so, so much and I am eternally grateful, even if the kids felt they could have toughed it out on their own.) I will tell you what also makes trips like this a bit easier on the Parental Worry Meter: video chatting over wifi. Seriously. Technology, I freaking love you. I really do.

When I would be waking up in Ljubjlana in the mornings, I'd ring up Mr. Late Night Teen on Facebook chat, and voila, there he'd be. It was wonderful to have that direct link to keep in touch with our kids. Onto the pages for Week 28.



I have decided not to do any lavish inserts for Week 28 or Week 29. Mostly because I want my Project Life to be a simple, week by week account of life. I'm presently designing an 8 x 10 photo book that I'm going to have printed at Blurb. I'm using InDesign and the Blurb InDesign plug in which makes quick work of the process. I'll share the results when I get the book back next week.


This week, the Phone Photography Project class was in session and I learned about a new app called Big Lens. I absolutely love it! It lets you manually add out of focuse, depth of field effects (among other things) and I think it's a really well designed app. I used it on the drum shot of Cole, the shot of Aidan on the deck, and the kids walking into school. I think it really enhances what your iPhone can shoot, allowing you to blur out some of the details you'd rather not have the focus on.


The foot photo was taken on one of the many bridges over the Ljubljanksi River where, as in Paris, people add locks to the rails of the bridge. I'm using this shot in my Blurb book. I couldn't resist adding a lock.


Here's the recap of the week:


Now onto tackling Project Life for the full week in Slovenia. Again, I'm not going to try and capture the whole experience. That's what my photo book will be for. I'm all about making the process simple.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Eight

12 Comments on “Project Life, Week Twenty-Eight”

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    Love the simple process and integration of your vacations in your project life. Can way´t to see the blurb book you are doing. I have a question to ask if you don´t mind to asnwer. I know that you use bazzill basic paper. I´m in europe, I buy at stapples. There is other kind of good paper to make hybrid scrapbook because at the moment I can´t find bazzill here, and it´s not a option for now buy on the net for me.Thanks in advance, have a great day 🙂

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    Looks like a great week! One of the things I love about travelling Europe was the padlock bridges… It’s such a sweet idea! I can’t wait to see how your blurb book turns out, I’m doing something similar for my Thailand trip in Feb… I used 2 full page photos, and then am making a photobook too 🙂

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    I love love these pages, perfect blend of your week!!

    Read your vacation post below and WOW, just so awesome the pictures are. What a beautiful place to be and lovely for a wedding. How nice to be just the two of you for 10 days, a much needed break for you both. So happy it was a good trip and no problems with anything.

    Can’t wait to see your book!!

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    Beautiful pages as always. One question. I just tried my first digital pages for PL. They appear so flat to me and looking at your page, I’m wondering what causes it to look like there is depth? ie. the Monday journaling card.


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    I know that bridge with the locks! My friend Dolores lives near there….. How cool that you got to go and see it in person, cos I’m still waiting for the opportunity/funds to go. Such an amazing country.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Big Lens app – I will be trying that one out for sure!

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    Abby P.

    I always look forward to your PL pages – so amazing. Thanks for sharing your vacation photos – your photography style is an inspiration. I quick PL/Persnickity Prints Question: I’m using your Life Basics No. 1 Templates (my printer has an issue *sigh*). I was wondering what instructions you give Persnickity to get your prints 12×12 with no hiccups. Any info would be most welcome! And, welcome home!

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    Hey Abby, sorry to hear youre having issues. You know, I just upload the files as JPEGs and have no problems. What printing service are you using?

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    Abby P.

    I won a GC to Persnickety Prints from Design Editor! YAY! So I just flatten the 12×12 image, save as JPEG and upload? Do I need to worry about words like full-bleed or anything? Thanks for responding so soon BTW!

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