Project Life, Week Twenty-Nine (a vacation recap)

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OBSERVATIONS: For my full seven days in Slovenia, I chose to simply highlight a handful of photos, add one insert, and call it done! I want my Project Life album to simply hit the random notes and not serve as a comprehensive document of everything we do. Keep it simple.

To document the entire trip photographically, I created two projects. One is an 8 x 10 book I designed and am having printed at The other is a 5.5 x 5.5 book I created at Artifact Uprising. I can't wait to get both books back and share the results here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 10.07.23 AM

COOLNESS: Are you familiar with Artifact Uprising? If not, by all means, poke around their gorgeous site today and look at what they have to offer. I ordered one of their Instagram-friendly books for a mere $12.99. (Note: I used a mix of Instagrams and DSLR shots in my album.) The site interface is seamless, easy-to-use, and I seriously cannot wait to see my book in person. I also love their core values, and the fact that they are 'inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.' Be still my print-loving heart. Yes, we all have digital tools and photos coming out of our wazoos, but putting them onto a printed page? I say 'yes!' to the tangible. I kind of heart this company. Plus, it's so clear that they love design.

Onto the pages for the week:



I decided to include one 6 x 12 insert, combining these journalers (with some modifications) with these 6 x 12 layered templates. This allowed me more room to journal about the experience, and toss in a few photos for good measure on the back side.



I will combine these two 6 x 12 files onto one 12 x 12 canvas, save that file as a JPEG and then have them printed along with my regular 12 x 12 pages. When I get them back, I'll simply cut them apart and place them into a 6 x 12 page protector.

And that is Week 29 in a nutshell.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Nine (a vacation recap)

10 Comments on “Project Life, Week Twenty-Nine (a vacation recap)”

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    I had to google Slovenia to see where it actually is. I’ve heard the name of the country (probably from the Olympics) but had no clue where it was. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing this with us. Your PL is always so inspiring.

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    Sara Mangan

    Your photos are awesome. I think I need to add it to my bucket list. It looks beautiful!
    Language wasn’t a big barrier for you guys? I have so many places in Europe I want to visit, the language barrier is what worries me the most.

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    I’m putting it on my list of places to go! Your photos are stunning… and I thought I was the only one with a bee phobia! thanks as always for sharing Cathy :o)

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    WHAOO!! What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us and for the info on Artifact Uprising!! Can’t wait to check out their goods!! πŸ™‚

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    That’s exactly what I like to do! I put a few pictures in my PL album that correspond to when we went on that vacation, but put ALL the pictures I want to remember in its own special photo book. Gorgeous photos!

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    Edith (Netherlands)

    Hi Sara, I just saw your comment. When you come to Europe, especially in the somewhat smaller countries like Slovenia or the Netherlands the people speak English. Because nobody speaks Slovenian or Dutch, you know? πŸ™‚

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    Edith (Netherlands)

    Cathy, your pictures look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. Slovenia is becoming quite a popular holiday destination for the Dutch, it looks like I have to go too. πŸ™‚

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