Project Life, Week Twenty-Seven

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OBSERVATIONS: Another week of digital Project Life is done. I realized today that I have about five week's worth of pages to send out for printing. Since starting Project Life—both for hybrid and digital—I've always had a set up on my computer that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.56.53 AM

Each quarter has a folder, and each folder is broken down into weeks. Everything for that week gets filed accordingly and then the final JPEG layouts (the ones I upload to print) go into a Pages to Print folder. Highlighted folders have already been sent. So far, it's worked nicely for my digital pages, which started back in Week 18.

Next year, I may just do a printed and bound book. But this year, because the first 17 weeks are in the album traditionally, I figure I'll just fill in the rest with my digital pages. Who knows? I may still do it this way next year too. 

Onto this week's pages:



Again, photos are courtesy of my iPhone, save for the one on of Cole with the bass. I am taking a vacation next week, and I have promised myself to use the DSLR. Really, I'm going to use it.

And speaking of really


Did I mention she used to be JUST BORN?


And that is all I wrote for Week Twenty Seven.



Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Seven

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    Jessica B

    Love seeing your PL! You have inspired me to go digital. I asked for Jessica’s class for my birthday so I could learn. Thank you so much!

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    I have been doing my Project Life digital since 2009- which is kind of strange as I have always been primarily a paper scrapper. This year we finally reached a point where (with the help of a good special) we could afford to print the pages in bound 12×12 photobooks with Snapfish. Until this time I have never seen my pages printed. Oh my goodness- it is SO cool! It was awesome to look back over the past 4 years of pages and realise just how much this project contributes to our memory keeping. I’m really glad to have done it digital as I’m not sure I would have done every week of the last 4.5 years if it had been paper based. And I just quietly love that the photobooks take up so much less space than the albums would have. YOu can check them out here if you want:

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    Kirsten W

    Thanks for sharing your pages! Such lovely photos this week. I’m halfway through my 2nd year of digital PL, and I just ordered a 12×12 book from Blurb of weeks 1-26. I didn’t want to wait for the end of the year to have my pages, so a part one and part two for the year seemed like a good solution.

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    Oh boy…can I relate to that Ikea photo!! Have stacks of that all over my garage. Hello Liatorp series!

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    Kristi K.

    The photos are extra stellar this week. Something about the composition and balance across the spread. Great work!

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    I am a little bit freaking out about how grown up your first born is now. My first born teenage daughter just recently surpassed me in height and heft this June and I am not quite sure how I like that. These teen years are hard for moms. Anyways, what kind of Mac are you upgrading to? Please tell me you’re holding out for the new MacPro–total black awesomeness. AND, it can fit ON your work table! Get out!

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    WOW, that picture of Aidan is all I can remember now, she looks gorgeous as always but so dang grown up in that photo!!

    uummm really what else happened this week??

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    Nita K.

    Love the text on the photos this week. I long to be adept at Photoshop. And, wow, Aidan is a stunner!

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    You know, Im not going to go Mac Pro. I figure, by the time it comes out (and the price Im sure will be insane) I am going to go with a new super jacked up iMac. : ) Yes, Im leaving the tower life behind. : )

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    Cathy, I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your posts since transitioning to digital pages. Like you, I have done “traditional” PL for a few years and love it. However…we just made a cross country move (military family) and I have found myself super behind on the album and thought, hey! I can go digital like Cathy did! So now I’m slowly catching up and feeling great that I didn’t give up on the year. Also thinking I kind of really like it, lol. Anyhow, thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

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    Hey Cathy…I’m desperate…it’s not in your layout this week, but how do I take a 4X6 and split it between two 4×6 photo slots on a digital Design A template (or any digi template!)? Or even a 4×6 to be a whole 12×12 spread on it’s own, but split between all the photo spots on the Design A? I love the look and can’t seem to figure it out and be able to find a tutorial on it anywhere!! I’m not calling it the right thing likely when I google it. Can you help me?? Direct me to a tutorial link?? Thanks in advance!

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    Well, Im not sure I have a tutorial, but heres what I would do:

    Open your 6 x 4 photo. Grab your crop tool, and set it to crop a 3×4. Crop from the left side, and save as name_left. Then open the original again, crop from the right, and save as name_right. That should do it! : )

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    Thanks for sharing your pages. SUPER DUPER
    I like digital scrapbooking too. However, for all you
    PL scrappers who like to print their text on physical cards,
    you gotta check out

    Easy peasy templates in Word and Photoshop to print text.
    No adhesives or tapes necessary. LOVE THEM!

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    I LOL’d at the ‘just born’ comment! And wanted to squish Cole in the 4’s layout. You have some beautiful children 🙂

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