Project Life, Week Twenty-Six

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OBSERVATIONS: This was a week where one of my lovely children was absent from family life. With Aidan in Chicago all week I found myself peering into the future of what life might look like when she’s at college in just over a year. I’m not gonna lie: I’m going to miss that girl like crazy. That said, part of the glimpse included many texts from said girl and so we didn’t feel like she was completely missing. Not like when she was in El Salvador last year and there was zero communication. 

Onto the pages:


I have to thank readers who gave me great feedback on my Facebook page regarding the Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones. I decided to bite the bullet and get some. It helps tremendously when Cole is pounding away on the drums. Amen.


Another week where every single shot is from my phone. When I realize just how much I use the camera on that thing, it makes the monthly Verizon bill somehow seem less painful. I’m sure this month will be full of more phone photos, as I’m participating in the Phone Photography Project right along with the students. So many fun, do-able challenges every day in July.


It really does amaze me, the quality and clarity of the shots. The food shot above is just a phone shot, no fancy filters or nothin’.


Do you use your phone photos a lot in your albums? I’m imagining that so many of us do these days. It’s crazy to me that for all the awesomeness of a DSLR, these phones really do measure up for memory keeping purposes.


And that wraps up Week Twenty-Six. I am still loving digital for this project right now. 


NOTE: I used a new card product coming to the store this weekend, J-Card Stamps: Icons 04, with more of a technology theme. It will be on sale this weekend.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twenty-Six

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    When I went to NYLF of Medicine (in 2000 — I also chose Chicago!), I too felt the same as Aiden. Quite mixed on me feelings towards it and towards the other people I was grouped with. The time was definitely an awesome experience, but I spent 10 days with these people and walked out with no new friends, whereas I could spend one weekend at scout camp and walk out with a half-dozen.

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    What an awesome spread! I love those flower photos! They’re so bright and vivid! And that steak looks mouthwatering! I love me a good steak! πŸ™‚

    I do have a question… What phone do you use? I have an iphone 4, and my pics are nowhere near this sharp and vivid! If I take photos in good light they’re not bad, but they’re not even close to this awesome!

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    Shanon Gibson

    I see you’re going to visit Slovenia! I am glad you are getting the opportunity to visit there. We went 2 years ago and what has become my most favorite vacation ever from Germany to Croatia and back. We stayed a few nights on Lake Bled and surrounding area. We had a great time and lots of amazing food. Enjoy your visit!

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    The pages look great. I don’t use the camera on my phone at all – it’s a blackberry (only because DH’s company phone is that & my sister’s family all have them so we can BBmessage each other) and there is practically nothing in the way of apps for it (that I know of). Seriously thinking of an iPhone once the contract runs out though.

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    Thanks Cathy! My phones starting to die at the moment, and I’m looking at upgrading. Good to know the 5 takes much better pictures! πŸ™‚

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