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Two things have dominated the past week: foot issues and parties.

Both kids decided to host parties last week. Aidan, a dinner party on the lawn; Coleman, a birthday party in the house. 

Oh, how I would love to share more photos of Aidan's set up. Inspired by Pinterest, she set up a table on the lawn, strung lights and candles around the yard, made creative appetizers and a cold avocado soup and spent time with friends until the late evening hours.

The thought of moving around to take pictures was a bit more than I could handle so I asked Dan to snap a few. You know, just to have a record. (Thanks, baby.


Not that I believe an event doesn't exist on quite the same plane without photographs. I know that it does. But I'm grateful for the shots all the same.

For Cole's party, I snagged one shot, taken from my office window, through a screen with my iPhone. And you know what? I kind of love it.


How life changes.

The parties of today are so different than the ones that came before.

Parents aren't needed to direct activites. In fact, parents are better serving the process by getting out of the way.

I'm pretty cool with that, actually.

I don't recall hosting parties in my teen years at my house. That's not a judgement on my parents. It's just a fact.

I love that Aidan and Cole want to do these sorts of things. I love that it's at our home, a place where they feel comfortable bringing their friends, a place where they know they can do their own thing and be themselves.

And hey, at least I know what they're all doing for a solid five or six hours, right?

Party on, young Zielskes. Party on.


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    I would love for my girls to be creative for get togethers with their friends. You have good kids!

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    Teresa Igo

    My daughter just started middle school so in a few years there will be such goings on, I hope that our house is where my daughter feels like she can bring her friends and just hang out.

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    lynne moore

    I take it as a good sign when the kids want to being their friends home to hang out. I was that mom for most of their teen years… until the boys became too big and too loud for the size of my house. ; )

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    You must be doing something right if your kids want to invite their friends over. I have told both of mine that their friends are always welcome–like you, I’m happy to know where they are and who they’re with. πŸ™‚

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    Sue O

    I encouraged my son to bring his friends here. He was always organizing things here, including many a halo party. I liked that he liked bringing his friends here. Plus I knew who his friends were and what they were doing. When he went off to college it got really quiet around here!

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    I was more than happy to let my 13 year old boy take care of everything for his birthday party at home. I’m so proud of him! He did a good job and all I really had to do was get the food at Costco. I can’t wait for my girls to get to that point.

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    HOW AWESOME!!!! Wondering about the tiny table on the lawn? What is under the tablecloth?

    My husband and I were saddened earlier this summer when he glanced out of our bathroom window to witness the teenage neighbor boy having a party on their deck with his friends (boys & girls). ALL SIX SEATS were occupied by teenagers… ALL SIX teenagers were staring at their cell phones and ALL SIX teens appeared to NOT BE TALKING to each other at all. It looked SO AWKWARD!!! (How sad…)

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    I was going to ask that question too, so thanks for answering SarahJane πŸ™‚ Looks like 2 great parties!!

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