Project Life, Week Thirty-Four

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OBSERVATIONS: Another week, another single page for my album. I love the flexibility of the Project Life system. I really am not in photo taking mode right now and doing just a single page is exactly what's needed. 

The thing I love most about my current system is that it never feels like a chore. I'm not sure how much going digital has contributed to this feeling, but it always feels like a break to play with photos and words. I love that.

I keep a folder on my computer called "TO PRINT." As soon as I get at least 8 pages or more, I upload my files to Persnickety Prints. Everything is saved by quarter—whether it's hybrid or digital—and this approach has worked really well for me. It looks like today I'll be ready to order some prints.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 8.20.27 AM

Here is my page for Week 34:


I'm playing with photo opacity again this week, screening back the mask layer to the photo becomes a soft background for the journaling.


I'm loving the minimal design of this card set. A 4 x 6 version is coming to the Designer Digitals store this weekend.


In other news, my stitches came out yesterday. In a few weeks, they say I may even start to take a few normal steps.

Things are really looking up.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Four

7 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Four”

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    Hi Cathy, great to see another week in your world, even if it’s a one pager!! I love that picture of you with the sock and boot, so cute. Would love to see you out on your bike next spring. My hubby won’t get a helmet either, hoping one day he will.

    Seeing your foot reminds me of being laid up one summer 13 years ago. I hit my toe on the coffee table and had a hairline fracture, wore a boot all summer and my foot elevated. Thankful for my then 9 year old daughter who helped me so much around the house and with her two little sisters. Not sure how we would have done it and good thing I didn’t work at that time either. We all look back at that summer and laugh and GROAN. Oh and it happened on the morning of my sister’s wedding, so I was in PAIN all day and couldn’t walk or dance at the wedding.
    Thanks for bringing back the happy memories of my foot in a boot, aaahhh yes it was fun.

    Take care and hang in there!

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    Sharon Holesh

    Hi Cathy,
    I am a Physical Therapist and have worked with many post-op foot patients. I never want to have foot surgery as all my patients say how painful it is! Seems like you are doing really great though!
    Wanted to ask about your black albums in you page today. What kind and is that where you put your Project Life pages?

    Thanks and wishing you a quick recovery!

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    I am hoping you will share in a post sometime how you did the journaling block on the photo with the bike. This Photoshop novice appreciates the tips and tutorials you post from time to time. Have a great Labor Day weekend, Cathy!

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    You know, its simply creating a small text box using the Horizontal Type Tool and then changing the font size and style to what you want it to be. You have to make sure youre placing the text on a layer above whatever is below it. That is the only tricky part! : ) I need to do some more tutorials!

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    We were in your neck of the woods today at the Como Pool. Then we cruised down to Whole Foods on Grand and avoided the traffic by sneaking out of town on Fairview. I briefly saw Espresso Royal, I think?? Is that one of Dan’s coffee shops?

    So the point of my comment is, Dan’s new bike…are there biking trails around St. Paul? My dad is an avid biker and he was commenting today that he didn’t see any trails around like they have in Minneapolis.

    Hope your recovery is speedy!

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    Sara, yes! Dans cafe bought a local shop a few years ago and is on Fairview just down from Whole Foods a mile or so. : )

    You know, there are trails in Rosedale that are paved and kind of hard core (very hilly up and down) but there is the Gateway Trail in St. Paul, which is my fave. It goes all the way to Stillwater. Beautiful ride for sure. Its only four miles from where I live, just on the other side of 35W is where you get on (or you can get on it right outside of downtown).

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    I’m wondering what you do to get your digital layouts ready to print. Could you do a post outlining your process? For example do you sharpen them? Batch process into JPEGs? Just curious!

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