Project Life, Week Thirty-One

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OBSERVATION: I'm a little off my usual Thursday postings for Project Life. I suppose I can't blame it on jet lag anymore, right? Right. Week 31 was all about Cole. He turned 14 and he asked me to take photos. Um, what? No complaints from me on that request. When your 14 year old son says take a picture, you say, "How many?"

Here are the pages from Week 31.



Big things happened this week. Cole's baseball team won a state rec league tournament. We all got to see the newest member of the extended family, my nephew's first baby boy, baby Owen. And, of course, the aforementioned birthday of my second born.


And that is all I wrote for Week 31. 


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-One

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    Your kids are so gorgeous! Your son is growing up so fast. Hopefully Aidan only fell foul of the fundraising exercise of failing a certain percentage of learner drivers, so as to take an extra fee for a follow-up exam! If not, she could use this as an excuse, ha ha! In some way it’s nice NOT to have them on the road, LOL. Ah, but a pass is inevitable, so enjoy driving her for the last few times! Thanks for the inspiring photo books. Now maybe I’ll finish one! Thank you too for sharing your life, photos and talent!

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    Hey Cathy! My son played in that tournament, too! They didn’t do too well, but when I looked to see who won and saw it was a Midway team, I wondered if that was Cole’s team. So very cool!

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    Jenny B.

    I just love your simple pages, Cathy! You do such a great job on the week in review cards too. What kind of notes do you keep throughout the week? I write paragraphs in a journal doc, and it’s really hard for me to write a weekly summary. I just want to include every detail! It’s hard to edit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Love your pages so much Cathy!! WOW, how awesome that Cole wanted pictures, he ROCKED THEM!! CONGRATS on the big win too!! Good luck next time Aidan. We are still in the driving practice and I’m having her drive this morning to her babysitting job, hoping the traffic will be very light, wish me luck!

    LOVE LOVE the blurb book below, I would marry it too!!

    p.s. Congrats on the newest baby!

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