Project Life, Week Thirty-Three, the abbreviated version

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OBSERVATIONS: When you have foot surgery, apparently taking photos drops way off your list of things to do. For Week 33, I decided to create one 12 x 12 page and call it good. I suppose I could have stretched it out, filled it in with a lot of journal cards, but they would have all said the same thing: this week kind of sucked.

And really, does that need to be overstated?


It wasn't just me who had an eventful week. My sweet daughter tweaked her neck somethin' awful and was on her back for two days. Maybe life was trying to tell a few Zielskes to slow down. 

Or maybe it was just life.

But while I have you…

I went in for my one-week post-op follow-up appointment yesterday. They took x-rays and removed the bandages, you know, to have a look-see. The verdict? Everything looks exactly like its supposed to. My verdict? I have a Frankenfoot with two large pins protruding from either side of my big toe. No, I don't plan to share the actual photos (and yes, even my nurse said, "Oh, you should take photos!"), but I will show you this sanitized x-ray image that I like to call "X Marks the Spot."


Throw in a little top hat and my big toe is ready for a bit of song and dance, yes?

Of course, what she pointed out was the nice new space created just at the bottom of where the pins cross. Now it looks like the other toes. And apparently over time, my toe will get better and I will be able to bend it and do all sorts of things with greater ease.

But that wasn't my focus as it took me nearly 5 minutes to walk—hanging onto my daughter's arm—from my car, across the parking lot and into the clinic.

Keep in mind, I'm not in pain. I just can't really move all that well. Apparently, it will be like this until the pins come out, three weeks from now. 

I've had a few little blips of self-pity here and there, but thanks to therapy teaching me to act like an adult, I'm handling it with never-before-seen levels of dignity and resolve. Remind me one of these days to post more about what I've learned about myself in therapy. It saved a lot more things than just my marriage. 

And yes, the x-ray will appear in this week's one-page version of project life. 


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Three, the abbreviated version

11 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Three, the abbreviated version”

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    Vanessa B.

    I hope that you continue to share your therapy stories. I, too, have started therapy and after a few months I believe it is boiling down to me learning how to be an adult as well. And believe me, that is going to take some time! It is super helpful for me to know I am not alone in my pursuit of understanding and of finding a brighter, healthier place.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    Kendra B

    So glad you are healing nicely 🙂 And so glad you can keep your sense of humor through it all! lol

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    Christine K

    Hang in there. Maybe you can get one of those temporary handicapp parking permits so you wouldn’t have to walk too far.

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    Angie Hall

    Oh, Cathy, I hope you feel better soon. Seems you still have your sense of humor, though. That cannot be a bad thing…”Frankenfoot?” I can’t help but spew spit when I say it. Hugs!

  5. #5

    A speedy recovery for you and your daughter! Life will get better! “Enjoy your convalescence.”

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    Casey V

    Wishing you a speedy recovery cathy! Will you be able to talk your family into wheeling you around the state fair for a while for some Sweet Martha’s cookies?

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    Sending fast get wells for you and Aidan. Sorry you have to be laid up for now, it is a pain not doing things for yourself. Love your page for this week, it sums it up pretty well. HUGS!

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    I hear you Cathy. I have heard that foot surgery takes a lot out of you and the recovery is really slow.

    I too had a small surgery this summer. I really didn’t think much about it. But when someone tells you they are going to go up your nose and straighten cartilage don’t for a minute think it is a little thing.

    I spent over a week flat out. I too tried to be an adult and not complain but hey what are freinds and aquaintances for if you can’t be honest. My week sucked big time and I could move around.

    Thinking of you from Canada hope your on the move soon.

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    Lisa @ Lisa Living Well

    I just had ankle surgery last Thursday and went in for my post-op yesterday. I can relate to what you are going through completely. I have found that the most difficult part is relying on others to do the house work, etc. I am so limited in what I can do, but I should relish in the fact that I am getting paid to stay home (thanks to sick leave) and take care of myself by watching countless TV shows and reading books. It will take time to heal and then we can both enjoy being active again! Take care.

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    Terese Martinez

    I can relate to what you are going thru. I broke my hand in 2 places at my son`s Wedding on June 22nd. I had surgery 2 pins,which came out last week. Recovery is frustrating, keep positive it does get better..

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