Project Life, Week Thirty-Two

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OBSERVATIONS: This week, I created a new set for a more minimal yet framed looked to my 3 x 4 photos. The thing I like about Project Life is that you really can mix it up, design wise, while still achieving your end goal: documenting daily life. Here's a look at the pages for Week 32.


Sigh. See that photo above, the one that says "Life is Good" and features my two matching feet? Well, as I type this, post foot surgery for a bone spur removal, they don't match at all right now. But I'll write more about that later this week.


So here's what I love about this set. The idea of playing with the opacity of a layer mask to lighten your photo. You simply select the photo layer mask and change the percentage of the opacity in the Layers Palette. The lightness you need depends on  the photo, but it's a cool effect, and it would look especially cool printed out onto white cardstock.


This set is a layered photoshop file set, which means you need Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to use it. Simple journal cards and photo cards with lots of different possibilities for creative play.


And now it's back to foot elevation for me. Not quite ready for sitting up at the computer just yet. Here's to another week of Project Life.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Two

7 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Two”

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    oh, man. your clean look is really calling to me… so tempting to switch over to this look.

    Currently I’m using Seafoam w/ Becky’s templates, but I’m LOVING the corners and white space on yours…

    and I’m the type that forces myself to keep things consistent throughout the year, I just.can.not. switch things up part way through.

    Maybe for 2014 I’ll use this look. I just love it.

    Hope your foot is feeling okay. πŸ™‚

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    Love the new minimal clean layout from your project life and the new cards are gorgeous. This is what appeals to me in your design layouts no one makes them like you. You have a special talent. Hope that you feel better soon from your feat surgery πŸ™‚

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    Chris H

    Maria…I just thought the SAME thing. I liked all the pretty colors at the beginning of the year, and now…I’m getting bored with them. And, I’m busier…so I just don’t have the time right now to be creative…I just want it DONE…..
    I, too, have a hard time making a switch mid stream…but I just might…

    Definitely considering for 2014…

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    Love, love, love this clean look and these new journaling cards!!! If I am going to do Project Life again next year (I took this year off) I will use these cards, because I missed the cohesive look in my PL album from 2012.

    And to be honest…: these cards make me want to start PL again, right now…

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    Sooo, loving your style Mrs. Z. Your new set-up has me motivated to get my office space together so I can do some work in there. Love your Project Life and the templates are moving me into digital scrapbooking. Just got my first Mac–truly divine. Looking forward to Photoshop Elements and all the joy that comes with that.

    I’ll be turning to your video tutorials a lot I’m sure.

    Thanks for being an inspiration.

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    Looks great, Cathy! I love the new template set too! And I have to say, about a month ago I purchased and started using your week in review cards and I have to say that I am well hooked on these! Thank you for always having amazing digital products for us to use!! πŸ™‚

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