Project Life, Week Thirty

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OBSERVATIONS: This week, I was in the mood for photos and very little extra work. Sometimes, I feel like going all card crazy, and sometimes, I just want to record the week and say, "Next!" And so, without much editorializing, I present Week Thirty.



Did you download my free Instagram card last week? The image below is based on that free card, but is part of a new travel card set of digital brushes and stamps. Note: in the World Traveler No. 01 set,  you have to add your own photo layer to the digital stamp file.


Here is the weekly wrap up card.


And that's all I wrote for Week Thirty. Now, to get back to figuring out Adobe Creative Cloud. I went ahead and subscribed and there are things in the new Photoshop that don't look like things in the old Photoshop. Time to adapt and learn!


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty

4 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty”

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    Good luck, Aidan! Great pages, Cathy. I was feeling similarly about our Disney week. The pictures spoke for themselves, and I wanted the pages done, without a great deal of journaling.

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    Great week of stories and pictures. Love that you came home and recreated the mood in your backyard, so sweet. This summer is flying by and we never ate outside either. Good luck to Aidan!

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    I really like all the photos here. I definitely have weeks where I just feel like photos and words as well, and very little pretty stuff… I’ve been leaning that way more and more lately! Goodluck to Aidan with her driving test! πŸ™‚

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