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The first day of school is here. And this one? She's a senior now.

Holy Mother of Pearl. Really? 

I made her watch this clip last night:


She said that every time someone mentions they're seniors, she's gonna reply with that classic Rizzo line. 

Sigh. That girl is my heart.


She's gonna rule the school.


Oh, and let's not forget my 8th grader. 


It ain't no empty nest just yet.

Happy first day of school.


Cathy ZielskeBlink.

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    Wait – you HAD to make her watch the scene? She hasn’t seen it before? I’m shocked at the lack in your daughter’s education! Aaaah, just teasing…. Hard to believe cutie-pie Aidan is a Senior already. She’s a credit to you though x

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    Amanda Christensen

    I love your idea! I have a senior this year, too…my eldest. I know she would love to have a special book like this. I’m totally copying you!

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    Loved Kate’s FB timeline – too cool. And Cathy, I’m totally hijacking that for our senior son! Thanks for another creative idea!

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    Cindy (Junque Art)

    Oh my goodness Cathy…such cute kiddos that are getting all grown up! I’m in the same boat this year and I really can’t believe it. I too posted a similar post on my blog this morning. I’m definitely in denial. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the great idea. I really want to do something special for my senior too and I really love that one! Good luck in what will be a whirlwind of a school year!

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    Michelle Mounts

    Wow! What an awesome idea!! My daughter is a freshman in college and last year was so bittersweet for me. I made her a scrapbook album during her senior year that I gave to her for graduation. Love your idea! That is awesome!

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    Donna A

    My nest is now empty. Both kids start their classes today….my input would be for the graduation party. I put together a small project life book with pictures of his activities with the people who were attending the party. We then had PL cards available for the guests to write on, decorate and put in the book where ever they wanted. I finished the book off with pictures from the party and memorabilia like the cards he was given and the rough draft of his thank you notes.

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    lynne moore

    i have to finsih my daughter’s “senior year book” I started last summer. Just dropped her off at College. Maybe i can have it done by the holidays when she comes home for her winter break?

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    I recently made a couple of Project Life mini-albums for my friends daughters who started 8th grade this year. I made PL cards with one question for each week of school for them to answer. And wrote them notes and made suggestions of things to add to the album.

    So far they love it! and I know years from now (like even 2) they will smile and laugh at their 8th grade selves. I do plan to do this for them again as seniors.

    I can hardly believe she is a senior. WOW. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time.

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    Tanya H.

    My son graduated from high school this year. I made him a scrapbook of his life and what I did was have anyone of significance in his life( grandparents, friends, teachers) write him a letter of advice. I included them in the scrapbook along with pictures of him with each person. I also included quotes that would apply to him as he moves forward in life.
    It was a big hit at his graduation party.

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    Love this idea. My middle guy will be a senior next year … will have to remember this. I’ve been doing “Mondays with Wesley” and “Wednesdays with Matilda” albums for two friends this year (based on Stacy J’s “Tuesdays with Taft”) as weekly photo/journal 1st year baby albums. These are the 3rd and 4th I’ve done and I love it. Never thought to do something similar with a senior … thanks for the inspiration. And best wishes to Aidan for a great senior year!

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    Diane Bromilow

    My lass is in “year 9” this year, and she’s a year younger than Cole. Her first day back is on Friday – she’s grown up so fast!!!

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    Lee Ann G

    Great idea for my favorite niece who is a senior this year. And my daughter (my baby) will be next year. I think I will do it for both of them in a PL mini album! Make it easy peasy! Thanks Cathy for your sharing and inspiration.

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    i have also a senior and 8th grader – and I can’t believe that in a couple of weeks she is 18 ( here in Norway they go to school 1-7 grade, 8-10 grade and the back to 1 to 3 (11-13)) so we are kind of lucky to keep her home for one more year than you. But she want to study in UK, US and that is not good for her parents…

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    Jenny B.

    I’ve been avoiding reading your post all day because I knew when I saw the title “blink” that it would be exactly what it is. Sigh… Bittersweet. I want my kids to grow up, but part of me wants them to stay little, too. Sigh… πŸ™‚

    I also have to comment that I didn’t know any schools still waited until the day after Labor day to start! We’re on our third week here in the sunny south. When does the school year end? Public schools around here go from the 3rd week in August to the last week in May (or the first week in June if there are several snow days). Do you guys even have snow days up there? Here, if it snows, we pretty much always have a snow day. A friend of mine moved from here (Northwest Arkansas) to South Louisiana, and she said they canceled school because it was 20 degrees and raining. HA! I had to laugh at that. It’s all relative. πŸ™‚

    Anyway… Glad I broke down and read your post. πŸ˜‰

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    Up here (and where Im from in Seattle) school has always started the day after labor day and out the first week or so of June. : )

    We do get snow days occasionally, and those have to be made up!

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    Eileen Van Dyke

    I’m sure you have seen variations of this online. For my daughter’s graduation party, I had blown up a picture of her on her first day of Kindergarden to 16 x 20 then on her last day of high school I took a picture of her hold that blown up picture of her fist day of school. Blew that picture up to 16 x 20 and put that one in the frame and had that picture of first day/last day on display when you came in our front door of her party. Everybody loved it.
    Today, she stated college and sent me a picture her roommate took of her and then she said she took pics of her roommates leaving for class – I’ve taught her well!

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    Sharon K

    How where you able to take Cole’s pic on the bike and have him
    totally dark. I’m trying to learn how to do this and I am still trying. Help!

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    I think it was luck. I shot at about 800 ISO on my digital SLR. There was so much light coming into the garage that it kind of silhouetted him. : )

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    OMG, she is the cutest little girl and WOW look how gorgeous she grew up to be. LOVE that picture of her!! What a great idea for her album, she will treasure that forever. I’m hoping to do something for my daughter next year along this line too. Maybe Dan will want to write too?

    Great picture of Cole headed out too. My youngest just started middle school, never thought the day would come. I blinked and look what happens, NO MORE BLINKING!!


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    I can’t believe how old your kids are now! I’ve read your blog forever. I was reading this thinking where has the time gone. Then i realized I started scrapping when my oldest was 4 and she is now 14- and so now… i just feel old!
    Aidan is just absolutely gorgeous!

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