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I've made no secret of my recently developed crush on Artifact Uprising. Their credo of preserving the 'disappearing beauty of the tangible' really does hit a soft and tender spot in this print-loving designer's heart.

I recently made the most adorable 5.5-inch square book about my trip to Slovenia (read about it here). I guess it wasn't just me who thought it was adorable. My 17-year-old girl thought so, too.

Aidan designed two 5.5-inch books. One, a book of selifes; the other, a book of photos of the children she nannys for during the summer.

While that book has already been given as a gift to said children, Aidan let me share her selfie book here.


Selfie. It's just such a right now kind of word. 

Back in my day, we didn't call them selfies, you know? I think we just called them self-portraits. I know, boring!

I like to think I was a bit ahead of my time with this little number from 1986.


Still, selfies are such a part of youth culture. 

I was joking the other day and told Aidan I was going to launch a tumblr called "Middle Aged Selfies". I think there's an audience out there, don't you?


Do you have a teen with a ton of photos in need of a home? If so, consider making one of these little books

Aidan has informed me she is going to make books all year long to document her senior year.

I say, "Go for it, girl." You won't regret making these books. Not one little bit.


Cathy ZielskeClever girl

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    This such a cool idea, love her book. I would say she gets this gift from you, LOVE LOVE your IG selfies!! Great idea to document her senior year thru these little books too. Lots of fun memories to be had for her this year.
    WOW, that one of you is GORGEOUS!!! You were always ahead of time weren’t you.

    LOVE your PL below, always makes me smile!

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    sharon linne faulk

    Every year I make 5×5 books of my boys. They are photos of them from the past year. It started out as a brag book for me to show others but now they love looking back as well. I get mine from Mpix.

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    Launch a tumblr called “Middle Aged Selfies”. – first explain to some of use middle ageies what a tumblr is. πŸ™‚

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    Kristi K.

    The price point is great for kids. So smart of Aiden to make these books… she will be very happy later in life πŸ™‚

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    Love Aidan’s idea of senior year selfie books. I’d looooove to have such an artifact from my senior year. Those were still the days of film and I have so few pictures from that time period. Re: middle-aged selfie blog/tumblr/instagram: all the photos would be shot from above. lol lol lol

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    Really enjoyed Aidan’s selfie booklet.
    This is a great idea, since my daughter have tons of selfies.

    Did Aidan set up a template of the 4 square photos of herself before uploaded to the booklet layout or did the booklet already have the 4 squares to drop in the photos? I just went over to the site and it had various layouts to choose from but I did not see a template for 4 photos for a page.

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    Monica Williams

    Cathy! The highlight of my day yesterday was getting the mail after work and finding my first package from Artifact Uprising!!!

    I did a 5×5 book of images from Summer 2013. Wish I could post pics of it here because it is LOVELY. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. (WAY too often, I’m sure!)

    Thanks, so much, for recommending them! XOXO

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    Oh FUN! Isnt it just adorable? I mean, the paper they use is really loved. The covers are so thick and white. Love, love! Happy to hear you are happy!

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    Jenny B.

    So sorry you’re suffering! But, glad that you’ve got some perspective and are able to laugh about it. Makes me think of Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” How we all want to be, right? πŸ™‚

    The little photo book is so cute! I love that teenagers are taking so many more pictures than I did when I was their age. You’re right – she won’t regret it!

    Side note… does anyone else feel like fingernails on a chalkboard when you hear the word “selfie?” I do. “Bestie” also makes me cringe. I don’t know what it is exactly, they just grate on my ears. Does that make me an old codger? πŸ™‚

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