Coming soon: Picas + Points: The CZ Design Newsletter

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They say it will contain all the news that fits.

Or at the very least, it will contain no crap.

That's right, folks, I am launching a newsletter and we—no, there is no staff, but it sounds much more important somehow—we are installing an official No Crap Policy.

That's right: Crap-Free News from a Crap-Free Scrapbooker.

Why sign up? Good question! I'm going to offer exclusve stuff to subscribers. From newsletter-only freebies, to class sneek peeks, to design tips, and more. If you are a subscriber, you will get special stuff. Because you're special. 

And really, who doesn't like to feel special?

So, to sum up: Crap-Free and Special. Hard to resist, I know.

To sign up, click here.

The first issue will be going out soon, so don't miss it. There will be a fun free digital stamp and when it's gone, baby, it's gone. (Or at least until the next newsletter!)

The best part is? If you hate it…  I mean, if it just totally sucks, you can unsubscribe. 

Easy as pie.

We will stand by our No Crap Policy.

Hope to see you on the list!


Cathy ZielskeComing soon: Picas + Points: The CZ Design Newsletter

34 Comments on “Coming soon: Picas + Points: The CZ Design Newsletter”

  1. #3

    Love love love the name! So close and dear to my heart. I thought no one ever used those words anymore, so happy to see them as title of your newsletter.
    Thanks for making my day.

  2. #14

    I signed up, of course! But it said I’m already a subscriber. Funny, must have done it in my sleep?????

  3. #15

    Hi ya. I’m getting a message I’m signed up to – just as long as I know I’ll be getting it into my inbox I don’t care how many times I sign up. Looking forward to the “no crap” newsletter, just love that phrase of yours. Taking the crap out of scrapbooking!
    Cheers Karen

  4. #17
    Jodi Ellis

    You are too funny, in a no crap kind of way!
    All signed up!

    Ps…how’s that foot healing?

    And ps again…..have you ever thought of having a meet up with folks in the Mpls/St. Paul area, I think that would be fun!

  5. #18
    Liz, Melb, Australia

    I have subscribed and I’m feeling a wee bit excited! I am, however, not a piker! (Totally irrelevant, but it’s been a long day and that’s what I always say when I see/hear pica!}

  6. #19

    How exciting!! All signed up and ready to get my first newsletter!!! You always keep things fun and fresh, thanks so much!!

  7. #21

    I’m really excited to sign up:) I still feel new to digi PL and I’m sure you will have great tips on that too.

  8. #28
    Cheryl :)

    The older I get the more I like the “No Crap” idea…that is… when it comes to my scrapbooking. Thanks Cathy and hope you’re getting better.

  9. #32

    I can’t wait! I always love reading your blog at the end of my long work day. I also have learned from you and I love your style.

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