Project Life, Week Thirty-Seven

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OBSERVATIONS: This week, my Project Life photos came primarily courtesy of Aidan and Cole. Both kids left on school trips, each camping for up to 7 days. Cole headed up to Northern Michigan for the 7th & 8th grade Odyssey trip; Aidan went into Wisconsin on the Namekagon River for the senior canoe trip.

And both kids took cameras.

Not only did they take cameras, but they remembered to hand them off to their fellow campers. The result? Each of them managed to show up in several photos. Lucky me!


It's very photo-centric this week. I probably missed an opportunity to have each of them journal about their experience. But hey, sometimes you have to make Project Life simple, remember? And sometimes, harping on your kids to write about their feelings? Well, not always a mom's best move. 


And that is all I wrote for Week Thirty-Seven.



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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Seven

11 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Seven”

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    this is a serious light bulb moment for me. my daughter is a junior in college, and honestly sometimes i get so bummed going weeks without seeing her face in my album. but yet, we text all the time. i follow her on instagram where she takes amazing photos of her life. never thought to put HER photos in my album. why??? staying connected to her is such a big part of my life, so i am going to start documenting that. thank you, thank you so much for this.

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    Margy Eastman

    Great photos! And what fun places to visit! I think I’d been up the the Nicolet National Forest three times before I could pronounce “Namekagan” correctly.

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    Abby P.

    Instagram is virtually the only way I can get my 17- and 21-year old boys in my album — I have “permission” to screen-shot their instagram photos (their GF’s gave me access too), upload to DropBox, and BAM – their lives are documented from their points of view via their Instagram comments about their photos! I actually prefer including them this way. If I take photos, and I document, it’s all my perspective. This is their life and documented by them! Totally recommend it.

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    I’m interested to hear about Dan going back to school. Any more details you would like to share? It’s great to hear about adults going back to school! I understand if he is not OK with you sharing more about it but I know a few people that I think it could help motivate!

    Also any hints on new classes for next year?

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    Jenny B.

    I love the simplicity of these pages! I have such a hard time narrowing down the photos that I use, and then I journal on and on in paragraphs. I admire your approach.

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