Project Life, Week Thirty-Six

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OBSERVATIONS: Another week wherein the Project Life page count totaled "1". I seriously love the flexibility and the lack of pressure with this project. 

I've been asked by a few people to talk about how I make this project happen every week, and part of the process includes letting go of the expectation that it has to be a two-page spread every single time.

I look at Project Life as the coolest photo album project I've got going. It is also the primary scrapbooking vehicle in my life. I do very few actual layouts each month, so this thing is my main memory keeping gig. In that respect, I make time for it every week. 

One way I save time is by using the same template from week to week. Meaning, I take Week 35's PSD file, do a Save As, and call it "W36.psd". Then I delete all the photos and the other digital elements and start from there. Sometimes I'll leave journal cards in place so I can just reuse them. I always leave my main Week in Review card and just type over it every week.

One approach I take frequently is to open a journal card file, add my journaling, format it the way I want it, and then do a Save As and save the card in a folder called Formatted Cards. This allows me to create the card and save it while leaving the original file as is. Next, I'll flatten the card, drag it into the template, but then I don't save the flattened version. I just close the card and retain all the editable layers.

Lately, I've been having fewer photos, so I've been doing single pages. You can do this whether  you're doing the traditional Project Life, or the fully digital version. 

Right now, this project is a labor of love. Truly. I love doing it. I love saving these photos and memories. There is no stress involved whatsoever. Amen.

Here's a look at Week 36:


It was back to school week. For Aidan. For Cole. And yes, even for Dan who has enrolled in a graduate program at Hamline University. Go Dan!

I would like to thank my children for agreeing to sit in the same spot for the official Back to School photo. As you can see, one of them clearly enjoyed it more than the other.


And back to school really does mean cooler Fall temps are on their way (and are actually here this week!) 

I adore this season. For sure.

And that is all I wrote for Week 36.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirty-Six

13 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirty-Six”

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    Dan… Grad School? Did I miss something? GO Dan! (not that your ENTIRE life is in your blog 🙂

    ps… did I also miss your newsletter debut? Thought I signed up correctly but haven’t seen anything in email or download.

    pss… thanks for sharing your PL process

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    Shanon Gibson

    I have found that a single spead week is just as great as the 2 pager. It helps me stay caught up on a slow week where I haven’t been shutter crazy and I still get to share our stories. PL is super flexible and I love it.

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    Cathy, Excellent tips on PL process. I haven’t embraced it yet because it just seems so daunting; you make it seem doable. Thanks for that.

    Question: How long do we have to download the freebies that come in your newsletter? I’m in the process of shopping for a new computer and don’t want to d/l the freebies to this old thing.


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    Thanks for the great time saving tips! My process is pretty efficient, but I definitely picked up a few more ideas! Love seeing your pages every week 🙂

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    Debbie Radtke


    What do you do with your one page spread if the next week is a two page spread? Use a filler scrapbook page?

  6. #8

    I watched Life of Pi last night and really enjoyed it. I didn’t think I would, but was pleasantly surprised. The book is also on my to-read list!

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    Jacenda G.

    That is exactly what I thought when I saw the Life of Pi movie – that I would like to read the book!

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    Well, I plan on doing the next week as a single page, too. However, in W37, I have a ton of photos, so… I may just have to get creative! : )

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    Cathy, thanks so much for sending this along. I was away during your original sign-up period. Took a bit of time to catch up on back-logged go-to blogs.

    Hope the healing process is speedy.

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