Announcing the 30 Days of Thankful Album Project

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Last year, I embarked on a 30-day gratitude project in album form and it turned into my favorite album of 2012. Deemed 30 Days of Thankful, the task was simple: Document one thing a day for which you are grateful and pair it with a photo. It was a very simple and personal scrapbooking project, perfect for a month in which gratitude takes center stage.

I realize Halloween is the next holiday in line, but I wanted to get you thinking about November with three new sets for 2013.

This year, my goal was to design something simple and elegant in multiple sizes.

30 Days of Thankful No. 02—a 6 x 4 album.


30 Days of Thankful No. 03—a 6 x 6 album.


And 30 Days of Thankful No. 04—a 6 x 8 album.


The templates can be used for traditional scrapbooks, such as this album from Studio Calico, the Handbook.



The Handbooks have mix and match page protectors, but you can order just the size you need.

It seems like 6 x 8 is a hot size these days. Simple Stories also offers 6 x 8 faux leather albums in addition to their traditional 6 x 8 binders. also offers binders that work with 6 x 8 pages.

Or, you could use these templates to create a book, like the ones from Artifact Uprising.


Or, just use the 6 x 4 templates and save your finished pages in a very basic snapshot-style photo album.


Today I have blog badges (in four colors) plus printable label spines (in multiple colors) designed to work with the Studio Calico Handbook binder system.


Download BlogButtonsAndSpine

The label spines look like this:


I will be putting together a video tutorial for later in the month to walk you through the steps of using the templates. This would be a really do-able beginner project for anyone interested in using digital templates to make a scrapbook album.

In November I’ll be sharing my pages weekly and encouraging anyone who’d like to link their pages as well.


I’ve partnered with Studio Calico to create this 3 x 3 inch wood veneer card in limited quantities. I’ll share the link when they become available.

If you have any questions about the templates or the projects, please leave me a comment today and I’m happy to answer.

To see all of my album shares from last year, click here.



Cathy ZielskeAnnouncing the 30 Days of Thankful Album Project

35 Comments on “Announcing the 30 Days of Thankful Album Project”

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    I haven’t done this project in past years (I followed along with yours and loved it each time!). Planning to do it this year. Thank you for designing the templates for it!

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    Lee Currie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Looking forward to getting this project underway 🙂 The idea of a gratitude check is exactly what I need right now. Thanks, Cathy!

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    These are some of my favorite albums I’ve ever made! Love looking for gratitude in my life as there is so much of it to be grateful for starting with just being alive after cancer!! Looking forward to November 1st! Thanks for making the templates again!! I’m going 6×4 simple this year. Just concentrating on the photos and the gratitude. Funny story- my DH and I were sailing on the Allure of the Seas in the Caribbean last week. I had bought the wifi package and was looking around Facebook when I saw the templates. I jumped right over to DD and bought them even though I couldn’t download them until I got home. Hey, they were on sale!! 😉 He just rolled his eyes and shook his head at me. haha

  4. #7
    tammy b

    i remember this from last year, and though i didn’t do it i thought it was a great idea. think i’ll give it a go this year. thanks for a kick start!

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    I’m excited to do this for the first time. I enjoyed your album last year. I purchased all 3 sizes with the plan to make 3 albums – one for each daughter and one for myself. With a photo from snap chat each day from my daughter at college, I’m hoping that it will be easy to fill her book. I haven’t decided how to print them yet.

  6. #9

    Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving! I should start mine today and work forward. 30 days from now I’ll be ready to start the Christmas mode.

  7. #10

    hi cathy! question about the templates for sale…are there really 41 different layouts in say, the 4×6 set? or just the 6 shown above? this would be great to use for PL albums as well…i’m always looking for different options for that album. would love to say i could do the gratitude album but i’m having a hard enough time keeping up with the PL album…i’ll just have to show my gratitude there, i guess.

    Thanks for putting these together!

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    Anne Marie

    I love the templates, and I would love to make a book with Artifact Uprising. How do you upload the templates when making a book on their page (I couldn’t find an upload template button)?

    Do you know of other companies that make that kind of books (preferably soft cover), but where I could use your 8,5×11 inch templates or your 12×12 inch templates?

    Thank you in advance!

  9. #12

    Ok I did this last year and LOVED the project but I didn’t do it digitally. With your class I have a few more skills so I want to give it a try.
    Couple of quick questions: is 02, 6×4 or 4×6. It looks like 4×6. I’m assuming all three include the pdf instructions? Is one of the three easier than the other two or are they all about the same?

  10. #13
    Donna Tullis

    K I have a question, I want to do this digitally (is that the right term? :/ not sure, but my question is do I need any special program to use the templates? or do I just purchase the items and then enter my personal comments and print? Thanks for leading the blind!

  11. #14

    I would like to know this too, as I’m always looking out for new 6×4 templates for PL. Would it be possible to get a look at some of the other templates please? I do love what you’re doing with these though 🙂

  12. #15

    I get the PL kit from Studio Calico and would love to see you partnering(?is that a word?) with them much more!

  13. #17

    What timing!! I was just thinking about documenting my gratitude this coming November over this past weekend. You’ve hit it on the nail with this! Thanks for sharing and for your never-ending inspiration!

  14. #18

    Soooo love the new templates!! I absolutely loved this project last year and I am looking forward to doing it again this year! The first full project I have really completed by the way! Thank you so much for getting us all on the road to being more grateful! Here’s to being full of Gratitude (and not just for the month of November but for everyday)!

  15. #19

    I am very excited and will be joining in for sure. Now to decide which size to use. I am tempted to just do the 4X6 and slip into my Project Life Album but more inspired by the larger sizes. Will have to think on this, glad you gave us a heads up so I can think about it a couple days and get ready for Nov 1. Thank you for designing elegant and streamlined templates.

  16. #20

    I did this last year and loved it. My question is more about repetition – I suspect this year I’m going to be grateful for most of the same things.

    How do you approach that? Do you choose specific things/events for that year, or are they more general?

  17. #21

    You know, if anything, that repetition can serve as a simple reminder of how basic the things are that we are thankful for. I may have many of the same things, but I will take new photos for everything. Maybe the photos freshen up the repetitive nature?

  18. #22

    Awesome, thanks for your reply! This is a really good point, and I can also try to make the journaling more current, referencing specific recent events, rather than just “TJ is a great dad”, etc. Thanks for this. I think I am going to do this project, then, and stick it in my PL album using those 6×6 slots in the Design E page protectors. Rock on!

  19. #24
    Amanda Susan

    Love this type of album. Just a word of warning, be careful teaming up with SC. If you don’t know, they can’t seem to go a month without major screw-ups. Their customer service is severely lacking. Would hate to see you tarnished by them.

  20. #25

    Hi Amanda, have you had a negative experience? If so, Im so sorry to hear that. Ive had nothing but positive ones, including seeing them be very attentive to some of my blog readers who had questions about this particular piece. If you have been unhappy with their service, have you emailed them directly? Just hate to see a dissatisfied customer. : )

  21. #26
    Jen Cox

    Thank you for the inspiration. I’m totally in — can’t wait — I made a Thankful tree for the first time this year and a digital album to go along with it will be perfect. Can’t wait to try out Artifact Uprising. Thank you for the templates!

  22. #27
    Barb C

    I wish the wood veneer card was still available … it is sold out and doesn’t look like they are restocking it again. Never even had a chance to get it … twice …

  23. #31
    Margot Perry

    I have googled this, but was wondering if you had a list of shortcuts for PSE or PS for your MAC? Or at least a list of the most commonly used. While watching your videos, you usually walk us through the key strokes or shortcuts, but was curious if you had a list of them by chance.


  24. #32

    Just joined to get your newsletter and browsing your blog, love this 30 days of Gratitude idea. It will go great with my Project Life pages. I plan to start on Thanksgiving and go through to Christmas, to help keep the spirit going.
    I work retail, and its difficult to have that Christmas spirit when the people you deal with everyday don’t.
    Wish me luck.

  25. #34

    I wish I had seen this post before I started my 30 days of Gratitude. It would have been a lot more interesting than what I ended up doing. Post daly on FB and then compile them on my blog. I will have to remember this for next year.

  26. #35

    You can always sign up for my new newsletter! It comes directly to your in box and will let you know of upcoming stuff like this. Theres a link in the right sidebar that says NEWSLETTER. : )

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