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October is in full swing at Chez Zielske, and you know what that means: the bee costume has come down from the attic.

My daughter asked me the other day, “So when are you going to start wearing it?”

I should state for the record, I only wear it on Halloween. I wake up. I shower. I put it on.

And once its on, I feel ridiculously happy all day long. I invent errands to run because I like the idea of a bee grocery shopping. I like the idea of a bee filling up her gas tank. I like the idea of someone glancing over in traffic and seeing my antennae.

I also like that no matter what size my stomach is, it just doesn’t matter. The bee costume always fits. Therein lies the real allure.

In other news, I recently unboxed my Silhouette Cameo and after a few false starts (and much  help from my Facebook community!) I managed to create my Bat Wall.


Oh for cute spooky!

And although I have a lot to learn about this amazing new tool, if you’d like to make your own bat wall, by all means, please download my cut file:

Download Czbat

Although I had success with my bats, I decided to take one Facebook friend’s advice and sign up for one of Kerri Bradford’s Silhouette classes, specificially this one: Getting to Know You. I am loving it! I’ve known and admired Kerri and her work for years, but she’s a really gifted teacher. I told her it feels like she’s the Wizard of Silhouette and she’s letting me see behind the curtain.

Plus, I really want to know what I can do with this thing. If you have one and want to expand your horizons, seriously check out Kerri Bradford Studio. I’m soaking up all that I can.


In other news… many of you have signed up for my Picas + Points newsletter (thank you!) and I’m working on the next issue which is slated to blast out at the end of the week. These spooky little 3 x 4 printables will be an exclusive newsletter freebie, downloadable only for newsletter subscribers. Also included? 8.5 x 11 matching prints, which might look just dandy as part of your Halloween decor.


If you haven’t done so, please sign up today by clicking here. My newsletter motto is “100% Crap Free” and so far, with one newsletter already under my belt, I feel it’s safe to say that I’ve kept that promise.

I’m using the newsletter to share upcoming event news, favorite font shares, freebies such as the ones pictured above and anything else design or scrapbook-related that I feel compelled to send to your in box.

I’d love to have you as a subscriber.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out a few more holiday touches, like this one:


Special thanks to my family, who although they will admit I’m getting a little out of hand, seem to love me all the same.




Cathy ZielskeBoo! + a free cut file for you

37 Comments on “Boo! + a free cut file for you”

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    Your bat wall looks great! I confess that I use to go all in for Halloween when my boys were younger. {sigh} Those were good times! I just wish I could spot you in your bee costume since reading about it made me smile this morning.

  2. #4

    I think that is one of the reasons I love scrapbooking so much. I can leave the scrapbook store with all the coolest and trendiest stuff and it doesn’t matter if I am not Size 6. I never leave the scrapbooking store depressed and feeling like I should go have a hot fudge sundae. Hurray for the bee costume.

  3. #5

    I think I may be needing to sign up for that class. Although I know my way around my Silhouette SD pretty well, I don’t think I’m getting everything out of it that I could be.

    Now that you have the bug – are you going to start making designs for the Silhouette to sell via Designer Digitals? Are ya? Are ya????

  4. #6
    Janet K

    You are just Awesome!! Your bat wall looks fantastic & I just love your all of your recent Halloweenish posts!!

  5. #8

    Love Kerri’s classes and have taken 3 of them. Your bat wall looks great. And I love that you are willing to learn from someone else.

  6. #9

    I signed up for your newsletter and have been waiting and waiting—apparently the first one did not arrive in my inbox, Cathy. May I get another first edition? Please?

  7. #10

    I have decorated for the first time in my life. And this is the year that the last of my children left. And I stopped everything right in the middle of a very contentious move in order to do so. #denialmuch? -anyway, my cameo got a little use as well, but I went to the thriftstore and bought plates to hang on the wall, and stenciled them. I don’t waste money on ‘name brand’ vinyl–I spent two entire days meticulously researching the appropriate settings to cut contact brand paper, and it buy it at the thrift store and use it as a stencil with spraypaint, etc.

  8. #12

    Signed up for your email and totally loved keeping up with your FB updates over the weekend! Thanks for keepin’ it real (especially with the ghost project!) …

  9. #13

    Last week at work I put up a glitter tree with 5 flickering tea lights on the branches and eighteen flocked bats. I’ve never decorated at work for ANYTHING, but somehow this year I couldn’t resist. SO. MUCH. FUN. (Thank you, Target.) So basically it looks a bit like your place here, but without the photo frames and skull. Good stuff!

  10. #14
    Melanie A.

    I just added some new “family portraits” for Halloween to our home as well. Search “cameo” in the online store and you’ll see the Frankenstein and Bride profiles. I cut them out and put them in existing frames 😀

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    Debbie S

    Thanks for the bat download Cathy! I saw your bat wall on your instagram feed the other day and LOVED it. So happy that you are sharing your file with us. Now we can all fill our walls with bats. Happy Halloween!!

  12. #19

    Thanks for download, Cathy! Also, I signed up for your newsletter when you first announced you were sending it out but never received the confirmation email…and then forgot all about it till I read this post! So, I’ve submitted my info again and am waiting again, with fingers crossed.

  13. #21

    Bats aside :), I love your wall color and the woodwork is beautiful! Looking forward to the next newsletter!

  14. #22

    Tinka, it shows that you subscribed on Dec. 31, 1969. What? Seriously. That is strange! But you are subscribed. So, you should get the next newsletter!

  15. #23
    nancy l

    Glad to hear you signed up for Kerri’s classes. I’ve taken two and plan on more but need the time but I love my Silohuette now. Love your bat wall. Thanks for sharing!

  16. #24
    lin marie

    fyi: I’ve signed up for your newsletter 4 times and never get the confirmation email. I’ll keep trying and hope the next time it will work, but just in case others are having trouble as well. LOVING all your stuff 🙂

  17. #25

    First of all, let me say I love the newsletter! I’m inspired by your work and need to spend a little more time myself in photoshop. I’m always encouraged when I read your blog or take a class from you. I would love to decorate for Halloween. I may have to try the Bats. Also I love my Silhouette but I may have to take the recommended class to – I can always learn more!

    I’m thinking I will try the 30 Days of Thankful this year.

    Keep up the good work, Cathy!!

  18. #27

    Thank you Cathy! I love the bat wall and now I feel the need to make one of my own. 🙂 I too have loved Kerri’s classes. She is fabulous!

  19. #28
    Elaine Mahabir

    Cathy – I love the bats but have a hanging question. I recently purchased Martha Stewart’s spider cut-outs to decorate with. They came with adhesive that didn’t keep them on the wall…. I tried glue dots (medium size) and still they are not sticking to the wall…. Any suggestions for a girl trying to hang some cut-outs on the wall?

    Thanks so much.

  20. #29
    Barb in AK

    Your house should be featured in a decor magazine during October!! 🙂
    So cool that you get into the Halloween spirit by wearing your costume out of the house 🙂 Have you been practicing a Bee dance?? 😀
    Thanks for sharing all you are up to— can’t wait to get the newsletter!

  21. #30

    LOVE LOVE this post and all your fun!! My day is brighter each time you share on IG, makes me smile! Awesome bats!

    Thanks so much for the download! Can’t wait for the next newsletter, enjoyed the first one so much!

  22. #32

    Damn you Cathy Zielske, damn you. Am I the only one left in the world without a Silhouette? *dramatic sigh* Cute bats though. And to think, 6 years or so ago I cut all 100 of mine (in 3 different sizes) by hand. Can’t wait for the bee!

  23. #33
    Margot Perry

    Love your blog! I also signed up for your newsletter. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. 🙂
    I too own a silhouette and love it! Careful, it’s addictive! And Kerri Bradford’s videos are awesome. I have learned so many new tricks and cool tips. Wait until you start creating your own print n’ cuts for your project life album. Mind blowing!

    What font did you use to make your boo?

  24. #35

    I just signed up for the newsletter and was wondering how many issues you’ve done so far? I would love to get those darling cards above and hope I haven’t missed them:(

  25. #36

    I just signed up for the newsletter and was wondering how many issues you’ve done so far? I would love to get those darling cards above and I was wondering if you could re-issue them? (spooky little 3 x 4 printables)

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