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    just came home from work to start a two week holiday. Pinned up the skeleton to the front window, attached some Halloween decs to the front door, put the candy bucket by the front door with some detached hands in it (and what is left of the candy after my hubby found it), and turned on the computer.

    and found you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You just started my holiday with a laugh.

    Thank you!

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    YOU ROCK CATHY!!! Seriously LOVED IT!!

    uummm picture what your neighbors might be thinking if they walk by and see this thru the window.



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    Didn’t you once mention that you were an introvert? I will be smiling all day thinking of the Queen Bee. Happy Halloween.

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    Awesome and fun! Quick question … that song is playing NON STOP over here in England. Is it a huge hit in the USA too? Happy Halloween!

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    Love this tradition of yours!! Thank you for starting our morning off with a smile! You are definitely the Queen Bee – Hands down!

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    Angie Coleman

    What a wonderful way to start off ourday!! Thank you Queen Bee for the fun and laughs!
    You are too funny!

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    So looking forward to this and you did not disappoint! So stinkin’ funny! Have a happy Halloween!!

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    Karen S

    What a great way to start Halloween! How long did you practice your moves or was it all spur of the moment? BTW, my cat’s name is Lucky. He liked the music. πŸ™‚

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    Juliana Hough…watch out! This was worth the one year wait…I’ve been looking forward to it for THAT long! Happy Halloween…you rock.

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    It looks like you got in your swimming, dancing, cardio AND yoga for today. That’s a lot of exercise – you deserve some Hallowe’en candy. #heisenbee

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    I smiled throughout your dance! Thank you for starting my day. I was looking forward to this. This will be my Halloween tradition to watch the Bee dance!

    Happy Halloween!

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    You rock CZ! Just back from the ER with husband. Kid 1 needed to get to Hockey, kid 3 had a headache and kid 4 threw-up- you were just what I needed after all that.

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    Breaking Bee 2013 – best yet! Great job, Cathy and thanks for making me laugh! You really need to be doing stand-up!!!

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    Thanks for sharing!! You are awesome – my kids would just “die” if I posted something like that; although I do break out in dance around the house! πŸ™‚
    Have fun buzzing around today – Happy Halloween!

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    You gave me the best belly laugh this late-middle-ager could handle. Cathy Z, you ROCK, Baby you Rock!

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    Leanne in CA

    Love it! Thanks for the great Halloween smiles. All done in one take again? Looks like your foot is doing well–good enough for alittle dancing. Have a fabulous Halloween!!

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    You are seriously one of the funniest people on the planet! I am thankful for the bee! Thanks for bringing the Queen back!

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    Beth R

    “SAY MY NAME!” Heisen bee you are the only part of Halloween I look forward to. Just the serious look on your face made me laugh. You never fail, seriously the funniest scrapper in town.

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    Kristi Sikora-Blankenship

    Best Video EVER! Might have to show this to my 5th graders because you did MANY of the AWESOME dances I tried to teach them for the recent 5th grade dance… you prove JUST HOW COOL I REALLY AM! I love it. Maybe I needed to demonstrate the dances in a Bee Costume because you look way cooler than I did….. LOVE IT!

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    Oh Cathy Zielske, I love you and your bee. Queen indeed. Speaking of Queen…did you see Sir Paul McCartney’s new video Queenie Eye? (

    It’s a little…strange. But Johnny Depp! Meryl Streep! After you watch it, go watch the making of and it will all make sense and you’ll love it more. (And I don’t usually even like his stuff that much. Blasphemy, I know.)

    Happy Halloween! And here comes a month of gratitude! πŸ™‚

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    You are a riot! Reminds me of a saying my kids have “YOLO” You Only Live Once. Thanks for being you, Cathy!

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    You are one cool cat (err, I mean bee). All Hail the Queen…indeed! I bow to your genius! ha ha ha

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    Halloween is not such a big deal here in Australia but I love your commitment to the Bee costume Cathy! Loved this video … thank you!

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