The Present Participle List for October

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Savoring the chilly days of late October.

Finishing up a new class that’s been fun and challenging.

Learning how to use my Silhouette.

Trying to make better choices for food and health.

Missing the mark, frequently.

Hesitating on upgrading my Mac to the new OS X Mavericks.

Ingesting Evening of Primrose Oil to help combat hot flashes.

Meeting with Joe, my physical therapist, twice weekly, to get my dang toe moving.

Feeling pain in all sorts of other places, on account of my weird gait caused by the toe.

Thinking, “Man, you sound like such a middle-aged whiner!”

Watching American Horror Story: Coven.

Listening to The Current’s live stream most mornings.

Loving my new office desk.

Working to think less about me and more about everyone else.

Anticipating how fun it will be to wear my bee costume next week.

Wishing there was more time in each day.


What’s your latest ‘ing’?


Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for October

30 Comments on “The Present Participle List for October”

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    Deb Alvarado

    Avoiding…the mess that has accumulated in my house after three weeks of sickies have kept me busy. I’m just too tired. Also…whining, about pretty much everything,

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    Oh, wow! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I’ve commented and it is because I know so few people who have seen American Horror Story. That show was so funny!!! I feel like I can tell whether I would be friends with people just based on whether they like that film. Love it!

    BTW, I looked up coven in the dictionary after I watched the film because I wondered who was right about the pronunciation….and they both were! They are alternate pronunciations. You gotta love a film that drives you to the dictionary.

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    Kristi K.

    Thanks for the radio station recommend? I’ve been desperately looking for something new to listen to in the morning.

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    Amy O'

    waiting… for Silhouette to send me the “it’s shipped and here is your tracking number” e-mail!

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    Deb @ PaperTurtle

    Anticipating a visit from a blog friend this weekend. We’ve been friends online for four years, and now she’s coming to be a houseguest. :o)

    I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago and it’s amazing how having one body part out of whack throws a whole bunch of other things off. Keep at it!

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    Love your participle-ing. Just a question. Is the 6×6 template specifically for the Artifact Uprising book. I think I def want to go that route, so just wondering about which template to purchase. Looking forward to being thankful!!

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    Tammy B

    Procrastinating far too much. On everything from housework to card-making to running errands. Thinking that a nap might be good!! Take care Cathy!

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    Enjoying my “new & huge” monitor, which was an unused TV that I connected to my laptop because its screen was going woky. And enjoying that achy feeling from a new exercise routine. And enjoying the “screen & show tune” channel on the cable company’s music stations. Getting prepped for being “Thankful”.

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    Janet White

    Picking the WRONG color for the trim on the house.
    Driving back to the store to try and salvage the paint (more red, please).
    Wondering why we waited so long (yeah, end of October, let’s paint the outside of the house in the Colorado mountains).
    Thinking how lucky we are to have nice weather and if I can get the RIGHT trim color we can have this house painted by the end of this weekend.

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    I saw the first episode – and it was my first of any season of American Horror Story. I think I’m terrified to watch the rest… and I am SO going to do it πŸ˜€

    (But Sleepy Hollow is closer to my norm. You know, cute guy w/accent on network TV = I’m there.)

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    Enjoying all the crazy ‘beards’ of the Boston Red Sox. (not my team but it’s fun to see)
    Learning how to give Intramuscular injections. Hello Flu Shots! Get yours today!
    Contemplating moving to our beach house in North Carolina.
    Getting organized for you 31 days of Thanks….


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    I love this photo of you! Love this ing list and am trying to think of a list of my own, lol.

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    Preparing for the weekend at my sisters
    Trying to get my laptop to print photos for my PL
    Looking forward to the REO concert with my sister
    Taking a much needed vacation day tomorrow
    Taking my car to get the tire fixed tomorrow
    Finishing laundry

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    Love your picture and the “ing” list!!

    Enjoying my new art journal class
    Waiting to do thankful leaves again in November
    Trying to stay warm in this sudden cold wave coming thru
    Planning what to make for dinner tonight…cook or order pizza?
    Smiling because it’s TGIF!!
    Enjoying my blog hopping this morning, like yours
    Looking forward to a cozy weekend inside staying warm

    Have a great weekend Cathy!

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    I know. Im in the middle of one big project and as soon as that project is done, ill upgrade. My Mac is pretty new, having just bought it in August. It should handle the upgrade no problem.

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    Organizing – just have the bug to get the house
    more organized this fall. Which is leading to

    Running – I’ve been enjoying some awesome
    fall color trail runs.

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    Margy Eastman

    Planning for the big events of the next year…and enjoying the “calm before the storm.”

    And rooting for the bearded Red Sox, the battered Packers and the Patriots (only because I love my husband).

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