They tried to make me go to rehab…

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Physical therapy has begin in earnest on my big toe.

I showed up last week for my first appointment with Joe, who looked me straight in the eye and said, “Every minute we spend together is going to put you in pain.”

I said, “OH, sort of like marriage counseling?”

He smiled.

I told him I will do everything he tells me to do. He told me I may never regain full range of motion, it may swollen for months, if not forever, and that I may have permanent pain.

Well then. He’s a bit more direct than my doctor who simply said, “You won’t drive for three weeks.”

I mean, it didn’t hurt this bad before the surgery. In fact, not even remotely so.

In any case, I decided it was time to lace up and get moving again, pain or no pain. So I picked up a new fitness gadet in the form of a Fitbit Flex. I’m a huge fan of Fitbit. My only problem is that I was tending to accidentally wash them. They only like to be washed once, apparently. This new wrist style FitBit might be the perfect fit, no pun intended. It’ll be hard to throw that down the laundry chute. (The clip-on models were always on my bra, ergo, accidental washings galore.)


I set a modest step goal of 5,000 to start. It’s crazy how little I was moving and yet how easy it was to hit that mark in one day of simply trying.

My present goal is back to 10,000. I have a number to aim for and every step is good for my rehab efforts.

I realized how gadget-oriented I am. I love the idea of tracking steps. Every little bit adds up, especially when you’ve been in any sort of forced inactivity.

That, and I love hot pink. And $10 from the sale of each hot pink Fitbit Flex goes to the American Cancer Society.

I know we are heading straight for holiday season central—Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas—but right now, I’m just feeling really grateful for the opportunity to get this middle-aged bod moving again.

Now I’m off to see Joe for my bi-weekly dose of pain. Wish me luck.


Cathy ZielskeThey tried to make me go to rehab…

21 Comments on “They tried to make me go to rehab…”

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    I wish you luck with Joe and with the Flex. I love what the flex does but the bands keep splitting on me. Bad glue I’d say.

    Glad you are setting realistic goals with those steps. You’ve learned a lot!

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    I love my FitBit. I started wearing it about two months ago and it’s been very eye opening. It tells me on a regular basis I don’t walk enough or sleep enough. 😉

    Good luck on your rehab!

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    I had to smile just reading the title for your blog post today! And of course I am still singing the song. Thanks for the smiles Cathy!

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    Karen G

    good luck with moving more, hopefully not too much pain. I love my fitbit. I always take it off first before anything else to prevent washing it. It is tiny.
    Oh and I am reading a book called “The Exceptional Seven Percent: The Nine Secrets of the World’s Happiest Couples” by Gregory K Popcak, MSW. You might enjoy the read since you are working on your marriage (aren’t we all?) Great ideas to strive for.

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    I just wanted to comment and say I love the photo at the beginning of your post! Absolutely beautiful!
    Are your leaves that colorful this year? Here is northern Iowa, things are a bit more brown and rust, not as much bright orange, yellow, or red. Still lovely though.

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    Michelle Palmquist

    I have a Jawbone Up that is similar to the Fitbit flex. Although I don’t think I can upload it to my computer. I LOVE it. Inspired by you & few others I have lost 50lbs!!! And I have set a “timer” on mine that vibrates when I have sat for 30 min. LOVE THAT!!! I regularly get over 10,000 steps. Thanks for all you do on this blog.

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    Abby P.

    Ditto what Jodee said — I’ve never seen leaves such vibrant colors. Re “Joe” — my sister’s a RPT and won’t take any family members as patients because PT is often painful, and she doesn’t want to hear us beeotch about it!

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    I really looked at that one too. In fact, I think theyre a little cooler looking! Who knows, maybe I can get one too and write it off as a research expense? LOL!

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    I am sitting here reading this aloud to my husband after all his orthopedic surgeries and we are having a good laugh! This is so true about PT. Good luck!

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    Good luck Cathy!! I know you can do it!! Enjoy those walks in the fall leaves, that alone is motivating and beautiful!

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    Ann Kearns

    I’m so sorry about all this trouble you are having with your foot.
    Have they told you when you might be able to run again? I think your hot pink Newtons must be missing you.

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    So Cathy do you wear your fitbit all of the time or just when you work out? I have been wondering if it would incourage me, been a little lax lately

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    Every minute of the day, even when I sleep! It tracks your sleep too. : )
    I do take it off to shower, even though they say the Fitbit Flex can be worn in the shower.

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    Cathy, I have had the Fitbit Flex for over a month. I knew with any other Fitbit it would get lost. And I love it! Although it does make me obsessed with 10,000 steps. lol

    Good luck with your physical therapy. I hope it works out well for you.


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    Bec Kilgore

    I broke a bone in my hand in July. It is called a Boxer’s fracture. I didn’t punch anyone. It happened in an auto collision. Ugh! Did the therapy and I am still doing exercises at home. I am sympathetic. Not sure my hand will ever be the same.

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