30 Days of Thankful: Gratitude Friday

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Another week in November, another seven days of documentation. I am so looking forward to seeing how this project plays out in a printed book form.

I plan to make a  book at Artifact Uprising with the finished pages, plus a few extra photo pages thrown in for good measure. I’ll be compiling the album in the first week of December, and share both the process and the results.

But enough of my yakking. Onto the pages.




CZ_30DT3_Day18 copy

Note: I felt I owed it to the band to blur them out. You know, middle school. Plus, the lead singer/guitarist was flipping the double bird. This was a selfie timer band shot and when I saw it, I can’t lie. I giggled and thought, rock and roll, boys. Rock and freaking roll. It’s a great band photo, all the same. I asked Cole if I could use it for my album which was met with a puzzled, but agreeable look. Moving right along…



Note: again, teens. You know.


And that’s where it stands as of today. I ended up using mostly iPhone shots this week, save for Cole’s band shot. And I used product shots because I thought they were pretty. The thing about this project is, the photos don’t have to perfectly illustrate your gratitude.

And for that, I’m thankful.

If you want to learn more about this album project, read this post. 

Please share links to your pages and approaches for the past week. And have a great weekend.


Cathy Zielske30 Days of Thankful: Gratitude Friday

18 Comments on “30 Days of Thankful: Gratitude Friday”

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    Loving this week’s pages Cathy! I want to be a part of your family photo shoot. I wish we could bust up like that around here. In the band shot, Cole is really looking like a teenager now – like he’s totally ready for high school. And I had to laugh at the last one. I love my sweatpants and sweater, no-makeup days working from home so I can totally relate!

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    Mary Kay

    I hope they’re not blurred out in the actual book you print! I’d even leave the double bird in. It’s what’s happening RIGHT NOW. Just ask the boys if you can put them in your family book; you know they’ll think it’s funny.

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    Vicki aka mizbizibee

    Thanks for the tip about Artifact Uprising! Their software is so much easier than others. Love thier unusal items, great find.

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    I laughed when you said “dolled up”. My husband uses that term all the time. Love your album!

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    Since it is digital, and since you DO plan to make a book out of these wonderful pages, would it be rude of me to mention that there is a typo in your last sentence for Day 19? I hope I am being helpful. Hey, at least you know I am paying attention. 😉

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    oh, no… not blurred. It made me laugh out loud. I had no idea the shot existed until I saw it on their band page on Facebook. I thought, I must have that, little rowdy boys.

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    Deb @ PaperTurtle

    Awesome! Rock and freaking roll, Cathy! It’s always a fun time reading through your thankful project. You are such an inspiration, and oh so entertaining too. ;o) Have a great weekend.

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    Oh gosh. I know it shouldn’t be freaking revolutionary or anything. But you just showed me that I can show one thing in a photograph and write about something else.

    I mean it’s a fricking epiphany here:
    Photos do not have to match the writing. When they are together the story gets told. The whole is bigger than the sum.

    Seriously, my lack of photo-to-go-along-with-what-I’m-grateful-for has totally thrown me off on this project. And now I see a way through.

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    Cathy, these pictures and stories are awesome, so cool!! I love your little family! How awesome for Cole and his music, that’s a big part of us too. I love when I hear my daughter upstairs singing out loud just enjoying herself. I’m thankful for your creative graphic side too, LOVE your style and all you do. This week I included your downloads from the newsletter, THANK YOU!!

    Laughing at your at wardrobe attire, that’s me everyday. I can’t stand bras and wear them only when I have too. Don’t do the yoga pants though, old jeans and sweatshirts is for me.

    Thanks for sharing your week, have a wonderful weekend!

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    Kari Bh.

    LOVE your days 17 & 18. One was my birthday too. And the point about not having a photo stop you from recording a moment, event, memory, etc… I totally second what Yolanda said. Good point got me to keep in mind.

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