30 Days of Thankful: Gratitude Friday

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The month is winding down and I’ve got seven more days of entries for my album. Just a few more days and I’ll be ready to gather my files to make my printed book.

I plan to upload by files on Sunday to Artifact Uprising. I’m going to add in a few extra photo pages to fill out the book to make it 40 pages in length. And then I’ll stalk my hot mail man waiting for the results. I’ll record a video tutorial covering the process. I will try to make it both information and entertaining.

Here are my last seven days.









If you want to learn more about this album project, read this post. 

Please share links to your pages and approaches for the past week. And have a great weekend.

Cathy Zielske30 Days of Thankful: Gratitude Friday

23 Comments on “30 Days of Thankful: Gratitude Friday”

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    Should day 23 say ‘keenly aware’? Just pointing it out before printing. 🙂 I too am very aware that this is my last winter hunkering down with my daughter but, as renters, it my be my last winter in this house or this town… I’m so thankful for where we’ve been for nine years but thankful for new opportunities too! Love your book and can’t wait to watch your process!

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    Love your 30 days of thankful, it´s been such a joy reading them. Congrats to Aidan for her acceptance in Knox, go girl!!

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    Tammy W.

    Congrats to Aidan, if she likes what Knox has to offer which I have been to and it is lovely, she should really check out North Central College where I teach – excellent smaller type school just a train ride away from the campus in downtown Naperville to Chicago. I would be happy to give you all a tour :)!

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    Christine K

    Congrat to Aidan! I have sent of 2 out of 3 of my daughters to college. I’m not sure if I can let go of my last one in 2 more years. My older girls loved their college experiences more than their high school experiences. Such exciting times await Aidan.

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    I really love the tone of your writing…it is a true talent. You usually blow me away with your journaling and
    insightfulness but day 28 was over the top awesome for me. Really spoke to me. Thanks Cathy. I am inspired.

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    Yes, pretty please, share! I *love* them too!
    And congrats to Aiden: she sounds like a really cool girl.

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    Tammy W.

    It is a wonderful school. Just about 3000 students – great pre-health occupations program : ). Awesome downtown area with the ability to travel easily to other suburbs and Chicago. I know she loves theater – I cannot say enough about our program. Wentz concert hall is beautiful and our student/community productions are amazing! I am in Health and Wellness so more on the public and community health side, but I would be happy to answer any questions she has.

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    Tammy W.

    Our Study Abroad program is amazing as well.Short or long term exchanges, I have many students that take advantage of it -wish I would have done it in college!

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    and the card about Aidan’s college (yay! congrats!) the “top choices for school’s” doesn’t need that apostrophe. 🙂

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    So my feedly isn’t working and I haven’t been reading my most favorite blogs much lately:) But you have inspired me to start this project today (I have pix from Thanksgiving and yesterday I can use) thru Christmas. I LOVE your writing and projects. You are always so inspiring! I’ve loved your style since years ago when I bought one of your first books when Aiden and Cole were super young (lots of black and white pix:) I still remember the page you did when Aiden wasn’t gonna let you take a pic of her unless you had color film in the camera:) )It’s been so cool to watch them grow! Now I have my own 12, 11, 9 and 4 yr olds. Time flies by – love that you keep me inspired to take pix and do projects! I read this today…http://www.pinterest.com/pin/108086459780953290/ and it’s a little weird that you were the first person I thought of:) On account of I have family in MN. Maybe you’ve already seen it, but it cracked me up and I wanted to share! Have a super fabulous day!

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    Congrats to Aidan! I’m sure she will do fantastic wherever she ultimately chooses to attend. And, as a fellow introvert, I couldn’t agree with you more about the online shopping. When my family was out Thursday night and Friday morning braving the cold and the crowds, I was home getting the bulk of my shopping done from the warmth and comfort of my home office. I got a LOT more purchased than all of them combined!

    Still loving this project – have to catch up on the last few days, but it will be done shortly!

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