A simple holiday project that even I was able to make

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I was watching the Big Picture Pajama Party last week and Stacy Julian shared the cutest and simplest idea: cover a can of hot cocoa with holiday paper and keep a stash handy for quick last-minute or hostess gift ideas.

I thought: I can do this.

So I decided to create a custom lid label as part of the project. I posted a photo on Instagram and a few people said, “Can you show us how you did it?

Can I?

Today I have a video tutorial that walks you through using Photoshop Elements and the Silhouette software to design, print and cut out a custom label. The reason I love this is that I don’t have a circle cutting system. I can only go up to 2.5 inches (the largest jumbo punch I own) and when I realized, “Hey! I can use my Silhouette for this!” I decided to get down to the business of making adorable holiday gifts.

One note of interest: my head shows up in the second half of the video. Frequently.

It appears I have much to learn about shooting from above, but I will tell you this: I milk it for all its worth.

This project involves zero glitter and is a fun way to add a little digital hybrid to your holiday crafting.

And, you know, hot cocoa.

Holiday Project: Customize a Can of Hot Cocoa from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Note: I added a vintage shaped tag to my can and tied it on with some twine. The Silhouette store has tons of different labels to choose from. I chose one and just added some text inside the shape and did the Print & Cut process. I can see how money could quickly start going right down the Silhouette drain.

But really, can you put a price on cute?

Okay, I know the answer to that, but let’s just pretend together.

Thank you, and thanks to Stacy Julian for making me tap into my inner crafty girl.

GREAT VIDEO ON PRINT AND CUT: I watched this video last week to figure out how to do a Print & Cut. It may be helpful and there are no heads that appear and get in the way.


Note: any sheet of 12 x 12 paper will work for this project. My sheet was so old there are no modern-day links available! 
Cathy ZielskeA simple holiday project that even I was able to make

26 Comments on “A simple holiday project that even I was able to make”

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    Kristi K.

    You said “burnish!” Haven’t heard that one in awhile. Don’t really miss the paste-up days, or the smell of the waxer. Yish. Good job on the tutorial… way to mine that comedy gold 🙂

  2. #3

    Look at you go with the new Silhouette! You know you can do the entire print and cut in Silhouette without using Elements 😉

    I have taken all of Kerri’s classes so I am a know it all! 🙂


  3. #7
    laura kate

    Love the hair! Excellent.

    I see you are sporting a Fitbit. I can’t tell if you’re rocking a Flex or a Force. I love my Flex, even when it reminds me that I spent the day on my butt. Guilt works a bit for me.

  4. #12
    Marina D-K

    Brought a morning smile to my face! Love your videos!!! I’m going back through and completing my MeTAV album this month (yes the one I started at the end of 2010) and I’ve been so happy to watch those videos again. =)

  5. #13

    What an awesome video I love how you incorporated your hair into it! I can always count on you to put a smile on my face with your videos! Great tutorial as well!

  6. #14

    Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for the chuckles and the clever project. Yes, I too have some of that paper.

  7. #15

    lol…you will be Cathy! Actually you do exactly what you did in Elements! Bring in the paper, make a circle, and bring in the png!

  8. #16

    So funny, Cathy. Quite a few years ago, a friend and I totally got on this crafty can kick and went to Benjamin Moore paints and bought a few CASES of empty paint cans. We covered them with holiday paper, baby shower paper, birthday paper, coffee paper, etc. We added tags and tops for the cans. We embellished the s*&t out of those cans. Then we figured we needed to recoup some of the cost so we entered ourselves in a ton of “holiday craft fairs”. We still talk about the great can experiment. What fun!!!!!!!!

  9. #19
    Nancy D

    Hi Cathy –
    Can you please share the font that you used for the tag on the cocoa can?
    Thanks a bunch

  10. #22
    Karen S

    Adorable! I have an important question — have you ever had Starbucks Hot Cocoa or Ghiradelli? How does Stephens compare? This hot cocoa aficionado would like to know!

  11. #24
    Judy in Huntsville AL

    Last year I bought a HUGE can of hot chocolate mix [Nestles] and divided it up into cute little containers with the labels, etc. I decided to FORGET the home-made stuff since even I refused to drink it – lol

    And I agree – Stephen’s is magical!

  12. #25
    Shelagh P

    lol! Thanks for the very funny tutorial. I am going to have to run to the store and find some Stephen’s cocoa to try it out now.

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