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I have a few more holiday themed products in the store, the last few pieces of my Cool Yule Collection.


Cool Yule Cards No. 03  and,


Cool Yule Decor No. 02.

I’ve been going a little mental with my Silhouette Cameo, cutting stuff out left and right. I’m working on a tutorial this weekend to show you how I’m tracing PNGs and cutting them out as I add a few more little options to choose from for my December Daily™ album. To see my initial efforts, read this post.

To learn more about December Daily, visit

Cathy ZielskeNew Product Releases

6 Comments on “New Product Releases”

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    Pilbara Pink

    These are gorgeous and I am looking forward to your tutorial. I LOVE my Cameo but get frustrated at my lack of skill with it. I love a short tutorial showing how to do something specific. Too much information at once and I forget it later.

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