Preparing to reboot (aka the elephant in the room)

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Save for a few posts recently about my foot surgery, I haven’t really been talking about my health and fitness and chub-related things.

Maybe you didn’t notice?

I was hoping you didn’t notice.

Now before you look at the title of this post and think it is in any way related to fat-shaming myself with the mention of the word ‘elephant,’ let me assure you, that ain’t where this is headed.

Here’s a very short story:

In 2010 I decided to get in shape. I worked out 6 to 7 days a week, followed Weight Watchers to the point and droppd 40 pounds in 10 months. Then I spent the next few years figuring out how to eat real food and how to move my body with regularity.

Along the way I learned about nutrition, worked on becoming a runner and swimmer, and—more importantly—worked on my insides as well.

Then I gained every single pound back plus one.

And I am still an awesome person.

And I am still a work in progress.

Sure, there were some mitigating factors, but the reality is this: I haven’t been doing what is needed to be strong and fit as I can personally be.

It’s not about blame. It’s about facts.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the past few years of teaching my Move More, Eat Well class at Big Picture Classes is that getting down on yourself and lamenting your situation isn’t very productive. Sure, whining has its place but then it’s time for it to move on down the road so you can focus on what is true and what is needed.

Right now, I am in the middle of a reboot; a reconnection to making better choices and moving my body with the ultimate goal of shedding a few libbies and feeling fewer aches and pains.

I know that posting every month about dropping yet another 10 pounds might look inspiring on the surface, and I suppose back when I was doing that, I felt a real sense of pride and control over my situation. But if a way of living isn’t sustainable, it’s back to the drawing board.

I really did get tired of eating 22 points a day. That is a fact.

But here’s the deal: I just want to be stronger and healthier and heck, maybe even live a bit longer because of the choices I make. I don’t want to forsake a glass of wine with dinner. I don’t want to never eat the amazing pies my daughter bakes. I don’t want to make my issues with chub affect the people around me.

This is my deal and I just want to take the best care of me that I can. Period.

Part of this process will always be about attitude. The other part is all about information. What do you know about how you tick? What is it that motivates you to take better care of yourself? What is it that sends you back to the drawing board? And, what can you do about it?

I decided to focus on these very aspects to create a new 31-day workshop called the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart. You guys know I’m not a personal trainer or a licensed nutritionist. I’m just a woman, wife and mom who is looking for balance and better health.

And I like to scrapbook about it as I go.

Here’s a little promo video about the new class, which kicks off as a live workshop on January 1. After January, it will become a self-paced class that you can take for any 31-day chunk you like. Whenever you feel it’s time to kickstart your  health and fitness process, the class will be ready and waiting.

Take a peek at the clip:

Say Hello to the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

To learn more about the class or to sign up, click here. If you have any questions, by all means, leave me a comment today and I’m happy to answer.

I really do believe that every day is a chance to live healthier and make better choices. It’s not about being the skinniest girl in the room and it’s most definitely not about perfection.

I hope you’ll join me in January for a jumpstart.









Cathy ZielskePreparing to reboot (aka the elephant in the room)

45 Comments on “Preparing to reboot (aka the elephant in the room)”

  1. #1

    WOW!! Cathy, I love this idea and the video was GREAT!! What a neat idea and at the perfect timing of after holiday feeling blue and need to Jumpstart the new year!

    Does this mean your not doing the usual yearly class of this for 2014?

    Can we just get the cards and not the album? I’m not sure I want another album to work on.
    Thanks so much for always inspiring us!!

  2. #2

    I’m in! I’ve been on a fitness journey since my
    youngest started kindergarden and could use
    some fresh ideas & motivation. She is a high school
    sophomore now!

    I LOVE that bag you threw in your car! Where
    did you get it? My dd would love it too for
    XC practice. 🙂

    On a off topic note – you don’t sound like I expected
    you to? Not sure what I expected though?

  3. #4

    That looks so fun! I don’t need to lose weight, but would love a community of scrappy women who are out there moving it.

  4. #5

    Dawn, yes. This class is to replace the year long class. And the album is not required. You can actually use any type of album you want with divided page protectors. Simple Stories makes a 6 x 8 one that I just love. Plus, you could also work them into your PL regular pages. : )

  5. #7
    shawna z

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I too, struggle each day to make better choices in exercise and nutrition. It is very helpful for me to see the circle effect; each of us can provide inspiration and motivation to another.

  6. #9

    Rebecca, I created it at, a few years ago. They let you pick your colors, words, etc. It wasnt cheap. Maybe about $80. But I love my bag. How did you think I would sound? I always think its weird to hear someone Id never heard before, too!

  7. #10

    Cathy, I’m on board! The Move More Eat Well classes have been a huge motivator for me. Glad to see that you are continuing the effort. Sonia

  8. #11

    Wonderful! As a Registered Dietitian working towards getting back into her career and possibly starting her own business (after 13 years of being a stay at home mom and going through some baby and health-related weight issues myself) I think this is great. The whole jumpstart is great – we all need a refresher and a change-up now and then. Your materials look great – what a GREAT way to track the positive things – look at all those x’s! You may not have done everything every day, but what a lot of positive on a small card! The group support is wonderful, and I love your attitude about the whole process.

    Every step on an improvement journey is a positive step. Just THINKING about making a change is a positive step. Having figured out what doesn’t work is a positive step. Making one lasting change in how you eat is a positive step, as is learning what doesn’t work for you, and going back to try again.
    This is a journey, and we can’t change everything we want overnight.

    Going back to just “thinking” about change being positive: for every one of you who sign up for this class, that a a HUGE step in the journey, and if something happens in life, if you don’t keep up or follow all the way through, that is ok, don’t feel guilty. You still took that step and it will be that much easier to start the next time.

    But wow, what a great way to be motivated! Cathy, I love how you put yourself out there (especially the bee). So motivational.

  9. #12

    Wow, Michelle, now THAT is a great comment. And I agree so strongly! Its all about just continuing to try, to just step up and say, Okay, what CAN i do?
    Love this. So much.

  10. #14

    Thanks Cathy! I am on a don’t buy any PL or classes right now, after the holidays I will come back for the class though! YAY!! I really did love the video and I agree with Rebecca below, you sound different this time, not sure why but it was still GOOD!!

  11. #15

    I wish we could download the printables now! I can’t wait until January 1. I turn 40 in March and the time is now. Nothing crazy, nothing obsessive, and no point counting or packaged food. I have to do it on my own or I am never going to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I too am tweaking the eats, curbing the vino, and moving. I cannot stand to hear myself give another excuse. Thank you for keeping us updated. BTW, I did buy the fitbit and I too really do like it.

  12. #17

    Amanda, you are the second person to request it, so if you sign up, I can get you the printables. In fact, maybe I should have done that for the PreClass.

  13. #19

    This is just what I need. Two weeks ago I went to the orthopaedic surgeon on the advise of my physiotherapist. I have been unable to bend my knee past 35 degrees for the last 8 weeks and she was convinced that something was obstructing the knee. The surgeon looked at me, asked a few questions pushed and prodded and bent my knee twice and then proceeded to tell me that the ‘best and only’ option for me was lapband surgery! No mention of losing weight, just lapband surgery full stop end of story.

    Now I tell you I was so humiliated and traumatised by this meeting that I didn’t sleep for a week. Of course I need to lose weight, that was always a given, but what I was hoping for was a ‘yes I can fix your knee so that you can walk again’ rather than the extreme I received.

    Since I have been immobile I have been more than down on myself, I venture to say that I hate everything about myself, especially my inability to stop eating, when said eating is causing a lot of my problems. Over the past week I’ve done a lot of thinking, including trawling your website for past posts on losing weight. I find your approach and honesty inspiring (and I love your voice) so the chance to do this workshop is heaven sent.

    For me to lose the weight I need to take pressure of my body I need to know what motivates me so that I can do that instead of being mean and nasty to myself, which is what I am doing at the moment.

    So, I’m heading on over to Big Picture to register immediately. Thanks Cathy. xx

  14. #21

    I’m not sure how I thought you would sound? Just
    not like you do for some reason. I always get that
    wrong & picture someone short & blonde when
    they are actually tall and dark. 🙂

  15. #22

    Really like the concept that it’s a journey of improvement.
    I’m about to turn 37 and now realise that l cannot keep on taking my health and body for granted. I’ve made a whole heap of changes over the past three years, but l know l need to keep on going with this.
    Your jump start course could be just what l need in January.
    What a wonderful idea to link journaling/memory keeping/scrapbooking and fitness. Thanks for encouraging us all to get out there and move 

  16. #23
    Kendra B

    I’m so excited for this class! This past year has been a rough one and I haven’t spent any time taking care of myself. This jumpstart is just what I need!!!

  17. #24
    Abby P.

    I’m 53, have been working out 50 min. a day, 5-6 days a week since Aug. 16th. I feel those muscles, I’m stronger, my lung-function has increased dramatically…but I still have a little chub on the tummy, which means I’m still taking in a few more calories than I’m expending. And ya know what? I’m okay with that. Like you, I’m not giving up my dinner wine, or my sugarfree chocolate chip cookies after dinner. I am healthy and I am enough! Thanks for helping me be more comfortable in my own skin, and not strive for (unattainable) perfection.

  18. #25

    I am glad you went back to talking about scrap designs, was so tired of hearing about health stuff. I think your great and actually liked your blog before your weight loss and recently much better. That said I have been taking your class for two years and will take again. I love your prospective and take on things!

  19. #26

    Once a month I take my kids to a skating rink to meet friends. I personally have not skated since I was about 13. Yesterday, after reading your post, I took the plunge. At the ripe age of 50,I put on roller skates and made my way around a rink for over an hour. It wasn’t graceful but it was moving. Thank you for reminding me that it is not too late to ‘reboot.’

  20. #29
    Annet M

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’ve already kind of determined I need my own reboot, so I’m pretty certain I’ll sign up. It’s been a crazy year and since MMEW2012 stopped for me about month 9, I’ve been fits and starts and lately completely not at all. And now I’m feeling that effect. So time to get moving again. I’ll probably continue my own jumpstart but extra motivation a ways in won’t hurt!

  21. #30

    On January 1, 2013 I started a month long goal of walking Two Miles a Day. I met my goal and decided to keep it up for the month of February. Now it’s November 13, 2013 and I’m proud to say that I’ve walked at least two miles every single day this year. No skipping, no excuses. I know that once I miss a day it would be easy to miss two, three, etc. so I’ve just stuck with the plan to walk every single day. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t eat everything you want just because you are spending 30 minutes a day exercising. In 2014 I’m going to keep up the exercise and add in nutrition. Your class sounds like a great way to get me jump started!

  22. #31

    Good for you! : ) And yes, the exercise doesnt automatically equal cake for lunch. LOL! : ) Would love to have you in the class!

  23. #32

    Dear Twin,

    Remember me?? Long time no write, for which I apologize! But this very morning, as I trudged along to work, I thought to myself that it had been far too long since I’d visited your blog. (Since last I commented, my hubby and son and I have moved from Australia to England, I’ve changed jobs, we bought a fixer upper and, well, life has been full). Anyway, in particular I wondered how your Move More Eat Well campaign was going and whether, like me, the pounds you’d struggled to lose had rejoined you and brought some friends. Lo and behold, I checked in and found this wonderful post. Love the attitude, love that you accept yiourself as a work in progress, love the idea of enjoying life and wine as well as being healthy, and love that we all get to reboot every morning.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your foot surgery, the better to reboot with.

  24. #34

    That doctor was a jackass, plain & simple. Seriously. Find another doctor post haste, and never give this one the time of day again. EVER.

    Also, yes, go ahead and get started on losing the weight that will make you happier & healthier. But do not give that cretin one iota of credit for the changes you’re about to make! 🙂

    I’m right there with you, btw. Can we be friends? 😀

  25. #35

    I’ve never taken an online class, and I’ve never taken a scrapbooking class of any ilk. At all. Ever. But I have to say, watching that video and getting a glimpse of the freakin’ AWESOMELY ADORABLE goodies you’ve created? I SIGNED RIGHT UP! 😀

    I don’t have a printer (except for a black and white laser at work) so I’ll be doing this all digitally, with Paint Shop Pro. I’m so excited!!

  26. #37

    ‘Sure, there were some mitigating factors, but the reality is this: I haven’t been doing what is needed to be strong and fit as I can personally be.’

    Oh Cathy, every single word you’ve written could have come from me. I signed up for MMEW earlier this year, and haven’t completed a single month, or even accessed it in months. I don’t hardly ‘love’s because I plain don’t want to, and I eat pretty much what I want to indulge my inner brat. And it shows.

    But I’m tired – physically, emotionally and spiritually. And I can’t keep going the way I am. I’m currently doing my first Whole30, and half-heartedly training for a fun run in a couple of weeks, but it feels so ‘reluctant’, and I’m constantly focusing on what I’m missing out on.

    Your words are inspiring and encouraging, and I’m going to take them on board. I want to live a wholehearted life, and I’m the only one who can do that, with God’s strength.

    Thank-you so much for your honesty, your encouragement, and your willingness to share living life real with your readers.

  27. #39

    Just remember, Alison, no need to beat yourself up. You just look at what is needed, and start making different choices. I tell myself this EVERY day! : )

  28. #40

    Yup, sure can, not to worry. I guess you didn’t know that your stuff is useful for far more than just Photoshop, huh? 🙂 There are certain things like gradient masks that can render a .psd file useless for Paint Shop Pro, but yours (and most everybody’s) are good to go. Text boxes don’t work at all either, but I can still manage the most important bits – like opening the file in PSP.

    So we’ve got the album window card, the date card, the title card, the statement of intention, left facing page,and the right facing page all in .psd files. I notice you have the printables for the Album Guide, but not the .psd files. Will those be made available so we can customize those, too? Not that I don’t like your backgrounds, mind you, but my style is a bit less, well, clean 😉

    I had planned to customize everything and complete the album entirely digitally. But I’m thinking now that perhaps I might customize the bejeebers out of the cards and then take them to FedEx to print in color on cardstock so I can *gasp* use my own handwriting. Whoa! *LOL* (I don’t have a printer.)

    I’m having fun pondering all this deliciousness! 😀 (And I still watch some of the videos even though PSP works differently. I can still learn from you.)

  29. #41

    Cool! Yes, everything is editable so you can tweak to your hearts content. Plus, I have digital templates for right and left facing pages and you can customize however you like. The digital content will be delivered daily, meaning the PSD files. Unless you want everything sooner. I can defs put together a full digital package. : )

  30. #43

    Sooner = WONDERFUL! I’d love it if you could do that, Cathy, please, oh please 🙂 I’d like to have it ready before January 1st so I have zero excuses.

    Speaking of “zero.” I think that may be my start number instead of my actual weight, else I’d never, EVER show this album to a single soul. I think I like the idea of heading into negative numbers, because red is a fun color for me, not a scary color. Just pondering possibilities here.

    I promise you that I did not just post & run on Friday. I actually refreshed somewhere upwards of 4200 times because I just knew you’d reply, but it never apparently *actually* refreshed, so I didn’t see your reply until today. Sorry ’bout that!

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