Video Tutorial: Make some darling tags and other things using your Silhouette Cameo

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I am a Silhouette newb.

I debated getting one for a long time. I thought, “What would I do with one of those things? I am clean and simple. I am linear and graphic. I’m not the frou frou crafty type!”

It would be just one more scrapbooking tool that would gather dust in some remote corner of my already too crowded dining room. Right?


So wrong.

I had no idea how wrong I was, but since I’ve plugged this thing in (and taken a few classes at, I am realizing more and more that this tool really does work with my whole minimal aesthetic.

I designed this set to make the things I’m going to show you today. I wanted ornaments to serve as tags. I wanted other shapes to serve as, well, things that could go into a page pocket. I wanted to play with practicing how to outline PNG files and making stuff for the upcoming Christmas season.

Like these gift tags:



I know. The cuteness, and yet the clean-ness.

And stuff for pockets.



I have never felt quite so crafty. (At least not since a few weeks ago when I heat embossed for about the fourth time in my entire life.)

So today I want to share with you how I used my Silhouette Studio software to get crafty.

Using PNG files in Silhouette Studio from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Questions? Comments? I’m happy to answer or read any you have.



Cathy ZielskeVideo Tutorial: Make some darling tags and other things using your Silhouette Cameo

32 Comments on “Video Tutorial: Make some darling tags and other things using your Silhouette Cameo”

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    Abby P.

    Very, VERY cool! Whether you know it or not, you are the queen of crafty! Awesome tags! Happy Monday!

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    Sally Kemp

    Hi Cathy! I got a Silhouette last March, and was deathly afraid of it until just this month. Then I took Kerri’s first 2 classes, and felt brave enough to try making her cute little advent boxes for my granddaughter this year, and what do you know, I can actually use this thing! There’s a little bit of a learning curve (I’m on my 2nd mat), but it’s really not as scary as I thought it would be. Like you, I was at it all weekend…now that I’ve jumped in, I absolutely love this machine πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to play around with it some more. I’m thinking of lots of applications for it on my scrapbook pages.

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    I’ve been thinking for years about jumping on the Silhouette bandwagon but I’m not very “techy”. How easy is it to learn how to use one of those machines? I definitely don’t want to invest in it and then have it sit unused.

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    Kathleen D

    I’m so thrilled that you got a Silhouette! I’ve been loving mine for over a year now and the more designers who get it the better for us! lol For the files that you make specifically to cut out have you thought about including the svg files in your kits too? Just a thought, not meaning to add more work but if you are saving them for yourself anyway it might be something easy to do. Love your newfound SIL love! These are super cute ornaments.

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    You might have answered this in the video, but I’m not able to hear the audio. How did you get the name to adhere to the ornament? They’re so thin, I’m not sure what kind of adhesive I would use.

    These are all just darling, I’m definitely going to make some! I’ve had a silhouette for months, but I’m intimidated by it and so I’ve only used it a handful of times. πŸ™

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    Leslie B

    I was on the fence about getting a Silhouette but seeing the awesome things you’ve created convinced me to put it on my Christmas wish list. Kind of a random question, but did you get the Happy Christmas wrapping paper this year? My teens and I are huge Harry Potter fans and always say Happy instead of Merry Christmas.

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    Paige S.

    You just absolutely crack me up. I’ve had my Cameo since March and I’ve cursed the Silhouette gods a few times as well. But I always ask for forgiveness and keep on crafting.

  8. #9

    Way to enable…I had already gotten your other Cool Yule during the DD sale and was going to wait on these 2 new ones until the next sale but couldn’t resist. Thanks!! Love the tutorials and as always i love your humor.

  9. #10

    Heidi, honestly? Its SO easy. I mean, the Silhouette store alone… youd never have to learn how to trace a thing, theres so much stuff in it.

    I plan to do some hybrid stuff with this over the winter. Cutting titles, for example. I need to make a layout so I can do that.

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    Judy Webb

    I’m still using the Cricut, but very much the same experience as you. More to Cricut than I will every learn. With all complicated things, takes practice and patience. My motto: Learn something new everyday!

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    I’ve had my Silhouette since last Christmas and rarely used it. So intimidated by it!! lol Anyway, bought your whole Cool Yule line and attempted a cut and print over the weekend on the labels. And it worked perfectly!! (With a little help from a Lain Ehmann Youtube video!). Glad to see you’ve added a video as well. I’m taking KB’s classes, but I’m not too far into them. I have a lot to learn! Thanks Cathy!!

  12. #14

    Yep. I almost ruined my first mat by cutting right through it! LOL! But I settled down and now Im feeling much more confident!

  13. #16

    Kathleen, I have thought about it, but… I dont always design in Illustrator, and when I tried exporting SVGs I couldnt open them in my Studio software (I must not have the designer editions) so I was leery to save files that I cant test out. So, for now, Ill just be tracing PNGs. : )

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    jenn shurkus

    love this!! thank you cathy πŸ™‚ I have had my silhouette for a year now and due to moving and enjoying summer i havent had a chance to play much. i have been on the fence with kerri’s classes- but think i need to sign up

    i have a feeling my silhouette is going to become my new bff!

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    Great tutorial!! I am so glad you showed me the weld tool. Do you know how many times I’ve had a problem joining the letters. Probably not… Anyhow thanks.

  16. #21

    I love these new set. I bought them and cut a bunch out this weekend and have them ready for my December Daily. I didn’t cut the tree but now that I see it, I will have to go back and cut at least one!! So adorable! Thanks!

    BTW – I uncheck the High Pass Filter and increase the number manually until all the black is yellow. That is all I have to do – nothing else to clean up. Works great!

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    Lynn Shokoples

    Your quite the talented newbie. I’ve had my cameo for almost a year and am still learning the basics! Thanks so much for your tutorial. You are the queen of crafty!!!

  18. #24

    They just sort of stick there. I think it has something to do with a tiny bit of sticky residue from the cutting mat, and friction. : )

  19. #27

    Peggy, did you receive a confirmation email? I dont send out too many emails. Dont want to inundate people! Let me know if you got the confirmation!

  20. #28

    Good question! I dont think my solution is all that great, honestly. I just rolled my dot roller adhesive over it. A little messy and i had to go slow to not tear them. I think you can buy adhesive pens! In fact, Im pretty sure you can, which would make it so much easier to place adhesive on skinny areas! You might consider taking a Kerri Bradford class! They are very affordable and you will learn so much!

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