Wrapping up 30 Days of Thankful: Creating the final book

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Thiry Days of Thankful is now over. Now, let the UNGRATEFUL era commence!

Of course, I jest.  The album project is over and the final step of this process was using Artifact Uprising’s online software to build a 5.5 x 5.5 softcover book.

I’m eagerly awaiting the deliver of the book and will share photos when it arrives, but until then I wanted to share a short video tutorial walking you through how I used Artifact Uprising’s simple, intuitive software to build the book.

But first, a quick look at my closing page for the album.


Thanks to all of you who shared your albums here as well.

Here’s the video, for anyone who’d like to see the process in action.

Making a book with Artifact Uprising from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.



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Cathy ZielskeWrapping up 30 Days of Thankful: Creating the final book

10 Comments on “Wrapping up 30 Days of Thankful: Creating the final book”

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    Love your tutorials! Thanks so much.

    If one was perhaps getting their first DSLR camera for Christmas, can you learn the basics of using it via an online course, or is a classroom setting the way to go?

    I would love to have beautiful photos for my own Artifact Uprising book one day!

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    Sandi Keene

    That was so helpful! I am considered a photo book as a gift but have been procrastinating because I did not want to figure out a software but I think I can make this work! BTW – gorgeous book you made!!

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    Angela NJ

    Well today I am thankful for your excellent tutorial on how to make a beautiful book! I do have a quick question…can you achieve a similar look (photo with paragraph beneath) by using one of their templates for the pages? I don’t have PSE knowledge, so I would upload photos only and then have to type my words on the website. Thank you again for taking the time to share with us.

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    You know, there are so many good online classes. I bet you could go that route. I think Big Picture has lots of classes what focus on photography with a DSLR! But Dar, I took most of those photos with my iPhone. Crazy but true! : )

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    Its so easy! I also made an 8.5 x 8.5 book of my daughters recent senior photo shoot! That will also be coming in the mail later this week. Super excited to see that, too!

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    You can add text, yes. Im not sure if you can make the exact look, but you can choose layouts then add your own text boxes! No Photoshop is required. : )

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    Cathy … I am blessed with an iPhone already! Looks like there is a photo book in my NEAR future. Thanks again for the tutorial!

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    Thank you for the video about Artifact….loaded my photos and my book is on its way…and how fun for me to find out that it is a Colorado company…..I am very excited to receive my book…and excited to be supporting Artifact. Merry merry!

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