December Daily, Days 5 & 6

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The project is rolling along so nicely. I’ll be a sharing a few pages every few days, mostly because I’m trying to save paper by fitting as much onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet of either photo paper or cardstock to print out my elements.


Here is my cut-out, full page quote using this set of digital stamps.


I’ve got a few short video tutorials showing you how I am using my Silhouette to make these crafty cutouts. (Here and here.) Note: I am a still a newb, however, and do not know all there is to know about the Silhouette. I really can’t say enough good things about Kerri Bradford’s classes. I have no financial tie in with Kerri. I just think you should all know about her extreme awesomeness.


I love mixing in some of Ali Edwards’ December Daily 3 x 4 overlays. The garishly colored photo above? It was taken by Dan who was in Michigan for work at the time. I told him to document Christmas while he was there and that is the photo he texted me.

The seafoam 3 x 4 card is from my December newlsetter. It was free to my subscribers. Are you a subscriber? You know, just asking. I mean, because you could be, if you want. (Not-so-veiled-hint: click here to subscribe.)


Someone on my Instagram feed saw this card with the “HO!” ornament, and asked me if I was slut-shaming it.

That made me laugh out loud. Moving right along.

So far, I’m keeping it super simple and really loving the process.


I have zero glitter guilt.

Note: ‘glitter guilt’ is a psychological state wherein professional scrapbookers choose NOT to use glitter and feel a sense of foreboding or disingenuity. See also: herpes of the craft world, Dmitri Martin, craft fear.


December Daily™ is a holiday project concept created and championed by the amazing Ali Edwards. To learn more, click here.



Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily, Days 5 & 6

13 Comments on “December Daily, Days 5 & 6”

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    Sandi Keene

    I just spit on my monitor laughing about your definition of “glitter guilt”. Have decided that monitor spit laughing is my favorite way to start my morning!

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    I’m a late starter on my DD album but yours pushed me to do it this year. With all of your Cool Yule stuff and Simple Stories Dec Documented, I was able to throw a book together this past weekend. And Santa delivered an early Christmas present (Silhouette Cameo – yay!) so I’m taking some classes over at Kerri’s place soon so the machine will actually be USED instead of collecting dust! Thanks Cathy!

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    Great photos and stories you have! We actually bought a real tree this weekend, so thrilled that we did it. Now I just want to sit by it and do nothing.
    Happy Monday and enjoy your week!

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    I love the simplicity of it. I’m missing all my equipment and supplies since I’m on vacation but I’m making drawings so I can quickly complete my pages when I get home. I think your design has made it easier for me – thank you!!

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    Erin Taylor

    Cathy, your pages look fantastic! I love the gorgeous color combo.

    I clicked on the link to your Day Documents Layered 4×6 cards and I have a question for you: When you create a 4×6 card with text and a photo, do you print the whole card onto a 4×6 sheet of photo paper? Or print the text and photo separately? The text would be “shiny” if printed on photo paper, which I haven’t done before.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hey Cathy! I too am using a simple stories album but I’m going nuts trying to figure out the protector sizes. It appears your photos and journaling cards fit in your pockets yet I am cutting to a 3×4 and 4×6 and its sliding around….can you help me know what size “canvas” I can use in PSE to get the right cut? Thank you!!!

  7. #12

    Hey Lisa, hmmm. Im printing at 100 percent size and they are fitting fine. Not sliding around. Are you using Acrobat to print? In Adobe Acrobat, when you go to print, make sure you click the Actual Size button, and make sure Fit to Print is NOT on. Let me know if this helps. : )

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    It depends. I have done both. For Dec Daily, I am breaking up the file. Printing the journal part on cardstock, then taking the photo part, dragging the photo + the layer mask to another doc and printing that on photo paper. : )

    But last year I printed my Dec Daily pages (half of them) on photo paper. It worked to mix them up a bit. : )

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