More December Daily Pages + a very Cool Yule giveaway

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Has this been the fastest December in history? Or is that just what happens with each successive year in middle age and beyond?

I have a few more pages to share today but first, Santa came to my house little early this year. He was so thoughtful! I was so surprised! (Note: in this scenario, I am Santa and the only surprise was that I apparently have NO clue how to plug anything in because I tried to and there was zero power.  And then I called The North Pole B+H Photo Video to request an exchange.) That said, here’s what he brought me:


Oh for cute! Yes, the PhotoMate Charm arrived on my doorstep last night, and after Dan showed me how electrical plugs work, I was up and running. I decided to get a small printer for two reasons:

1. My main photo printer doesn’t print 4 x 6 photos anymore and hasn’t for about a year or more. (Read about all of the things I use in crafty tech life here.)

2. Ali said it was awesome. And as you may or may not know, Ali doesn’t front.

So far, I am in love and I’ve only printed out three photos, including the two in the bottom two pockets on the right side of this spread.


It’s quick, quiet enough and the color quality is excellent.

It also does such a great job printing borders on things. This will go into the album when I put together yesterday’s page. Note: I added a thin outline inside the photo, too.

Note No. 2: Aidan hates this photo.


Look at that symmetrical border. Anal retentive scrapbookers UNITE!

Here’s the previous page. Note: I used a Holiday Story Card on top of Aidan’s photo, but deleted the text that comes in the overlay and added my own text box.


I still love my kraft cut out cards.


If anything, the Silhouette is my favorite Christmas crafting tool of all time. Amen. (Learn how to make cards like this here.)



Now for some giveaway goodness! My good friend Kerri Bradford is hosting a sweet giveaway on her blog today. You can enter to win my entire Cool Yule Collection (nine digital packages in all!) just by leaving a comment on her blog. Plus, while you’re there download her daily freebie. She’s been doing a really great 12 Days of Giveaways, and you still can get in on the daily downloads for a few more days.

Click here to enter her giveaway.



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Cathy ZielskeMore December Daily Pages + a very Cool Yule giveaway

33 Comments on “More December Daily Pages + a very Cool Yule giveaway”

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    Cricket Rawlins

    enjoy your new printer!!! Loving your December Daily pages and thanks so much for the heads up to the video of how to trace and cut a png file!! Have a wonderful holiday!


  2. #3

    I have been eyeing the PictureMate Show and Charm. I wasn’t sure what the real differences are. Price and speed of printing? What swayed you to get the Charm?

  3. #4

    OMG…your blog posts make me laugh every time I read them. You are so funny when you write. Are you funny like that in person? LOL. Your writing kind of reminds me of Erma Bombeck’s books. Maybe you could have a new career as an anal retentive writer?

  4. #5

    Thanks….so now if Ali likes it and Cathy likes it…I’m thinking I may like it. Dear Santa…I have been a good girl…. Thanks. Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. #6

    “Ali doesn’t front…”
    You are such a joy to visit every day. Thank you for sharing your humor.

    I have an older Picture mate and love it. What I don’t love it that I have to buy a new cartridge before I run out of paper and they don’t sell cartridge’s separately…..(I know you love a good run on sentence….) But everything else is peachy.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    The Other Julie

  6. #9

    Also, if you don’t use it often, it will print terribly. You need to clean it 3 times before it will get the ink to flowing back normally to get good prints.

  7. #15
    Liz M.

    Cole is maturing before our eyes! Don’t blink!

    I always get a laugh from: Bad spellers of the world untie!

    Happy holidays!

  8. #17

    I had the Epson PictureMate for years and when it broke, I ordered the Charm. I absolutely love it. The quality is great. My only complaint is that after the first print, it defaults to “borders” and I always want borderless.

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    Margot Perry

    Congrats on the new toy! I’m hoping santa brings me one as well. 😉

    Question for you. I have been looking back through all of your vimeo videos trying to find a tutorial on how to print 2 3x4s on a 4×6 print. I thought I remember seeing one, but can’t find it now. Am I just imaging that you did one or can I not just find it???

  10. #20

    Margot, you know, I cant find one. But… Im going to do a new one because since I got my little printer, I figured out a quick way to do it (and ive been doing it that way for the past few days!) In the mean time, I know Ali Edwards did one. But now I cant seem to locate that one either!

  11. #22

    Cathy I contacted you a bit ago about my 4×6 printing problem and it looks like you were able to print this 4×6 without losing any of the photo is that correct? If so I need to run out and get this printer NOW. I decided to try printing the 4×6 on an 8.5 x 11 like you suggested and that worked but I hate wasting too much paper LOL.

  12. #23

    Cathy-Are you able to print wireless from your iPhone or do you only print from your computer? Or do you print from your computer through the additional Bluetooth option?

  13. #25

    I can print wirelessly to my laser printer, which doesnt help me for scrapbooking! LOL. I only print from my computer. My photo printers are not wireless. : (

  14. #27

    Thanks to you and Ali being enablers I now own the Picturemate. But tell me….will this machine print via bluetooth from Iphone or Ipad or print using iphone/ipad charging/adapter cord plugged into the picturemate? I’ve been trying to make either of these options work for well over an hour and no success. Prints wonderful from a memory card but I was hoping to just use bluetooth or the cord for iphone/ipad prints.
    Any comments or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

  15. #28

    Hey Mary, I dont know of any bluetooth capability. It didnt list it in the product description. I have to plug mine into my Mac. Didnt even know you could get a cord from the iPad to the printer. Im guessing the problem is, for the iPad, is you need the proper Print Driver. When I plugged it into the Mac, the driver automatically downloaded and installed. See if you can find a print driver for your iPad. May not be possible, but worth a look!

  16. #29
    Margot Perry

    Cathy, I don’t know how much time you have spent playing with your new PictureMate, but was curious if you are printing directly from iPhoto, PS or something else such as a usb? Have you found one way to be better than another? I also found I can print directly from Silhouette Designer Studio too. Any tips or tricks you have picked up would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

  17. #31

    Hi Cathy! How are you liking the printer these days? Any problems? Do you print from it everyday? Thinking of buying one based on your and Ali’s reviews. Just worried about it clogging bec I definitely won’t get to use it daily.

  18. #32

    NO problems. It prints beautifully, even when I havent used it for a few weeks. I know people have said you have to print every day but honestly? I printed a photo yesterday after not using it for a while and it looked great. I leave it on all the time, too. For me, no clogging as of yet.

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