Easing back into good, clean living

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As of this morning, I’ll be on Day 6 of kickstarting my habits back into those that would fall into the Healthy category.

As you may recall, there was a period of my life where I pretty much only existed in that column. (That was after 25 years of smoking and before 6 months of cultivated inertia.)

Wouldn’t you know it, on Day 2 of kicking the shit to the curb, I came down with a monster cold and was all, “Well that’s just GREAT! Thanks a lot, Universe!”

When I’m sick I want nothing more than copious amounts of saltines. And cheese. And grape juice. And Sprite. And french fries.

But this time, I made different choices. I had organic eggs. I had protein smoothies. I had roasted turkey breast. I had Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken. I had brown rice. I had fruit.

In short, I toughed it out and actually ate real food.

I know. The horror!


My goal for 2014 is to live healthier and make better choices. Yes, I hope to drop a little chub around the middle. That would be a nice side effect.

I hope to get back into running. And swimming. And just embracing moving more as a fact of life, not as a burden or a curiosity.

Because when I was doing it with regularity everything seemed to work better. Better sleep. Less weird aches and pains. Clearer thought processes. More confidence.

Turns out they ain’t lying: being active actually makes you feel better on multiple levels.

I’m up to 10 minutes of running right now. My foot is feeling better all the time. My physical therapist, Joe, tells me to add 5% a week, and I’m listening to him. Rather than go all gung-ho, I’m working to be a smarter athlete this time around. He’s even going to film me on the treadmill later this month to tell me everything I’m doing wrong from a mechanical and efficiency standpoint.

I have no illusions that this will be easy.

I know there are people out there for whom good, clean living might just be automatic and easy. Granted, I don’t actually know any of those people, but if they’re out there, good for them.

This is my life and my body and my unique experience.

And on Day 6, my attitude is positive and as I sometimes like to say when things are going relatively well, “Tits up!”


Registration is still open for the live version of the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart. If January’s just not your time, this class will become a self-paced workshop beginning in February. Registration closes on January 8. You can still join today and treat it as Day 1 of the 31 days.

For more information, click here.


Cathy ZielskeEasing back into good, clean living

26 Comments on “Easing back into good, clean living”

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    Very positive message! I’m taking your class & am
    not one of those people that just naturally eats
    clean all the time. I feel so much better when I eat clean or
    at least cleaner. Not sure why I struggle with it
    so much.

    Anyway. – thanks for the positive messages. Good
    luck with your goals. I’m off to clean a ton of
    snow off my car!

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    I just wanted to put my two cents in on “swimming”. I stepped for years and as I got older it became more and more difficult. Then I took up deep water aerobics. Love this ~ do it outdoors through Parks and Rec in the summer and at the gym in the winter. To anyone in the 65 plus category this is a fantastic way to get good exercise.

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    Jill B

    I believe LAUGHTER to be a huge part of the better, healthier living thing. You fill all those gaps. Have a great day!

  4. #4

    I agree, water aerobics is a really great workout and good on the joints and such. I did a water zumba class once and was so surprised at what a good workout it was.

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    Kirsten J

    Atta girl – thanks to you, I’ve become suddenly aware of sugar all around me. And I like the 5% increments. I walk, but sometimes if I haven’t walked in a few weeks, I go all in, and walk 5 or 6 miles , then I’m so tired and sore, I don’t walk for a week. Trying to walk more frequently, more like 3 miles serves me better, I think. And ha! Around our house “tits up!” Means something’s gone kaput 🙂

  6. #6

    Tits up! I had a good laugh at that. I might have to use it myself. Here’s to good living in 2014.

  7. #7

    I too use the phrase “tits up” but usually it is meant for my friends after overindulging in too much alcohol! Or “tits down” as is usually the case!

  8. #9

    Ha! Its funny to hear the different applications. I always figure at my advancing age, post two breast fed babies, tits up would be an I only WISH kind of thing!

  9. #10
    Michele H.

    Oh Cathy – you slay me! I laughed out loud and I’m at work:)

    So tell me about this cream cheese crock pot chicken? I’m looking for new recipes and this sounds delish. Do your kids eat too?

  10. #11

    No, the kids wont touch it. Sigh. But its a recipe from Nutritional Weight and Wellness, and theyre whole thing is balanced nutrition. Fat, protein, carb, all in healthy quantities. If you click on that green text, itll link you to the recipe.

  11. #12

    I signed up (late on Friday night)! Haven’t done any of the lessons yet. Today is my official day 1. I’ve also been cultivating a lot of inertia (and crap eating) for the last, oh dear, 4 years. Loving what you’re giving in this class.

    My big goal: I have to fit into a Rockette outfit for our tap recital on Mother’s Day weekend. Eep! Needless to say, exercise sessions are going to be going up in frequency significantly.

  12. #13

    I had to laugh at “tits up”, because I’m from a British military background where tits up means that it has all gone horribly wrong!

  13. #15

    The things I learn on Cathy’s blog. . . Laughing out loud and loving the humor today. TU everyone!

  14. #17

    I’m so happy to have this humorous site to go to each week. My life is always too serious – my daughters tell me that I’m too serious (well they say it in a different way). I too am working on a healthier lifestyle. I want exercise to be enjoyable and not a burden. Its going to be hard but I’m happy to read your successes and struggles to help me keep going. I see all the people in the gym and think – they make it look so easy and so enjoyable. I think I’m the only one there frowning. ha ha ha

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    Pilbara Pink

    Me too Ruth – we colonials 😉 always use tite up to signify something has gone awfully wrong! I remember when my brother first moved to the USA and it was said someone in his office was `pissed’. We use that to describe drunk but evidently in Arkansas is meant annoyed!!! Love that we all speak (theoretically) the same language and yet can really struggle to make ourselves understood 🙂

  16. #20

    Glad to hear your doing good and have a positive attitude in this first week. Thanks for the laugh too, can always count on you for that!

  17. #21

    You never cease to make me smile. 🙂 Thank you! I’m really enjoying your Move More Eat Well jumpstart … thank you for making it bite size & fun. I feel like I’m off to a better start than I would have been all by myself — & I’m creating a pretty album at the same time. Love that your focus is on being more active. Mine is too!

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    Renee Hoffer

    Thanks Cathy! I am in the MMEW class and a few days behind due to vacation, but I look forward to each lesson. I appreciate how “do-able” the lessons are. However, I’m actually commenting to let you know that I made the crock pot chicken recipe and it was awesome! My kids wouldn’t touch it, but my husband and I loved it. And like the others who have already commented–I so enjoy your sense of humor! Thank you.

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