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Okay, I only have one day of Moving More and Eating Well under my belt. But I’m going to say it: I feel good.

Well, maybe good isn’t really completely accurate. The headache I nursed yesterday was flippin’ nasty. So in that regard by about 4 p.m. yesterday I felt like a pile of steaming, sugar-craving poop.

But the more actualized me—the higher functioning part of my lizard brain—felt good.

Why? Because I’m doing what is needed.

In 2013, I did a lot of things but doing what was needed wasn’t always at the top of the list.

My main focus on doing what was needed centered around my personal life. I applied it to my marriage (hard, not automatic, worth it), and I applied it to my parenting (somewhat easier, not automatic, worth it).

The area to which I applied this approach the least? My health and fitness.

I like to take advantage of firsts. January 1st. February 1st. Monday mornings. Any time that can serve as a new beginning, I’m all in. That said, I believe momentum has to be cultivated with a little spit and elbow grease. It doesn’t just happen magically. What do they say, an object not in motion tends to stay not in motion? On the couch? With a remote control? And chips?

But I have one day. And with a little focus and effort, I hope to have two. And three. And so on.

The thing is, to take care of myself and do what is needed doesn’t involve fad diets and deprivation. It just means eating real food and lacing up my shoes for a walk. I know. How awful!

Well of course it’s not awful. It’s just doing what’s needed.

For right now, I need to put a few rules into place, however. The rules look like this:

1. Don’t eat shit. (Shit defined as: foods with sugar in the top five ingredients. This also includes foods that break down into sugar in the bloodstream, i.e. potato chips and… see No. 2.)

2. Don’t drink wine (see also Shit and know when you are buzzed you make poor choices.)

3. Refer to No. 1 and No. 2 often.

4. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because really? YOU ARE ALIVE! That alone is your treat, every single day! This fact is better than any Oreo on the planet.

I am not shooting to post dramatic weight loss photos here. In fact, I may not look much different in the next six months. Or, I might.

But I sure as hell am going to be healthier and my attitude will be where it needs to be.

Can I promise you that? Well, no. But if I do what is needed, there’s a very good chance it just might work out.



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Cathy ZielskeI feel good

32 Comments on “I feel good”

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    Deb Alvarado

    You are a brave woman to day no to sugar. I may try to join you. It’s seriously scary for me to contemplate, which I know sounds stupid. But it’s in everything! Are you eating fruit? That would maybe help I think.

    Yay for the first day!

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    Yes, I am. I had some clementines yesterday. And I plan to use frozen raspberries from Costco as a go to sweet snack, which, when Im not eating shit, REALLY taste like a treat!

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    Paige S.

    Have you seen the “eat less crap” poster? Crap is defined by Carbonated drinks,
    Refined sugars,
    Artificial sweeteners & colors,
    Processed foods.
    “eat more food” :
    Fruit and veggies,
    Organic lean protein,
    Omega 3 fatty acids,
    Drink water

    I’m nursing a sugar and caffeine withdrawal today. Here’s to a healthy new year!

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    you go, girl! i kicked grains, sugar, dairy and legumes to the curb big time at the beginning of september and after day 3 felt like a gazillion dollars. i have slipped somewhat over the past few weeks and am “de-toxing” again starting today. 2014 is gonna be GREAT!

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    Oh yes, especially the processed foods. Refined sugars. All that stuff. The thing is, I know what Im supposed to do but Ive made choices NOT to do it. Its all on me. Really working on changing that, as in, now. : )

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    Korey Lindberg

    You go Cathy! I was lucky to be at the MOA when Giada De Laurentiis was there signing her new cookbook. I highly recommend it! It’s called “Feel Good Food” and is not only filled with delicious, healthy recipes, she shares her tips for being and feeling healthy, too. I also like that not all of her healthy recipes have tons of ingredients. Here’s wishing 2014 helps us all get on and stay on the healthy track 😀

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    Kirsten J

    So Cathy….I’m curious about how much sugar you usually eat. Because I grab a cookie here and there, or have a vanilla latte….but I haven’t really thought, or been diligent about tracking my sugar intake. Or seriously cut it completely. But I’m sure there days I don’t have sugar at all (now chips….and cheese….ummmmm….yikes!). How come you had a headache the first day?
    I guess I’m asking how much sugar consumed on a regular basis makes one have withdrawal symptoms. If I skip coffee for a day, I maybe notice a slight headache in the afternoon, but I’m not so much of a coffee addict. I don’t think. Well, maybe just a little….

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    In the past three months? A lot. Cookies. Chips. One thing I learned from working with a nutritionist, potato chips may not have sugar in them, but when they break down in the bloodstream, a serving of chips acts like 6 teaspoons of sugar. Wine? Same thing. It hits the bloodstream and breaks down into sugars. Bread? White bread, especially… similar deal. Basically, there are a lot of unhealthy carbs that do this in the body, and that leads to metabolic syndrome and that leads to diabetes. Oh the list goes on. : )

    http://www.weightandwellness.com Huge fan. Theres no magic pill, right? They just talk about balanced eating. Debunking myths. They have an awesome podcast every week.

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    I was totally on board until you said don’t drink wine. However, I don’t eat wheat or dairy, and very rarely eat sugar, so I think that’s probably a fair trade off.

    I have a new favorite smoothie that I thought you might like. We use coconut milk and coconut milk yogurt in our non-dairy house, but the recipe is still yummy. My children will actually drink this despite the fact it is green, which is a freaking miracle. They prefer it without peanut butter and raspberry yogurt instead of vanilla. Enjoy!


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    Great rules! My motto is: lead with the body and the mind will follow. It sounds counterintuitive, but it actually works. (My mind still wins a lot though.)

  11. #13

    Hey, I use coconut milk in my smoothie too. Good healthy fat.

    I dont plan to give up wine for good, but Ive been really going off the rails the past few months. I just need some structure for a while! : )

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    I’ve just registered, watched your entertaining video and printed off most of the cards. I’m really looking forward to this month. It’s a great way to start the year. Thanks Cathy, I love your honesty and realistic approach to this.

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    I hear you sista, especially about the wine. That was a tough one for me. I eat pretty healthy, but was in denial about that glass of wine turning into sugar. And after a glass of wine, I tend to make poor choices with food. I love weight and wellness.com too, thanks for introducing them to me in MMEW 2 years ago. Good nutritional advise! Hoping 2014 will bring a reduction in chub!

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    Sue Kelley

    Is there a way to print the cards from somewhere else other than home? like a kinkos or something?

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    Hi Cathy, glad your first day and hoping today went ok for you. I’m so thrilled to be in the class, thanks again for the change to win a spot. My friend and I are still jumping up and down excited about it. We have never even met and live on opposite sides of the states but we met thru this crazy blog land.

    Well, I like the first of things too but having the kids still home and now a big snowstorm is here and not leaving for a few days so I haven’t gotten to get my pictures picked up and we are going crazy stuck inside and the kids are bored which makes it hard for me to take care of ME!! So doing the best I can and will hope for better next week when they go back, hoping they go back and not get a snow day, crossing fingers and toes.
    Sorry, done ranting and complaining, just keeping it real.

    Keep up the good work and getting that junk out of your system. Thanks again for this jumpstart!

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    Sugar is in many foods and people do not realize it. I just started Whole 30 so I have been reading a lot of labels. Sugar can be found in bottled pasta sauce, ketchup, cans of tomatoes, etc. Today I saw a box of chicken stock that had honey in it. Usually the cheaper versions of things use some kind of sugar to make them taste good instead of using quality main ingredients.

  17. #22
    Jenny B.

    In the words of Master Shifu (Kung Fu Panda):

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”


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    Had to laugh, the gal that sits in the next cube was proclaiming 2014 would be the year without butter or caffeine. She cut her husband off too, not sure if voluntarily. But no plan…so what do you do when you are in a situation where everyone is drinking wine? Maybe you could address in a future post, how to deal with situations where they don’t meet your food criteria? (just thinking out loud)

  19. #25

    Luckily, Im fairly antisocial. LOL. Seriously. I dont go places and see people very often. Its not that big of a sacrifice. I just think its fun to cook and drink wine, but when I do, then I suddenly am making all kinds of appetizers that just arent needed. : )

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    This weight loss thing is one thing but maintenance OMG that is a whole other thing. Recently I lost 8kgs and felt amazing stopped eating sugar and carbs among other things and then went crazy over the past 5 weeks and have put back on 5 kgs and yet when I had lost the 8kgs I never wanted to feel this way again but I have put it back on. I didn’t go back to normal eating I went crazy. So I find maintenance is hard as you have to find a new normal with no goal. The goal of staying the same is a goal but when you feel terrible and have to lose 10 kgs you get a level of motivation that you just do it when you’ve had enough. Maintaining is tricky. In about a week’s time I’m going to embark back on it again and this time round I am going to work harder at the maintenance phase. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

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    Yes you can, that’s what I did. You can either go online to their website or in store by emailing the document and telling them how you wanted them printed. I chose the matte cardstock in color and it wasn’t too expensive. Cheaper than getting ink cartridges for a printer that may not print great. You can do it yourself there but you have to use laser safe cardstock.

  22. #29

    I’m in your MMEW class and just thought I’d ask if you’ve ever tried the 5:2 diet? I’m trying it now. I posted a couple of links in the message board about it 🙂

    I makes sense in my attempt to live healthier.

    Good luck, Cathy! 🙂

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    Mona S

    I am starting the 21 day sugar detox tomorrow – not for weight loss, but for getting rid of my constant cravings! Then going for whole food (not processed) for 80% of the time with 20% “junk” allowed. And I completely agree on ditching the wine (at least for a while) When I add up the calories for the wine and the crap I ate after drinking the wine – well, no wonder I gained weight! One blog post that was an “aha moment” for me was at theclothesmakethegirl.com Her Dec 31 “The Best Version of Ourselves” really rang true for me. Here’s to a healthier 2014!

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